How To Manage Your Email List With these Easy Email List Management Software

How To Manage Your Email List With these Easy Email List Management Software

Emails have now become a part of our daily lives. Our inboxes are filled with various emails every day, on an average a person receives 121 business mails in a single day. The importance of an email in a business is more extreme than one could ever imagine. Through this, one can ensure to have formal communication with the advantage of immediate response. Not only through that, you can have opportunities to market your business but it is also inexpensive as well.

Now as mentioned above, every day on an average 121 emails are received. Among all these mails, not all mails can be of your advantage, some of them can be needless as well. Email marketing is the main reason why email list management is needed. It is one of the cheapest and convenient ways of marketing. In this article we will talk about the email marketing tools that help in managing the email list of a business with a goal of marketing, so let’s get started.

“You cannot mandate productivity; you must provide the tools to let people become their best.”

-Steve Jobs

What is Email Management?
What does Email Management Software Do?
Top Software For Managing Email List

What is Email Management?

In a business, contacts play a vital role in its success, so Email list management is all about managing the contacts of your business in the email list. It includes segmenting, cleaning, and arranging the contact list; so that the right mail can be sent to the right person, and by doing this proper email marketing can be done.

What does Email Management Software Do?

Al the above things can be done by Email management tools, a good tool helps in:

  • Creating a good quality contact list.
  • Ensuring the delivery of the mail to the correct contact.
  • Cleaning the list and keeping the data error-free.
  • Keeping the ROI high and the cost low.

Top Software For Managing Email List

These tools are for targeting the correct audience for the business, personalizing the message that of course will get customers for your business. So, here are top email list management software.


Pricing- Moosend is available at $8/month for the email list management.

Moosend Website
Moosend Website
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This email marketing service provider was founded in the year 2012 by Panos Melissaropoulos and Yannis Psarras. Apart from creating some amazing email campaign, it is also an expert in managing the email list.

The list segmentation feature of Moosend helps in dividing the customers with the help of the data that are collected with the help of tags and the subscriber’s behavior. It is considered one of the best tools as it has 98% deliverability rate and helps in avoiding getting in the spam section in the subscriber’s mail.


Pricing- HubSpot plants starts from $50/month.

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HubSpot is a company that builds cloud-based inbound marketing software that helps in marketing online. It was founded in the year 2006 by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah and since then has changed the way of online marketing of many companies.

HubSpot contains a CRM (Customer relationship management system) that specially deals with managing contacts. The extra contact information that are taken of the customers helps the tool to send the targeted emails to the subscribers. Thanks to the feature of two-way data sync, the contacts of the businesses are always up to date.

Constant Contact

Pricing- The plan of Constant contact starts at $20/month.

Just like its name, this 1998 company founded by Randy Parker focuses on small business and help them build their contacts through email, social media, and even marketing tools.

The tools are used for creating email newsletters and it also provides some great segmentation features that help in dividing the subscribers. It does some very minimal for the contact list management and is preferable for small businesses.


Pricing- The plan for Paperform start at $20/month.

This contact list management tool helps in creating and managing contracts through the creation of landing pages and newsletter signup forms and mainly deals with building online forms. It offers various images and videos to make the forms attractive by using them so that they can capture the attention of the customers. One can also edit the form with the help of HTML and CSS.


Pricing- The plan of ZeroBounce starts at $16/month.

Not every email address is important for a business, so ZeroBounce is an email verification tool that deals with email deliverability. The email addresses that are not of importance are removed by this tool, it has a great deliverability percentage. It is more or less a perfect tool to keep the email list clean as it has a feature of an inbox placement tester that does spam delivery tests for Gmail, Outlook, and others.


Pricing- The plan of Mailchimp starts at $9.99/month.

Mailchimp is a very popular email marketing software that provides businesses with various campaign types RSS campaigns and A/B testing. It has some really great segmentation features that help businesses by using the demographical and behavioral data of the subscribers. It works as a very good email list management tool.


Pricing- The plan of ActiveCampaign starts at $18/month.

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This email management software is another popular one that deals with email marketing. The company was first started in the year 2003 by Jason F. VandeBoom. The software helps in segmenting the subscribers with the help of tags. The deliverability rate of emails with the help of this software is very high.


Pricing- The plan for Sendinblue starts at $25/month.

Learn more about sendinblue Here

This is considered as one of the best email marketing services for businesses and also helps in managing the email list. The subscriber that does not engage with the business is easily identified with the help of this service. The data of the users are used so that the mails can be delivered properly and have a good deliverability rate. It is a good email list management service.


In the era of email marketing, one needs to understand which contact will helps them in achieving success for their business. The correct tools for managing the email list is very necessary to excel in email marketing. Organizing the list and sending the emails to the subscribers can only be done through email management tools and the above are some of the best from the rest.


Why email list are important?

Email lists are important because email marketing is one of the best ways to connect with a customer.

What is the best tool to manage a large mailing list?

MailChimp, HubSpot, and CampaignMonitor are some of the tools that help in managing the large mailing list.

How do I optimize my email list?

Create More Email Opt-In Opportunities, Optimize Your Preview Text, Use creative Images, and Segment Your Lists.

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