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Gujarat, the hometown of most of the millionaires in India is becoming a Startup state from “Business state”. And the hub for startups in Gujarat is in Ahmedabad. Ahmedabad is one of the most prominent cities in the state and in the western region of India. The City has finally started showing its true entrepreneurial attitude in the High-Tech industry. Let’s see some of the most successful startups in Ahmedabad, most famous city of Gujarat.

We have also covered startups from Surat, Mumbai and other major cities of India.

List of Startups in Ahmedabad


Founders: Namann Pipara and Shrijay

LegalWiz is a Legal Tech company that helps Startups & SMEs with business professional services, taxation and legal compliance. As a young entrepreneur one of the biggest challenges faced while starting a company is the legal aspect. The rights of any product, hiring a good CA, secretary, etc. LegalWiz provides a simple, affordable and transparent way of procuring business professional services. It adds value by saving time and resources for entrepreneurs, which they can then use in their core business. The services include New Business Registrations, Intellectual Property Registrations, Government & Tax Registrations and Filings, Accounting & Bookkeeping, Custom Legal Document Drafting and more.

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All Events in City

Founders: Amit Panchal & Ruchit Patel

It was started in 2011 with a mission to create a platform for people to discover the various events happening around them. By harnessing the power of Social Media and staying focused on the goal of making event discovery easy. All Events in City has become the world's fastest growing event aggregation platform, with a huge base of over 30,000 cities and over 9 million event organisers who are using the platform. According to their website, they also have achieved an incredible feat of having more than 4 million users every month. All Events in City is the connecting bridge between users who are looking for events and event promoters who are in search of their audience.

Heres a quick video explaining how you can host events. And make the best out of the events happening around you.

White Panda

Founder: Roshan Agarwal

White Panda is a Content development platform, connecting businesses in need of content to quality freelance writers. It's no secret that every company needs quality, smart and informative content to enforce its online presence and engage its customer base. White Panda provides high quality articles within 5 business days.

Invent India

Founder: Jyothi Sudhir

Invent India is a startup in Ahmedabad that provides innovative designs and impactful products for its clients with a goal to co create growth. Invent India has won numerous awards for its excellent services across various industries. Invent India is very meticulous in creating the designs and other aspects of business for its clients. Some of their clients include industry titans like Reliance, Godrej, Havells, Kohler et cetera.


Founder: Ravi Pathak

Tatvic Analytics is a leading Digital Analytics consulting company with core competencies in Website Analytics, Mobile App Analytics and Conversion Rate Optimization. Tatvic helps their clients in understanding what their data is trying to say. With a team of experts guiding and consulting their clients, they strive to provide solutions for the various complexities that businesses face in Data Analytics.

Sales Handy

Founders: Dhruv Patel and Piyush Patel

SalesHandy is a sales communication and analytics tool to make inside sales team highly productive. They are a super dedicated, hard working team with a single focus on enhancing the productivity of sales people and helping them simplify the sales process. SalesHandy helps to create various email campaigns, some of the other features include document tracking and analysis. Its basic version is free, so you can check out its amazing services. Sales Handy has worked with some of the most successful business in Ahmedabad along with international companies like Microsoft, Oracle, Uber, etc.


Founders: Anthony Johnson, Daniel Johnson, Jared Worley and Joey Caroni

Smartify is a platform for bridging the knowledge-execution gap, and onboarding people on this new technological revolution. They have in-house automation experts test compatibility of all devices and ensure that its best suited for your needs. They provide services for homes, offices, hotels and hospitals. Their services range from lighting to security. Smartify is already one of the most successful business in Ahmedabad as they are working with companies like AmazonEcho, Philips, Logitech, etc. to make their products more advanced.

Love For Salad

Founders: Ashish Vyas and Vidhya Rana

Love For Salad is your one destination for the best cooking tips and tricks to help you make a magnificent meal. Their online store is geared toward what the customers are looking for. This startup in Ahmedabad strives for customer satisfaction, by going above and beyond to meet the needs and requirements of their customers and ensuring you have an amazing experience. They also have active blogs written by professionals that give tips on cooking various cuisines.

These were some of the up and coming startups from Ahmedabad. If you know any other amazing and innovative startups, please comment down below. Share this post if you found it interesting.

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