All The Jobs That Will Be Automated By 2022

All The Jobs That Will Be Automated By 2022

Automation and its effects on jobs will wipe out millions of job opportunities, and it is now creating hype among the generation. A threat of losing careers. Is this a real threat? If the answer is yes, then why it is introducing between us? No doubt, AI and automation promote programming, coding, content writing, website designer, data scientist, data analytics, and millions of job opportunities that were not there before the initiation of AI and automation.

Millions of jobs will lose their existence after the improvement in automation and AI.

List of jobs that will be automated by 2022

  1. Cashier
  2. Telemarketers
  3. Drivers
  4. Travel Agents
  5. Banking Jobs
  6. Librarian
  7. Editors & Proofreaders
  8. Doctors
  9. Receptionists
  10. Customer Service Executive


Jobs that will be automated

List of jobs that will be automated by 2022


Cashier- Jobs That Will Be Automated
Cashier- Jobs That Will Be Automated

In malls, supermarkets, and movie halls, cashiers are very commonly spotted. If we closely consider this job post, then no doubt this will no longer exist. The technology has already developed, in which a shop is running without a cashier.

Amazon has launched a retail store named 'Amazon Go'. The whole store is automated. In which the customer needs to show 'custom code' before entering the store. Once you get access, you can buy anything from the store. The moment you step out of the store, the purchase amount will automatically be deducted from your bank account. Customers hate waiting; to make the process faster and to increase sales, companies around the world can implement this AI and sensor-based technique.


This is a job in which telemarketers call costumes and explain their products to generate sales. You will hardly buy any product from a call. Companies stop investing in telemarketing.

The job post will be entirely replaced by digital marketing and social media. The automated algorithm introspects your product needs, and accordingly, products will be displayed to you. Amazon, Flipkart, Facebook, and Google, like big names, are already using this algorithm. You might have noticed that if you search for a laptop on Amazon, you will see the ads of laptops everywhere on Google or YouTube. This grand technology replaced telemarketers.


Self-driving cars, AI driving technology have already arrived. Keeping road safety in mind, companies are now planning to launch an auto-drive system. This will reduce driver negligence, and traffic rules will be followed.

The Tesla company of Elon Musk has already launched self-driving cars. Still, technology needs more advancement. But road accidents are one of the biggest causes of death case producers. Considering this, a complete auto-driving system is not so far.  Many companies will also benefit from automation. Mainly the taxi agencies will no longer use drivers; a one-time investment in cars will be enough.

Future Technologies will Perform 90% of Household Chores
The future is going to be automated with these future technologies that will prevent you from doing household chores. A scenario where robots replacing humans.

Travel Agents

Travel agents help you to find your best travel or trip plans and book tickets for you. Do you remember when you last consulted with a travel agent for your trip Maybe you don't remember, but still, some travel agents are there? These jobs will be replaced entirely. Software and websites like MakeMyTrip, IRCTC is handling your travel plans. You can decide the travel location, book tickets and at more discounts.

The course of the middle man has vanished. Travel Agents are also charged separately for their booking. At an affordable price, you can book your travel plans. This is the reason this job post will vanish within a year by 2022.

Banking Jobs

Past was the time; even to check your bank account balance, you needed to visit the bank. Now the bank is ultimately shifting towards online mode. Banking is very complex management, and everything needs correct prosecution. Along with this, the bank is always crowded with people.

To make the work smoother, banks are now adopting online mode. A bank teller specifically receives money, gives, and the transaction process is mainly done by online mode. It is still there, but it will vanish soon. Banks are now using their apps and websites to control everything. As the world is stepping towards a cashless economy, it will happen for sure.

The banking sector came up with blockchain technology in which transaction records errors have no chance of occurring. Blockchain technology is now coming into the limelight; by 2022, it may enter most banking sectors.


Again technology is the king here. AI and software can handle and analyze massive databases. Not only is the process quick but also efficient too. The work of a librarian can be handled by AI easily. Remembering the data of books, managing them, and providing them according to their needs, can be done efficiently by AI. Some libraries are now switched to AI control. Even the whole library is available in online mode.

The popularity of ebooks is the crucial game-changer here. The arrival of the Amazon Kindle made the real difference. It not only provides the required books we can even manage and carry them all with us. The role of a librarian is now fading away.

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Editors & Proofreaders

Almost all content writers, editors & proofreaders are aware of Grammarly. With every day passing by, apps and software such as Grammarly are improving their features better. From basic grammatical errors to tonality changes, these AI-driven apps and software have gained the potential to improve every piece of writing. They can detect the simplest of errors and remove them in few minutes. Thus, the editors & proofreaders no longer need to spend hours proofreading content. Thus, their jobs are also at stake.


With robotic doctors crawling in the medical field, the chances of accuracy increase significantly. With accuracy in treatments, the risks of infections due to human interference also decreases. Today, we have apps and virtual assistants to assist us in basic health care needs. But, the day when robot doctors would be curing us is no far.


With auto check-ins paving their paths in hotels and communication screens becoming the new medium of placing orders at restaurants, receptionists & waiters will be in less demand. The advancement in AI can skillfully manage orders and all the other functions.  

Customer Service Executive

This job of a customer service executive doesn’t require either a higher level of social or emotional intelligence for performing the assigned task. Mostly customer support questions or FAQs are used as a response by most of the companies to look over its overall performance.

And in today’s world, Chatbots are taking over such responses from customer support as testimonials to be used. These chatbots are helping a lot in gett queries done and accomplish interaction with customers.


Jobs in this list will increase gradually with the advancement of AI and software algorithms. Although the motive of advancement is to increase productivity and efficiency in the process, this advancement is also damaging the livelihood of millions of employees.

With the increase in population, it is a very alarming situation of creating employment. Apart from all these, some jobs are there which will remain safe from the involvement of AI. But over-involvement in anything can lead to destruction. The government bodies should think about the employment sector and build an AI to search for the maximum job possibilities out of something.


What jobs will become automated?

Jobs that will be automated in future are:

  • Cashier
  • Telemarketers
  • Drivers
  • Travel Agents
  • Banking Jobs
  • Librarian
  • Editors & Proofreaders
  • Doctors
  • Receptionists
  • Customer Service Executive

How many jobs could be automated?

It is estimated that automation will replace about 85 million jobs by 2025.

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