Top 5 No-Code Automation Tools in 2020 | Codeless Testing Tools

Rishabh Rathi Rishabh Rathi
Sep 21, 2020 10 min read
Top 5 No-Code Automation Tools in 2020 | Codeless Testing Tools

Automation tools have been one of the biggest innovations in the plethora of technological accomplishments today. These tools have revolutionized, in a way like no other. They make the job easier, flawless, and a lot less time-consuming. But, in a lot of cases, these tools were based on coding which is often a difficult and complex skill to master.

Mastering this skill isn’t a matter of days or hours, but requires consistent time, effort, and hard work which is often made working on tools, not very feasible for every stratum of developers. However, with the development of No-Code Automation Tools, that dilemma is sorted.

Now, it is possible for each one, be it a programming geek or a newbie in the field, these automation tools without coding are making everyone's lives easier, by reducing their work by creating automated workflows. So, now first let get into what exactly automation tools are!

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What are Codeless Automation Tools?

The automation tools are the software that helps in creating automatic testing tasks in certain software. These tools further work with the least human interaction. Once an automated task is set, the tools automatically work according to that, whenever a certain trigger is activated.

This is called test automation, which is carrying out various software testing activities, without manually doing them, in order to achieve greater efficiency and speed. Similarly, codeless automation tools help in the codeless automation process.

In this, one can easily automate their tests without the use of any CODE. Just by using a few drag and drop features, the earlier complex process becomes a lot appealing and quick! It helps various team members, in creating stable test automation without any need of writing long codes.

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Top 5 No-Code Automation Tools

As we are talking about these tools being in demand because of the ease they provide, the amount of competition when it comes to them is also very high. The requirement is to be the best in the business! So, this is a list of best no-code automations tools.

Katalon Studio Reviews

  • Deployment: Web-Based, Cloud, SaaS, Installed: Mac, Installed: Windows

Katalon tools is an all in one integration solution that contains powerful features, to generate automated tests easily for all the platforms, regardless of any application complexity. It has integrated and comprehensive set of features for regulating test steps to generating scripts, reporting test results and a lot more.

Katalon Studio - Complete Automated Testing Solution

It has been widely trusted by a wide variety of consumers, and has proved to be one of the top codeless automation tool.  It was also 2020 customer's choice in software test automation.

It helps in providing a codeless experience for beginners and provides infinite testing extensions for experienced professionals. It let’s testers lacking the required programming skills with templates for workflow and customization of interface. The prime goal of the tool is to make automation accessible to everyone.

Pros and Cons of Katalon Studio

Pros Cons
No need of complex configuration and codes. Sometimes it becomes difficult to troubleshoot errors.
Provides analytics using dashboards and Reports. Sometimes difficult to debug.
Provides frequent updates to help in software enhancement. No compile time error check.
Very responsive forum, that helps in clearing all the queries. The design isn’t very intuitive.
Even non quality testers can use and manage the application.
Seamless integration with modern tools.

Katalon Studio Dasboard
Katalon Studio Dasboard

Katalon Studio Pricing

  • Free trial: Available
Plan Type of License Pricing Description
Katalon Studio - Free A productive IDE for test case generation, with cross-platform execution.
Katalon Studio Enterprise Node-Locked license $759/license/year An advanced, powerful, and scalable solution for business of any size.
Floating license $1,529/license/year License can be shared across multiple accounts/machines.
Katalon Runtime Engine Node-Locked license $539/license/year Execute and schedule tests in CI/CD pipeline or via the command-line interface.
DevOps license $979/license/year Applies to Docker or Azure DevOps Platforms only.
Floating license $1,199/license/year License can be shared across multiple accounts/machines.

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Perfecto Reviews

  • Deployment: Web-Based, Cloud, SaaS, iPhone/ iPad, Android

Perfecto is a leading testing platform for web and mobile apps. Its cloud-based solution help in boosting test coverage, by accelerating testing. It is an All-in-One platform that does the job from creation to execution, does proving itself a reliable unified platform.

Perfecto - Codeless Testing Automation 

Top niche companies rely on perfecto for optimal end-user experiences through a cloud-based test environment. It is a strong enterprise choice, with a lot of improved testing techniques and high-level performance test execution with enterprise-level security. Its top verticals include banking, healthcare, finance, retail, tech, media, and a lot more.

Pros and Cons of Perfecto

Pros Cons
It has AI driven test maintenance ability. Provides full functionality on site but sometimes this may be limited on android and iOS devices.
Dashboard for providing reports and analytics. Licence model is a bit expensive.
It is a product that is customisable to any extent. Sometimes it becomes hard to replicate errors on devices that are received on cloud.
It meets all of the organisation’s need for mobile and web testing. Do not provide direct report on test coverage. It just provides the no. of test cases passed and failed.
Helps in getting faster feedback between QA and Developers.
Test reusability is possible.

