Moosend Review: Email Marketing Tool for Growing Businesses

Moosend Review: Email Marketing Tool for Growing Businesses

Email marketing done right is the fastest way to attract new customers to a business. In fact, 40 percent of B2B marketers say email newsletters are most critical to their content marketing success.

Getting more people interested in what you have to offer can mean new leads. Among the several email marketing tools that exist out there, Moosend brings a little extra to the table.

Moosend is an email marketing platform designed to boost your business growth. It provides core automation features along with templates and even a landing page builder. The platform is highly customizable and simple enough for anyone getting into email marketing. Founded in 2011, Moosend has been helping businesses with their email marketing and landing pages. Focused on helping you design personal emails for customers, the platform has great functionality.

Features of Moosend
Pricing of Moosend

Features of Moosend

Being a platform designed for email marketing at any scale, Moosend has appealing features. As with any similar tool, Moosend has a vast selection of updated templates for you to choose from. The editor is minimal yet packs in deep customization.

Apart from that, it does all your basic sorting and automation including email scheduling. Automating and scheduling emails with a mailing list ensures that your emails reach out at the right time. Some of the platforms best features include:

Email Segmentation

Moosend allows users to edit, import, and store mailing lists so it's always there when you need to send out your emails. Lists can be sorted and there's an option to add custom entries. The listing can also be grouped which is useful if your business deals with a variety of products or services. Opt-in forms can be used to collect user information, feedback, and any specific field.

Moosend email segmentation options
Moosend email segmentation options
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Email Automation

One of the most crucial features of any popular email marketing tool has to be its automation chains. As a business owner, the ability to create perfectly timed email sequences that generate customer interest means growth.

Moosend provides users with workflow templates for quick setup. There are onboarding templates with guides and welcomes messages that can be set up to give your customers an initial insight into the business or brand.

Apart from choosing a premade automation sequence, users have the complete freedom to create their own sequences that suit their needs. The automations work seamlessly and are good to go once set up.

Triggers are another way to control the automation sequences. Events or automations can be triggered when certain dynamic changes occur. The platform also has a lead score feature that identifies when a visitor can be a potential lead. This combined with the automation tools are sure to boost lead generation and customers for any business.

A few of the popular Moosend integrations
A few of the popular Moosend integrations 

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Landing Page Builder

Although being an email tool, Moosend has its own built-in landing page builder which makes creating landing pages much easier. The editor is completely customizable and has a template gallery for those who want to set up a quick landing page.

The UI is easy to use for beginners and the editor requires no coding. Having a landing page can mean more leads and this is exactly why Moosend has its own landing page builder.

Users are free to use their own domain names for their landing pages. The platform has a Wordpress integration to allow for easy imports. Email triggers and automations can be configured easily with Moosend maximizing conversions and helps businesses generate more customers. The drag-and-drop editor makes it easy to modify or create templates fast.

Moosend template gallery
Moosend template gallery
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Tracking and Analytics

Small changes can make a big difference in marketing and Moosend makes it easy for users to monitor and track their clients. Besides having a Google Analytics integration, Moosend can track stats for both your landing page and emails.

These include essential stats such as average clicks, traffic, and bounce rates. Users can set up dynamic triggers and automations based on these statistics. The built-in API gives users even more flexibility to manipulate the acquired data. This can be linked to internal systems or any other supported platform.

Moosend emails can be configured for an A/B Split test campaign from within the dashboard. For a business this is great as getting information directly off customer feedback can guide a campaign in the right direction. Moosend provides many of the features of an analytics platform on its own, making the task much simpler.

Customer Support

Moosend has excellent customer support services for all its products. Whether you’re having trouble getting automation setup or hosting your landing page, the support team has you covered.

The best part is that support is included even for the free plan, which is helpful when getting it set up for the first time. Moosend can also provide you with a dedicated account manager once you upgrade your plans from the free tier.

The freedom to design, create and automate emails from any device can go a long way for any business looking to generate more leads. If you start experiencing any sort of trouble the 24/7 support team is just a message away.

Customer support is always appreciated when trying a new platform where things can be confusing and hard to get a hold of. Moosend does a great job with its highly rated customer service.

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Pricing of Moosend

Priced in a way that's affordable to everyone, Moosend has plans depending on the number of subscribers you wish to attend. The Free plan grants you access to all of the platform’s core features except the creation of landing pages up to 1000 subscribers. This is pretty good for small-scale businesses or for people looking to try out the platform before making a purchase.

The Pro plan is required if you’re looking to have more than 1000 subscribers, which starts at $8/month up to 2000 subscribers. The Pro plan gives the users access to all of the platform’s features including landing pages. The Pro plan can be upgraded according to the number of subscribers that you need to attend to. Moosend even offers a negotiable Enterprise plan for businesses that require to have more than 200k subscribers.

Moosend is priced in a way that’s too good to pass. If you require an email automation tool that comes with additional benefits like having a landing page builder and analytics then trying Moosend is just a click away.

The plans can be upgraded at any time if you need to scale or downgrade according to your customer base. Marketing software is usually expensive, making services like Moosend a nice addition to the marketing toolset.

Moosend basic pricing
Moosend basic pricing
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Email automation is a must-have for digital marketing as it helps push your campaign to new people and further expand your customer base. Moosend is being used by companies like Domino’s , Vogue and organizations like WWF to manage their emails and lead generation. This just shows the reliability and scalability of the platform. Moosend makes it easy for anyone to make effective email marketing campaigns with ease and is certainly worth trying.


What is Moosend?

Moosend is an email marketing platform that has core automation features along with templates and even a landing page builder.

What is the pricing of Moosend?

Moosend has a free plan that grants you 1000 subscribers, it also has a pro plan priced at $8 up to 2000 subscribers.

What are some of the alternatives to Moosend?

MailerLite, ActiveCampaign, GetResponse, Mailchimp, and Campaign Monitor are some of the alternatives to Moosend.

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