Kerala Startups | Entrepreneurs and Startups in Kerala [Exhaustive List]

The real damage of a natural disaster is seen after it recedes. Kerala, knocked down by a severe flood, is now reeling in the aftermath and it is at this moment that people and nations alike should come together to lend their support. The ‘God’s own country’ has given India some significant contributions and same applies for the incubation ecosystem as well. It’s time to look at seven promising startups from Kerala.

We have also covered startups from Kolkata, Lucknow and other major cities of India.

Successful startups in Kerala


An app for the tyro chefs out there; an app that can list out possible recipes that can be prepared from whatever ingredients you have in hand. Using latest technologies such as artificial intelligence and image processing, RecipeBook provides a helping hand for anyone interested in cooking. With more than a million installs and also recognized under Google’s ‘Editor’s Choice’, RecipeBook was released in December 2015 by the trio of Anoop Balakrishnan, Arun Ravi and Nikhil Dharman. Stimulated by their own experience of cooking meals using whatever condiments and items they had at hand, they decided to solve this problem faced by bachelors in PGs, students in hostels and nearly everyone who has to make meals. There’s even an offline shopping list which enables you to add ingredients to a list for the purpose of referencing.

Inntot Technologies

Streaming music, videos and images through home network is common today. There are various companies in this market at present, catering to millions users across the globe. However, digital media receivers aren’t dirt cheap; they are expensive with the retail price growing exponentially as new features are being developed. To counter this expensive problem Inntot has created the breakthrough Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) Receiver solution. The startup also offers services pertaining to consumer electronics and IOT. Currently based at InfoPark, Kochi, the endeavor launched in 2014, was the product of the combined efforts of Rajith Nair and Prasanth Thankappan. It was among the ten startups chosen for the Industrial Innovation Awards held in 2017.


Offering the gadget repair service from the comfort of sitting at home, Techmago has received accolades at events such as Startup Saturday Kochi, Techsparks 2016, Nasscom Product Conclave, and the World Startup Expo. To schedule the service, customers need to visit techmago raise their complaint, schedule a free pickup as per their convenience, and once the repairs are done, a free drop service ensures that the repaired product reaches back safely to the right hands. With benefits such as free diagnosis and cost estimation to avail, anyone in possession of a mobile, tablet, computer or laptop should take advantage of this venture.


Midhun Sankar, Nakul E Sibraj and Sreekanth are the brains behind this startup that aims to simplify the recruitment process for both companies and job seekers. It allows candidates to stay updated with job fairs and walk-in interviews being organized around them. The highlight of the web app is a ‘campus placement widget’, which allows companies to search for top ten students in a college, complete with their skills and academic details. Also, organizations can roll out job postings directly on the college/ university website. With more than 20,000 users and 500 plus companies as partners, Bagyourjob has a long way to go!

Reubro International

Offering services such as online marketing, branding, CRM systems to increase social media presence, web development and designing, digital and litho printing and many other options forming an exhaustive list, Reubro has been trusted by companies across many countries. With a motto of ‘Thinking Forward’, the venture’s vision for the future is crystal clear— It is going to disrupt the established system. For more details, do have a look at their website.


A never back down spirit that lead to unprecedented achievement in spite of three failed attempts is the reason why Profoundis has been featured on this list. Launched in 2012, the key product of this startup, ‘Vibe’, provides verified data through APIs and SaaS. And do you know, Vibe was launched in 2014. That means two years of futile efforts! The startup was acquired by US based Full Contact with the announcement of the same being made on 23rd August, 2016. The co-founders and all employees of Profoundis now work under Full Contact.


An online learning platform that is ‘adaptive’, Entrie offers a variety of features such as dashboards that institutes can access to see student reports, a course structure that allows students to transition from being a novice to an expert in any topic of their choice, and a test preparation platform for exams such as IIT JEE, PSC, SSC and others. Entri can be used either as a web app or a mobile app, thus providing greater flexibility. This initiative of Mohammed Hisamuddin and Rahul Ramesh has been rewarded by Masssachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT) Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship, is being supported by ‘LearnLaunch’, and is a member of Facebook’s program for the most promising mobile apps.

This is our list for successful startups and entrepreneurs in Kerala. If you know any other startups in Kerala, please let us know in the comment. We will connect with them to feature their story.

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