Indian Startups That Are Leading the AI Race

Indian Startups That Are Leading the AI Race

AI is a broad word that refers to a variety of electronic systems. When someone talks about AI, they could be talking about anything from neural network-powered face recognition to machine learning that predicts the ideal phrase to use in an email subject line. With a slew of innovative startups entering the space, India's AI ecosystem is exploding.

In the last four years, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have experienced a massive increase in funding and invention. Industry, medical, apparel, agribusiness, estate development, speech services, and other industries are now using them. India is currently a country with a solid ecosystem that allows AI startup professionals and entrepreneurs to kick-start their enterprises, thanks to the phenomenal expansion of the AI field.

Revenues From the AI Software Market Worldwide From 2018 to 2025
Revenues From the AI Software Market Worldwide From 2018 to 2025

In 2021, global spending on cognitive systems and AI services was $57.6 billion. Between 2022 and 2030, AI adoption by organizations to be at a CAGR of 38.1% globally.

To improve AI, IoT, data analytics, information security, data science, and robotics, the Indian government upped its investment in Digital India to $477 million. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman announced in the 2019 Union Budget that the country would provide manufacturing training programs in technologies such as AI, Big Data, and robotics to 10 million Indian youngsters.

AI-enabled companies have enhanced every part of life, from medical to agribusiness, boosting the rise of AI companies in India. Let’s take a look at the 10 Indian AI Startups that are dominating the market.

Indian Startups That Are Leading the AI Race

  1. Avaamo
  3. Wysa
  5. Intello Labs
  6. CropIn
  8. Myelin Foundry
  10. SigTuple
10 AI Startups in India

Indian Startups That Are Leading the AI Race


Avaamo | Indian Startups Leading AI Race
Avaamo | Indian Startups Leading AI Race

Avaamo Technologies Private Limited is a private company founded on June 25, 2014, but not publicly traded. Its headquarters is in Bangalore, Karnataka. It has INR 1,00,000 in authorized share capital and INR 1,00,000 in total paid-up capital. Avaamo is a cloud service that automates the lifetime of Communicative AI. It is a deep-learning software firm focused on speech recognition to solve specific, increased enterprise problems. Avaamo is developing core AI technologies in areas such as neural networks, speech synthesis, and deep learning to make interactive computing for the industry a reality.

What are the Latest Technology Trends in India?
India has been one of the leading markets for Technology in the world. Right from App Development, Robotics to Gaming, let’s have a look at these trends. | Indian Startups Leading AI Race | Indian Startups Leading AI Race was established in 2016 by Pooja Rao and Prashant Warier. The company aims to make healthcare more accessible and affordable by using Ai. uses Machine Learning or convolutional neural networks to construct programs that detect illness patterns from medical photos. The Machine Learning algorithms developed by are delivered as code and used with any X-ray, CT scan, or MRI machine. This aid in the classification of radiography pictures as healthy or unhealthy, the diagnosis of disease, and the identification of defects that could otherwise go unnoticed. The revenue yield for in 2021 was $3.6 million.


Wysa |  Indian Startups Leading AI Race
Wysa | Indian Startups Leading AI Race

Touchkin eServices, Aggarwal's startup, created Wysa 2016, an AI-powered mental health app. Touchkin eServices has offices in Bangalore, Boston, and London. Wysa is primarily for individuals who simply want to express themselves. The founder claims that the majority of Wysa users are there to better their sleeping, anxiousness, or relations. According to Aggarwal, Wysa isn't meant to be a substitute, but rather an extra tool with which a user can interact on a routine basis. The revenue yield for Wysa in 2021 was $4.56 million. | Indian Startups Leading AI Race | Indian Startups Leading AI Race is a conversational AI solution that helps businesses automate customer encounters, created by Raghu Ravintala, Jaya Kishore Gollareddy, and Rashid Khan in 2016. Sephora, Bharat Petroleum, and FoodPanda are just a few of's clients. By implementing a multichannel chatbot in 100+ languages, businesses can now self-serve 80% of inquiries and boost CSAT by 20%. and Microsoft teamed up earlier this year to modernize their speech automation service using Azure AI Speech Services and Natural Language Processing (NLP) tools.

