7 Tips To Be Followed For Better Optimised Communication Between Remote Teams

7 Tips To Be Followed For Better Optimised Communication Between Remote Teams

Communication is said to be the key to success. But when we talk about remote working, communication management is one of the major issues faced by remote teams. With undetermined ongoing situations, working remotely is one of the best options available. The pandemic was a life-changing point for almost everyone. Pandemic proved as the biggest challenge for working people. The normal office work was no longer accepted by the undergoing situations. Hence, Remote work earned its part during this period.

The acceptance of remote working required many changes in the working pattern of each employee. With the office work directly converted into remote working. There were many issues faced by employees as well as leaders. One of the major issues faced was having proper communication between team members.

If you are also looking for a way to handle better communication between team members, check it below for a few useful tips. But before actually going to the tips, let us discuss the types of communication.

Types of Communication
Issues in Communication Between Remote Teams
Tips for Better Optimized Communication Between Remote Teams

Types of Communication

Communication can be of two types, Synchronous and asynchronous.


In this type, direct communication takes place. This is mainly done when quick action is needed. Synchronous communication includes quick and real-time communication between two or more two people. The way for synchronous communication in remote working teams can be achieved through the use of instant messaging, call, instant email replies, etc.


In this type, the conversation is not immediate. It is more like having a conversation with timed replies. A most famous example of this is email. When we message someone without the expectation of having a spontaneous reply, it can be counted as asynchronous communication.

Issues in Communication Between Remote Teams

  • The major issue is due to different time zones.
  • Having different priorities set up.
  • Technical issues take up most of the educated time.
  • The language barrier between different team members, etc.

Tips for Better Optimized Communication Between Remote Teams

1. Proposing Set Guidelines

The issue faced by remote teams can be eliminated to an extended limit by setting clear guidelines for every member. The proper guidelines and clear settee rules can help workers to know their work and the system workflows.

2. Arranging Video Conferences at a Predetermined Schedule

Providing a proper schedule at the start of the week or month can enable the workers to set up their time in a particular format. If someone has a technical issue, they can look before some time to get it resolved and have good communication over the conference.

3. Giving Frequent Feedbacks

When the working system is confined to a single building, it is much easier to understand the basics of the work. However when it comes to the remote working team. It is very essential to give out feedbacks at an interval of time. It can enable the team members to know what they should do and what all is accepted by others.

4. Selecting Proper Tools

It is very important to have a set of tools arranged for communication purposes. Sometimes, one particular tool can run into a technical error or can not be accessible by everyone. Hence it is advisable to have a set of tools arranged for communication.

5. Essential Information should be shared on a Single Platform Only

When we say it is advisable to have more than one communication platform approved for the remote working teams. People tend to get confused with the sharing of information also through multiple sources. It is best to share essential information through a single platform only. Sharing essential information by the means of multiple platforms can make workers confused.

6. Keep the Format Simple

Irrespective of the message you want to convey. Try keeping its format and language simple. Online communication is known to create misunderstandings a lot. Hence proper message and in a good format should be applied. Another thing to remember is not all can understand simple words. Sometimes there might be a need for good innovative diagrams attached to it. Proper format is more essential in conveying rules.

7. Have a Personal Check Over Team Members

Doing office work is hectic and tiresome sometimes. But we are surrounded by our colleagues and friends to watch over. But when the same thing is compared with remote working, it can get truly tiresome and confusing with no good support. Hence it is suggested to have a personal check on each team member after some interval to check out their issues. This step can also allow a good communication bond between different team members.

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The few recent years have proved to be a revolutionary period. Many changes were adapted to make the normal routine work. Hence, The remote working pattern learned much popularity during the pandemic. But changes are not soo easy to be adapted. And one of the most common issues found is the hindrance in communication between different team members of the Remote team. Some of the effective ways to communicate with the remote working team have been discussed above.


Why is communication important in remote work?

Employers who engage in providing open channels of communication will quickly gain employee trust, resulting in increased productivity, output, and overall morale.

How to have better communication between remote teams?

We can have better communication between remote teams by Proposing set guidelines, arranging video conferences at predetermined times, giving frequent feedback, selecting proper tools, keeping the format simple, etc.

What are the advantages of the remote working system?

Remote working has many advantages over a normal office routine. Some of the people found remote working more productive. Remote working can also allow more flexibility in working.

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