How Artificial Intelligence Has Revolutionized Marketing [Case Study]

How Artificial Intelligence  Has Revolutionized Marketing [Case Study]
How Artificial Intelligence Has Revolutionized Marketing [Case Study]

We have seen automation happening in manual habitats but AI has brought us a whole new world to figure out. Computers are slowly taking over manual tasks and this has triggered fear in a tech giant you might be familiar with. Using artificial intelligence in marketing has now become a norm as it has transformed the Marketing Industry.

Yes, I'm talking about Elon Musk fearing that the advancements in AI might create human hunting robots and it would be us, mortals, against AI-powered geniuses. However, there has been an increase in companies using AI for marketing and ad campaigns.

What is AI Marketing?
Why Is AI A Good Approach For Marketing?
How Companies Are Using AI For Marketing?
Most Successful Marketing Campaigns Designed By AI
How Small Businesses Are Using Ai Tools

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What is AI Marketing?

Artificial intelligence plays a big role in marketing, as it helps companies to make decisions based on the data collected by a company. The use of artificial intelligence in marketing will help you get the data could be anything from the customer’s favourite hangout places to their birthdays.

Any AI marketing strategy helps data to be collected from general behaviours of consumers from polls on social media, surveys, and their interests when surfing the internet. Marketing teams along with AI study consumer patterns and accordingly place and plan their AI marketing campaigns.

AI has suspended a large area of the consumer field where everything can be predicted. The AI marketing research mainly consists of collecting and analyzing data, media buy-in, personalization, content creation, and much more. This case study on artificial intelligence shows you how most of the marketing tasks are highly dependent on AI these days.

Why Is AI A Good Approach For Marketing?

AI-based marketing has entirely changed the way people use social media. Before it sneaked into every device, social media was leisure, rather, luxury.

Cut to today, every individual and even kids are owners of smartphones enabling them access to social media and shopping sites because of the artificial intelligence advertising campaigns. Your everyday social media behaviour is what fuels the study of AI-based marketing tools. With this being done, marketers can reach up to a larger demographic without spending a fortune on marketing campaigns.

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How Companies Are Using AI For Marketing?

Many AI marketing companies use core elements like Big Data, Machine Learning, and other powerful solutions that allow AI to get adopted quickly by a marketer. Big data is nothing but a prodigious amount of data aggregated by the marketer and segmented into various categories with a minimal amount of manual work.

With the help of big data, marketers can personalize every message sent to their customers. Like mentioned earlier, several marketers keep an eye on repetitive actions which offer deeper insight into responses. It is a demanding task when we try to make sense out of the massive data collected. This is where machine learning and AI in marketing are used.

You may have been familiar with pop-up messages or push notifications from the apps you install from time to time. These messages are powered by AI-programmed systems and automated to deliver context in a specified manner. There are several other AI marketing strategies that marketers have adopted to keep you hooked and engaged. Let us have a look at what they are.

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Pay-per-click (PPC) is an online advertising model used to drive viewer traffic to the website. Nowadays AI-based marketing is used in every blog, website, and video. When you visit a certain page and click on the link containing an advertisement, it directs you to the said website.

This is an AI marketing analytics used by the advertiser where they pay the publisher every time a user clicks on the link. Some of the tops AI marketing companies like Facebook ads, Instagram, Twitter Ads, Google Ads make PPC Ads.

Pay-per-click Ads
Pay-per-click Ads


If you have your mailbox overflowing with promotional emails, worry not, you’re not alone. Personalization has become a crucial contributor to every company where they want you to feel like the most sought-after customers.

Personalized messaging has a direct influence over your mind giving you the impression that this auto-generated message was especially typed for you because it has your name on it. Artificial intelligence marketing helps organizations to place bids on relevant ad spaces in real-time. With critical analytics and results from big data, artificial intelligence, and marketing you can send personalized messages to individuals.

The AI tools for marketing are not limited to just emails. Have you noticed how Netflix uses your previously watched movies and gives recommendations based on past experience? Or how it shows you different imageries for the same movie every time you open it? Their blog, Netflix tech blog, talks about how creating different imageries for the same movie or show has got viewers hooked to Netflix all day long.

Netflix using Different imageries for the same show
Netflix using Different imageries for the same show

A movie title may not be that intriguing. But a picture is worth a thousand words. It may contain a familiar face, your favourite actor, something that draws you in and keeps you engaged.

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Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics is based on processing the historical data of a demographic to understand or carve a pattern or predict future behaviour. Predictive analytics is an AI marketing strategy that compares the trends and patterns of different data sets and pulls out a new analysis using a mathematical ‘model which helps companies prepare for what’s coming.

It could be identifying a customer likely to ditch a service or product, or a customer who is likely to stick around and send them marketing campaigns. AI marketing companies use predictive analysis to improve current services and make organizational changes accordingly.