Perfecto Test Analysis Dashboard
Perfecto Test Analysis Dashboard

Perfecto Pricing

  • Free trial: Available
Plan Pricing Deployment Options
Automated Desktop $300/month Dedicated VMs
Automated Mobile $600/month Public Cloud
Enterprise Custom Pricing Private Cloud/Hybrid

AccelQ Reviews

  • Deployment: Web-Based, Cloud, SaaS, Installed: Windows

AccelQ is a cloud-based test automation platform that works efficiently to automate API and web testing, to achieve continuous testing for enterprises.
It helps in building better quality software and in accelerating the entire quality chain.

AccelQ Product Overview

This tool provides the quality to handle the most complex automation processes with absolutely NO CODING. AccelQ has Quality Driven Development (QCD), which helps in implementing quality and agile life cycle approach and implements various tests into end to end automated process. It also comes with the power of predictive analytics, which helps in getting an insight into abundant aspects.

Pros and Cons of AccelQ

Pros Cons
Easy to use and easy set up. The cost is slightly on the higher side.
Simple English like statement and commands. Few pending features needs to be fixed.
Almost no scripting/code expertise required.
AI based test automation.
Expertise level test support for web, API, Database and a lot more.
Many reusable functions and statements helps in finding the perfect fit for automation on various platforms.

AccelQ Test Automation Dashboard
AccelQ Test Automation Dashboard

AccelQ Pricing

  • Free trial: Available
Plan Pricing Description
Professional $390/user/month Next-gen Test Automation and Test Management
Unified $440/user/month ACCELQ PRO + API Testing + Manual Testing
Enterprise Custom Pricing Comprehensive enterprise capabilities

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Ranorex Reviews

  • Deployment:  Installed: Windows

Ranorex is an all in one tool for UI test automation that performs end to end testing on various platforms including web, mobile platforms, desktop, etc. Ranorex brings the best of both worlds for anyone dreaming of a suitable automation tool.

Ranorex Studio Test Automation

Not only is it beginners friendly, as it has a click and go interface but it is equally powerful for experts, providing full IDE, and integration with CI/CD tools as well. It is a perfect option for anyone willing to have quality software.

Pros and Cons of Ranorex

Pros Cons
It has a feature of cross browser testing. Sometimes it becomes difficult to identify why a step failed.
Highly helpful in creating and executing mobile tests for both android and iOS. No Mac compatible.
They offer free webinars as well, that are quite helpful. Performance becomes slow while recording that makes entering data difficult.
It has everything a quality assurance engineer would need. The software is a bit fussy and sometimes becomes frustrating to use.
Robust reporting feature available.

Ranorex Dashboard
Ranorex Dashboard

Ranorex Pricing

  • Free trial: Available
Plan License Pricing Description
Studio License Node-Locked $3,590 Best for an individual user working on multiple projects on a single physical machine
Floating $5,990 Best for teams working together on test automation projects
Runtime License Node-Locked $890 Add-on to a Studio license to execute tests on additional machines
Floating $890 Add-on to a Studio license to execute tests on additional machines
Premium Bundle Node-Locked $4,190 Best for an individual user needing enhanced services and support
Floating $6,830 Best for teams needing enhanced services and support
Enterprise Bundle Node-Locked $4,690 Best for an individual user starting an Enterprise project. Get the highest level of support
Floating $7,790 Best for teams starting Enterprise project. Get the highest level of support

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TestCraft Reviews

  • Deployment: Web-Based, Cloud, SaaS

TestCraft is a free end to end test automation platform that provides varied features. It is a cloud-based tool for web, mobile, and API testing. This platform is built on open-source selenium, and Appium so that the teams can test web as well as android and iOS apps, seamlessly.

TestCraft - Codeless Test Automation

TestCraft was the world's first free cloud and community-powered automation tools. It makes the job quick and collaboration easy, through popular open-source frameworks.

Pros and Cons of TestCraft

Pros Cons
It makes automation easy and entertaining. No full usage of features without internet services.
Helps QAs in making quality tests. UX design hides a lot of features making it difficult to view elements and sliders.
Simple and clean software with amazing features. Less intuitive.
Provides all desired results of a proper mobile automation framework.
Appium is the core part of the framework.
Free end to end automation is possible.
The environment is highly collaborative.

TestCraft Test Automation Demo
TestCraft Test Automation Demo

TestCraft Pricing

  • Free trial: Available
Plan Test Executions Parallel Executions
Starter 3,000 0
Pro 20,000 4
Business 1,00,000 8
Enterprise On request On request

Contact TestCraft for detailed pricing.

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With abundant options available, this was the list of top no-code automation tools, that will make work a lot easier. Automation tools are a life-changer, and what better when they are codeless! So, to make quality software, you may need such tools, and these will make work a lot more fun, flawless, and stress-free.

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