Top 4 Marketing Strategies of Cure.Fit [Case Study]

Top 4 Marketing Strategies of Cure.Fit [Case Study]

Cure.Fit is a health and wellness startup based in Bangalore founded in 2016 by Mukesh Bansal and Ankit Nagori. However, the latter left the company in October 2020. Cure.Fit distinguishes itself from other players on the market by using a mix of online and offline platforms to direct its preventive health philosophy through interaction, coaching, and delivery.

The company initially started at HSR, Bangalore with one fitness center. Today it operates more than 100 centers in the city of Bangalore and has also expanded to other cities.

The multiple services of Cure.Fit, including meal delivery has hooked millennials to healthier habits and food. The mobile application that Cure.Fit offers has an integrated framework that promotes healthier lifestyles and mental health.

After a rebranding attempt, has changed the name of its "" app to "", as of May 11, 2021. has turned into a unicorn startup, valued at $1.56 bn, on November 10, 2021, thus becoming the 36th unicorn in 2021 and 77th unicorn overall in India. The company was reviewed as a unicorn after a cross-selling deal with Zomato, where the fitness brand acquired the fitness arm of the foodtech giant, Fitso for $50 mn and infused another $50 mn.

Cure.Fit Business Model
Marketing Strategies of Cure.Fit
Expansion Plan of Cure.Fit
A Look at the STP of Cure.Fit
How does the brand engage its users?
Acquisitions of Cure.Fit
Campaigns of Cure.Fit
Customer Feedbacks of Cure.Fit

Cure.Fit Business Model

Being a health-tech startup, Cure.Fit has rather witnessed an exciting and unique journey whether it is the funding or the expansion of the company, which we will discuss later on in this article when compared to that of other health-tech startups of the country.

The company's funding was always deeply rooted, which began with the rounds of biggies like Axis and HDFC and was complemented with Flipkart, Myntra, and the latest round where the company raised around $75m from Tata Digital. The brand has successfully raised over $479.6M in a total of around 10 funding rounds. Furthermore, Cure.Fit has also acquired a handful of companies like Tribe Fitness, a1000Yoga, and Kristy’s Kitchen, which helped in further expansion of the brand. Its recent acquisition was TREAD.

With its innovative marketing plan that comprises unique campaigns and other promotional ventures, the company is now operational with more than 180 fitness centers across the country.

At the core of the vision of Cure.Fit lies holistic health and well-being, which the brand wants to make easily accessible to people all around the nation. To make it possible Cure.Fit has an unshakable focus on the mind, body, and nutrition of their consumers and others.

Though the original business model of the company mainly focused on gyms, healthy foods, and health clinics, their model also included online/digital fitness sessions after the pivot, which is effectively leveraged after the COVID-19 outbreak. To sum up the business model, it consists of four pillars or platforms that are built to empower a healthy lifestyle. also has a mobile application that offers an integrated platform to bring in healthy lifestyles and holistic cure, concerning fitness, food, and mental well-being:


With the assistance of the best class trainers and group workouts, this section of Cure.Fit is built to make exercise enjoyable and easy. It can be done as a group class at a Cult.Fit center and at home with the help of DIY videos. became a popular fitness brand over the years and no less than a market leader that was synonymous with success. As a result, had further aimed to expand their own brand under a single, popular banner, "". now has been rebranded as, effective from May 11, 2021, onwards.

Cult.Fit had acquired Gold’s Gym by picking up a majority stake in F2 Fun & Fitness India Pvt Ltd.


This section includes mental fitness solutions. It provides different practices such as yoga, meditation and care. Whether it's stress and anxiety management, better sleep quality or focus improvement, or combining your body-mind, there are many formats to suit the needs of the users.


By providing physician consultation in its health centers via video conferencing. This platform provides basic health care needs. It provides high-quality facilities such as in-house pharmacy and medical services, health monitors, ultrasound systems, ECGs and diagnostic test packs.


This platform offers fresh and delicious food which is nutritious and is prepared with special care to keep it healthy. There are a range of food and menus to choose from when offering healthy and conservative-free items. acquired the 10th position in the highest funded startups in 2018. However, was declared a separate entity after it spun off its parent on October 1, 2020. This was done because of the rising demands, as mentioned by Varun Dhawan is the face of the flagship brand of Curefoods,

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Marketing Strategies of Cure.Fit

Content Marketing

In a very short time, Cure.Fit has attracted a large number of viewers because they answer consumer questions and link consumers to the brand. Cure.Fit creates material such that influences consumers to buy their services.

Social Media Marketing

Cure.Fit wins the people's hearts through its committed sharing of content. Cure.Fit exactly understands who its customers are and produces persuasive content.