Deep learning

Deep learning is a class of machine learning algorithms used to extract higher-level data from raw input and is considered to be the future of AI in digital marketing. Machine learning and AI in marketing are important because they help in creating voice-controlled chatbots, image recognition (in the case of Facebook), and predicting customer interests.

Many brick-and-mortar stores are turning to AI systems enabled by deep learning such as cashier-less counters, contactless payment options, and virtual baskets. One of the popular AI in marketing examples is Amazon GO stores that have adopted auto checkouts where AI-enabled cameras detect the movements of customers and add items to a virtual basket. Customers can check themselves out after making payments online.

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Most Successful Marketing Campaigns Designed By AI


Chase, a New York-based consumer bank upgraded its copywriting by collaborating with Persado, is one of the tops AI marketing companies that use AI in its creative processes. Chase bank wanted a humanitarian perspective to their AI marketing campaigns and after a successful pilot, the bank saw a 450% surge in the click-through ads created by Persado and both the companies have ties hands for a five-year contract.


Starbucks is one of the other companies using AI for marketing. The company uses predictive analytics by making use of its loyalty cards and mobile app to collect and analyze customer data. The coffee giant has also used AI marketing research to optimize the user experience to an extent where it records details of purchases, including what time and what buy. It is concentrating on a model “AI for Humanity” where they believe will create better connections with humans surrounding them.

In a busy world, as is ours, Starbucks makes unique use of artificial intelligence in marketing, as it aims to recreate human interaction which is seemingly blurred since everyone is literally into their devices. This artificial intelligence marketing initiative may be invisible to the customers as it focuses on inventory management, processing orders, staffing requirements, and much more so that there are more interactions between customers and partners at Starbucks. You would leave the café with much more than coffee for sure.

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Alibaba is known to use many AI tools for marketing, it has now opened its first AI fashion store in Hong Kong. This store has deployed AI in streamlining fashion retail. The store has introduced Intelligent garment tags with radio-frequency identification, gyro-sensors, and low-energy Bluetooth chips. This can enable the garment to carry information such as colour and size.

Smart mirrors
Smart mirrors

The gyro-sensors will recognize patterns when an item is touched, moved, or picked up. Another intriguing feature is its smart mirrors located on sales floors and changing rooms that help customers find related items along with the ones picked up and also add them to a virtual basket. Alibaba uses different types of AI in marketing in order to provide a one of the kind experience to its customers.


Nike launched the “Nike Makers’ experience” campaign in 2017 that allowed customers to design their own Nike pair. Using AI marketing analytics, the shoe brand can encourage their customers to choose their designs and graphics using projections and augmented reality on blank Nike X Presto sneakers.

Nike Makers’ experience
Nike Makers’ experience

This is the future of AI in digital marketing, as customers then chose their designs and they were delivered the shoes in 90 minutes. Not only their sales soared but Nike used this opportunity to collect customer preferences using machine learning and design future products.

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Sephora is one of the few companies using ai for marketing and is also an early adaptor of AI-based marketing. The AI marketing strategy that the company uses is responsible for three bots that interact with customers on a personal level to understand their needs and wants. It is really daunting to order a foundation or lipstick that may or may not be your perfect match.

Sephora’s Kik bot
Sephora’s Kik bot

Sephora’s Kik bot helps you with an interactive quiz, make-up tips, how-to videos, and reviews. Using AI in marketing will help your customers can even scan images of celebrities to find matching make-up products.

How Small Businesses Are Using Ai Tools

The use of artificial intelligence in marketing has proven to be quite a revolution in the industry. Recent studies and case studies on artificial intelligence, predict that almost 70% of marketing jobs will be replaced by automation. The vital role of artificial intelligence in digital marketing has made many AI marketing companies successful, while the small businesses are no longer shying away from

Here’s a list of AI tools you could check out while you chalk out your next marketing plan.


Concured is an AI content strategy platform that gauges what your audience is looking for. This AI tool for marketing offers three exclusive tools for content- research, creation, and personalization. It has other beneficial tools which include live audits, automation of content and removing of content waste by 90%, planning tool for detailed content brief, performance tracking, and analysis for better ROI and user engagement. is a data extraction tool that helps you with everything from extracting data from the sea that is the internet, even hidden pages, with anomaly detection, and validation rules. These AI-based marketing tools allow you to optimize your campaigns with access to competitor price search and analyze all your customer reviews.

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Grammarly is a popular AI tool for marketing and is considered a savior for all the content creators out there. Writers, please take note. Grammarly not only eases the spell checks but suggests you rephrase your sentences in case they appear to be blurry or unclear. Ultimately, it makes you a better writer over the period.