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Intello Labs

Intello Labs | Indian Startups Leading AI Race
Intello Labs | Indian Startups Leading AI Race

Intello Labs has created technological services that analyze and evaluate the grade of vegetables and fruits using AI capabilities such as computer vision and machine learning. It was founded by Devendra Chandani, Nishant Mishra, Milan Sharma and Himani Shah in 2016. It has many big names as its clients: Reliance Fresh, Dole, and Ocean Spray. The company claims that their technology reduces the amount of food loss by digitalizing the quality control process of fruits and vegetables. It is to create an efficient production line, making it less wasteful. Intello Labs’ yearly yield in 2021 was $18 million.


Cropin | Indian Startups Leading AI Race
Cropin | Indian Startups Leading AI Race

CropIn is a prominent AI and data-driven agri-tech company that uses machine learning to give SaaS solutions to agricultural producers. It was founded in 2010 by Krishna Kumar in Karnataka to solve the problems local farmers face, such as non-availability of finance, climatic vagaries, soil degradation, pest infestation and diseases, operational inefficiencies, and no predictability of yield. The revenue yield for CropIn in 2021 was $27 million. | Indian Startups Leading AI Race | Indian Startups Leading AI Race is an interactive chatbot that uses Machine Learning Models to help employees work more efficiently. It was founded in 2017 by Barkha Sharma and Tanay Dixit in New Delhi-NCR. It uses a rule-based AI-powered bot to imitate cognitive activities relevant to the HR function, leading to greater workplace efficiency. Simply put, a regulation bot can assist employees in obtaining information efficiently through a conversational interface. It allows the HR department to concentrate on crucial responsibilities rather than repeating jobs and general requests.

Myelin Foundry

Myelin Foundry | Indian Startups Leading AI Race
Myelin Foundry | Indian Startups Leading AI Race

Myelin Foundry develops Artificial Intelligence algorithms on video, voice, and sensor data for edge devices. It was founded in 2019 by Aditi Olemann, Ganesh Suryanarayanan, and Gopichand Katragadda in Bengaluru, Karnataka. Myelin Foundry's deep tech solution transforms sensory interactions and industry outcomes using Machine Learning techniques on sensor data, speech, and video collected from edge devices. It also provides super HD zero-buffering broadcasting over any channel, reducing time and expense to market even more. The revenue yield for Myelin Foundry in 2021 was approx. $1 million.

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Niki is a Bangalore, Karnataka-based artificial intelligence business. Sachin Jaiswal, Keshav Prawasi, Shishir Modi, and Nitin Babel, all IIT Kharagpur alumni, formed the company in May 2015. Niki is a chatbot driven by artificial intelligence that serves as an intelligent personal assistant. Niki provides customers with a chat-based natural language user interface where they may engage with Niki in their language using natural language processing and machine learning. Niki learns how Indian consumers communicate, deciphers the words in the perspective of services and products they want to buy, and makes appropriate recommendations. It was once only accessible as a mobile app on the Android platform. The business has now extended to include the Facebook Messenger and Apple iOS platforms. The revenue yield for in 2021 was approx. $25 million.


SigTuple | Indian Startups Leading AI Race
SigTuple | Indian Startups Leading AI Race

SigTuple uses cutting-edge machine-learning algorithms to create intelligent medical diagnosis solutions. It was founded in 2015 by Apurv Anand, Bharath Cheluvaraju, Rohit Pandey, and Tathagato Dastidar in Bengaluru, Karnataka. The business is developing Manthana, an AI system that will aid in the analysis of visual medical data. SigTuple can now function on five main high-volume screening procedures in the healthcare sector: peripheral blood smears analysis, urine microscopy, semen, fundus, and OCT scans, and chest x-rays, due to Manthana.


In India, artificial intelligence has a bright future. By 2035, AI can add $957 billion to the Indian economy, or 15% of its current gross value. Power, retail, manufacturing, medical, education, and agribusiness can all benefit from AI. These startups have changed the Indian Market and created many new job opportunities for Indian youngsters.


Is AI a good career in India?

Artificial Intelligence salaries in India are significantly higher than the national average for most AI job categories.

Is AI in demand in India?

Yes, top nano degree programs in deep learning and data engineering demonstrate the country's growing interest in AI and data.

What are the advantages of AI?

AI allows previously complicated activities to finish without incurring huge costs. AI is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with no delay. AI improves the talents of people with varied abilities.

Which country is leading the AI race?

The United States is leading the AI race, followed by China and the European Union.

Which are the Startups leading the AI Race in India?

Top Indian Startups leading the AI Race are:

  • Avaamo
  • Wysa
  • Intello Labs
  • CropIn
  • Myelin Foundry
  • SigTuple

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