Cure.Fit aims at reaching people who want to lead a balanced and fit lifestyle seriously with 3.5 Lakh followers on Facebook and Instagram. It uses the platform to provide up-to-date information, to submit invitations for events, posts, imaginative posts, tips and recipes for healthy food and drinks, customer reviews, etc.

Offline Marketing

Along with leveraging the cutting-edge technologies to gear up their marketing initiatives embracing the digital ways, Cure.Fit has also made space for marketing offline as well. The company has opted for active radio channels where they assign their fitness experts to conduct talk sessions.

Influencer Marketing

Cure.Fit has developed a strategy for influencing the promotion of its releases to promote new goods. The brand collaborated with many inspiring figures from around the world, including Hrithik Roshan, Milind Soman, Tiger Shroff and Sindhu, as well as other prominent athletes. Hrithik Roshan has also signed a five-year agreement with his brand ambassador Cure.Fit.

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Expansion Plan of Cure.Fit

Cure.Fit has witnessed a considerable growth in the health and wellness sector in the past years and it gets a renewed boost with Tata Digital signing an MoU to invest up to $75 million on June 7, 2021. Mukesh Bansal, Founder and CEO of Cure.Fit will join Tata Digital as President, according to the strategic deal that both the companies are looking forward to.

The expansion plan of Cure.Fit as clearly laid by the company includes:

  • Introducing a ready-to-eat category
  • Bringing a whole new range of workout apparel and equipment
  • Introducing the facility of online doctor consultation
  • Help in the consultation of super-specialists online for you and your family
  • Reaching 20 cities encompassing 200 outlets in 2022

A Look at the STP of Cure.Fit

Cure.Fit segments its buyers to urban and rural divisions where their users range from kids and youths to adults.

The main target consumers of Cure.Fit is based out of urban cities and metros, mostly belonging to higher income groups and aged between 20-40 years.

Cure.Fit as a brand is positioned as a fitness brand that promotes "healthy body, mind, and soul."

How does the brand engage its users?

Cure.Fit has seen a successful run engaging a considerably large band of consumers throughout the years. The 3 main methods that Cure.Fit adopt to engage its users:

  • Gamification - has a unique way to encourage its users to display their badges and weekly ranks to their friends.
  • Buddy workout - believes in spreading their business by word of mouth and has a keen affinity towards the "kid next door."
  • Fitter families - encourages families to come on board and keeps them motivated with the help of interesting programs like super family of the week.

Acquisitions of Cure.Fit has acquired over 14 companies to date. Cure.Fit acquired Urban Terrain on December 20, 2021, and then it acquired Gold's Gym on February 14, 2022, which was the last acquisition of Cure.Fit. Here are some of the other major acquisitions:

Acquired Company Name Acquired Date Price
Gold's Gym February 14, 2022 -
Urban Terrain December 20, 2021 -
OneFitPlus December 20, 2021 -
RPM Fitness December 20, 2021 -
FITSO November 11, 2021 $50 mn
TREAD June 10, 2021 -
Fitternity February 9, 2021 -
Onyx January 18, 2021 -
Rejoov April 12, 2019 -
Seraniti November 20, 2018 -
Fitness First India Pvt. Ltd May 22, 2018 -

Campaigns of Cure.Fit


Cure.Fit breaks the barrier and allows people to share their health in the most enjoyable way. It provides a unique offer that includes physical, emotional, and dietary fitness. The film aims to demonstrate the full range of deals from the app, which also tries to get people to think fitness is more open and fun.

This campaign shows that Cure.Fit will benefit you if you don't feel well and are not prepared to attend a physician.


The aim of this campaign is to demonstrate that cult trainers are dedicated to your health and fitness and encourage you to enter the app for a live workout.

Customer Feedbacks of Cure.Fit

Cure.Fit has been largely successful in onboarding new customers and retaining their old ones, and has ended up being recommended by a large group of customers. Cure.Fit allows unlimited pauses in between the challenges that the company presents its users. This has contributed largely to the successful streak of customer retention that the company boasts of!

With its successful branding, quality products and services, and innovative motivational ventures it has been seen that 90% of their cult users recommend the classes to others. Furthermore, it has also been seen that 60% of the total users renew their subscriptions.


Mobile apps drive the world today and people really rely on them for everyday work. Apps like Cure.Fit try a lot harder to interact with people and completely change their lifestyle in these tough periods of social separation. Cure.Fit has used its marketing strategy in a way that the their consumers respond.


Who owns Cure.Fit?

Mukesh Bansal and Ankit Nagori are the founders of

When was Cure.Fit founded? was founded and launched in 2016.

Who are the target audience of Cure.Fit?

The target audience of are people from the urban population who are between 20 years to 40 years of age.

Are Eat.Fit and Cure.Fit the same?

No. was previously a subsidiary of, but was declared an independent entity in October 2020.

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