Cortex helps you build AI-based marketing strategies based on visual analytics, that is what images or video ideas are trending on social platforms. These AI marketing strategy helps you gain insights on what will work better and what’s suited better for your company. After you have analyzed your competitors’ social media efforts, it pushes you and your team to do better by refining your marketing and content strategies.


If you break a sweat every time copywriting challenges come up, then Phrasee is here to ease that out. With AI-powered language optimization, you can create professional and compelling copies for your audience. These AI-based marketing tools help you create email subject lines, push notifications, social media posts, and much more with, what they call a “Magic” button.

Sentinent Ascend

Sentient Ascend is a testing tool for marketers that helps enhance conversion rate optimization (CRO). AI for marketing has proven to be 100 times better than the current A/B testing multivariate solutions and gives marketers a free hand in trying several copies, images, designs, and interaction changes that speed up revenues and conversions.

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Drift helps in AI marketing research as it connects you to potential clients in real-time. It is a marketing and sales chatbot that helps you connect with business leads. It personalizes every experience of your website visitors by interacting with them while turning conversations into conversions.


FindTheRipple is an AI-driven platform that enables you to create content with impact, find untapped trends, and alert you with emerging engagement peaks to target your audience. It also recommends you match digital assets to optimize your content creation.


Lucy is an AI-powered knowledge management assistant that helps you leverage business insights across your company. You ask her a question, and she answers you with the best possible solutions for your challenges. Lucy’s integrations allow it to quickly enter your systems and access information hence helping you the right answers to your business needs. is a relationship management tool that helps you connect better within and outside your organization. Its powerful AI leverages big data and data mining brings better connectivity to your business and helps you make meaningful relationships.

One of the AI tools for marketing helps develop relationships that are organic and natural and shows you how to reach out with a perspective thereby creating a genuine sense of urgency which is vital during closing a deal.

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Cogito is a real-time conversational and analysis system that identifies human signals on calls and predicts the emotional intelligence of the caller. It incorporates AI and machine learning to voice calls and assists call centres to be more empathetic while conversing.

It monitors speed, volume, and pauses in the conversation between agents and customers records the transcripts of the call and detects keywords used by the customers, and helps executives with apt responses.


Processing emails manually can be extremely time-consuming and expensive. A manual process is always prone to human error. Hence, Optimail enables marketers to continuously and automatically optimize their email and AI marketing campaigns. It not only promotes campaigns but adjusts the timings, content, and personalization. It builds better engagement and also reduces spam.


Aizimov is an AI social selling platform that writes ultra-personal messages for each of your target audiences. It’s basically like having a personal secretary. It optimizes the time spent on sales leads and improvises with every feedback and response. The smart AI also analyses the psychological profile of a prospect and crafts its message carefully. It takes a step further and chooses the best channel to reach the potential client.


Pathmatics offers solutions to what, when, where, who, and how-to questions in marketing. You can see ads served, impressions, and digital strategies of brands and publishers across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Marketers can take a jiffy from aggregating data and use digital insights to pitch new ideas and create more effective campaigns.


Emarsys is an omnichannel customer engagement platform that helps you accelerate your business outcomes. These AI-based marketing tools include industry-specific analytics and use-cases that cater to every business. By one’s own bootstraps, Emarsys powers all your marketing needs with 1:1 personalization across all channels and devices.


AI has become indispensable in many areas of our life. The importance of artificial intelligence in marketing is that it leads to Driverless cars, Automation Marketing, conversational bots like Siri and Alexa are the new highs of AI technology. We’re yet to comprehend what AI can accomplish.

Could they completely replace human interference and take over our world like Elon Musk fears? We don’t know. But it surely has prodigious potential to make things happen which we never imagined were possible. Hopefully, this artificial intelligence case study would have helped you understand the importance of artificial intelligence in marketing.

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How is AI used in marketing?

AI tools are used in marketing to learn how to best communicate with customers, then serve them tailored messages at the right time.

What are the 3 stages of AI?

The three stages of AI are artificial narrow intelligence (ANI), artificial general intelligence (AGI), and artificial superintelligence (ASI).

How AI is used in mobile marketing?

AI used to craft more targeted and personalized marketing messages such as special offers and ads by spotting consumers' behavioural trends and patterns.

Ho does AI work in digital marketing?

Artificial intelligence is transforming customer-facing services for digital marketers by increasing efficiency and optimizing user experience.

Is AI the future of marketing?

AI is changing the future of digital marketing, that is certain. It's not so much about what new developments are happening, but also what new trends are likely to emerge over the next few years.

How is AI used in Marketing?

One common example of AI across the web is the use of chatbots to provide customer services to users.

What is AI marketing?

Artificial intelligence plays a big role in marketing, as it helps companies to make decisions based on the data collected by a company.

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