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Gujarat, the hometown of most of the millionaires in India is becoming a Startup state from “Business state”. And the hub for startups in Gujarat is in Ahmedabad. Ahmedabad is one of the most prominent cities in the state and in the western region of India. The City has finally started showing its true entrepreneurial attitude in the High-Tech industry. Let’s see some of the best startups in the most famous city of Gujarat, Ahmedabad.

We have also covered startups from Surat, Mumbai and other major cities of India.

These are some of the startups that are located in Ahmedabad.


One of the biggest challenges a young entrepreneur face while starting a startup is legal aspect. The rights of any product, hiring good CA, secretary, etc. are some of the problems which entrepreneur need to take care in a day to day life. LegalWiz provides a simple, affordable and transparent way of procuring business professional services. It adds value by saving time and resources for entrepreneurs, which they can then use in their core business. The services include New Business Registrations, Intellectual Property Registrations, Government & Tax Registrations and Filings, Accounting & Bookkeeping, Custom Legal Document Drafting and more. In other words, we are a Legal Tech company that helps Startups & SMEs with business professional services, taxation and legal compliance.

White Panda

At StartupTalky, we have creative minds who write content for you guys (the guy who is writing this post is the best one of them. But if you are lazy to create posts for your website, you can go to White Panda and order articles according to your need. They will provide you with quality articles in 5 business days. Although I think it is a good service, their plans didn’t get me well. They say experienced writers will write your article in the Silver pack, while “Trained writers” will write your articles in the Bronze pack. How do we know who is writing our article? We never know if we buy Silver or Gold service pack but still get an article from a “trained writer”.


If you think Musically or better say Tik Tok is making you weird and people are making fun of you because of it, then try Awesong. You can make a cover of any song and submit it to them. This is a great platform for new singers. The founders of this startup are two music enthusiast brothers, Pallav Jain and Kartik Jain. They used to give different versions of songs to their friends and family but then converted their passion into a profession.


It might not an innovative startup but I learned about this kind of business the first time. ChinaDesk helps you to import and export products from and to China. They will assist you if you don’t know which is the best place to buy from China. China makes a living of millions of Indians. This kind of businesses just helps them out.


This startup hasn’t been launched yet, but it worth knowing about it. WeHear is working on bringing a hearing a device which will use some bones to help you hear things easily. All you have to do is to wear that device behind your ears. The company claims to make it affordable. Let’s see how well they will go. If they succeed, it will be a really great product for specially-abled people.


Remember Oxy3Plants in our post of Startups in Jaipur? Well, MyBageecha is a very similar service to that. Many services are same except some of them and can expect a difference in their number of services, a little more or less.


Linkruit is a job finding and posting website. However, the company says that as an employer you don’t have to do anything. Linkruit will find the finest employee for you, themselves. Moreover, they claim to provide you required employee(s) in just 2 business days.


If you just don’t understand what your business need and what it’s data says, then Tatvic is a great service for you. Founded by Tejas Modi and Rabi Pathak, Tatvic helps you to read the data of your own business. You can analyze the behaviour of your customers, and get other services related to the data of your company. They even train you about Google’s different business products.

Sales Handy

Sales Handy is a tool made to make businesses productive. Which makes perfect sense as you can find more business than buildings in Gujarat. Sales Handy helps you to create a various email campaign. Its basic version is all time free, so you can check out its amazing services.


Want to feel like Tony Stark? These smart guys make your homes smarter.
Smartify is a home automation service which fits some hitech appliances in your home. Their packages look worthy seeing the equipment they will fit in your home.

Invent India

I always think about the efforts behind the making of each and every product. However, it sounds like physical labour in making the product is much more valuable than designers work. But if you ask any creator out there, even a writer, they think a lot before doing any professional work.

Invent India is one of those team which thinks a lot before creating the designs and other aspects of business for their client. It is an outsourcing services’ startup. They can help you to reach the next level of your business.

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