Surat Startups | Entrepreneurs and Startups In Surat [2021 Exhaustive List]

Surat Startups | Entrepreneurs and Startups In Surat [2021 Exhaustive List]

Surat is the fourth cleanest city and textile hub of India. Although it is known for its massive textile industries in the city, it is also producing some great entrepreneurs and new startup companies to the market. Let’s see who the top 10 entrepreneurs in Surat are and some of the best Startups in Surat, a city in the state of businessmen, Gujarat.

Before proceeding, if you know of any other startups in surat, please let us know in the comments. We will connect and feature them in the surat startup list.

HKC Concepts LLC
Cerebroz Edutree
Drone Study
Chintaless Nagrik
Aumgene Biosciences
Shilp Maitri Innovative Solution
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Founder: Rushabh Shah

Industry: Tech

Year Founded: 2015

Responscity Logo | Startups in Surat

Responscity is a Smart City Technology Company, functioning in India. This surat startup aims to create innovative software and hardware solutions for City Management by understanding the community, designing a solution and finally engaging the stakeholders in implementing the solutions in the city.

The company offers Digital House Identification (DHI) which is a Digital Infrastructure created by the integration of Hardware and Software enabling the city to become efficient, transparent and accountable.

This surat based startup, was founded by Rushabh Shah, who is currently the CEO of the company. He founded Responscity in 2015. Before founding Responscity, this surat businessman was previously working as a Research Analyst for CNBC-TV18.


Founder: Sunny Kabrawala

Industry: Space Technology

Year Founded: 2015

STAR | Startups in Surat

STAR is a startup in Surat, that firmly believe that Space is for everyone and they realize their aim by building easy, economical, and efficient launch vehicles for small satellites. It is a research-based startup that has been appreciated by NASA for mission AXIS, won best paper presentation at ISRO, and was among the top 13 candidates of VIBRANT GUJARAT STARTUP GRAND CHALLENGE 2016.

Honoured by Mr Shaun Moss in his book on INTERNATIONAL MARS RESEARCH STATION. STAR is a Surat based startup that provides a platform for students who want to design, build and launch sounding rockets and small satellites. It provides internship and hands-on experience of working on a High powered Rocket.

HKC Concepts LLC

Founder: Keyur Kukadia, Harsh Kukadia

Industry: Mobile Accessories

Year Founded: 2017

HKC Concepts is known to be among the top startups in Surat, as they have designed the world's first reversible Micro USB charging cable named "FLIPPY". It can be plugged either way. USB 2.0 charger makes FLIPPY world’s first truly reversible Micro USB charging cable. It is among the best IT companies in Surat as it has revolutionized smartphone charging.

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Cerebroz Edutree

Founder: Sadaria Hiral

Industry: Edtech

Year Founded: 2017

Cerebroz Edutree Logo | Startups in Surat

Cerebroz Edutree is the first startup that replaces TV ads with educational content. This Surat startup has developed a device that can replace TV ads with K12 education includes academic, social, and General knowledge education.

Cerebroz Edutree is the only startups in surat that has been offered an Incubation facility with Venture Studio, the Nodal agency of GOI for incubating and supporting innovative startups in the country. The response received from students and teachers was amazing.

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Founder: Snehal Shah, Hetvi Choksi, Nachiket Patel

Industry: Co-working Space

Year Founded: 2018

ikoverk Logo | Startups in Surat

iKoverk is a co-working space startup, where startups and freelancers can find a co-working space. According to Harvard research people working in co-working spaces are more efficient and creative than people working in offices. This startup in Surat is among the firsts to introduce the co-working space concept in the city.

The aim of this Surat based startup is to provide shared working environment as one office where people indulge in independent activities. It is a membership-based company. With apt plans and packages for individuals as well as for teams, iKoVerk has something to offer everyone. iKoVerk is one of the new startups that want to revolutionize the way people perceive work.

Drone Study

Founder: Neetin Agarwal

Industry: Edtech

Year Founded: 2013

Drone Study Logo | Startups in Surat

Drone Study is an Educational Company located in Surat, Gujarat. This Surat based startup is fully focused on the Improvement of the quality of teaching with the efficient use of technology. It is just like another site for online courses, however, no e-learning site is the same as the other. Teaching is an art and every artist is unique.

You will find great study material and there will be mentors to help you out. Mr Neetin Agarwal is the CEO and Founder of Drone Study Pvt. Ltd. This Surat businessman holds a BTech degree from IIT Madras. The company was initially founded in 2013 under his direction him.

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Founder: Arvind Saraf

Industry: Marketplace

Year Founded: 2015

Wishbook Logo | Startups in Surat

Wishbook is a B2B website and one of the most well known startups in surat. It provides products for wholesale purchasing easily. It offers digitization of fashion/apparel catalogue distribution & sales process. This digitized information, starting with their product catalogues for Fashion & Apparel companies, will allow easy sharing of new catalogue/product launches down the entire B2B distribution chain.

It is also one of the top IT companies in Surat, as offers an open B2B marketplace, and take it to the existing marketplaces. People can also sell products wholesale on this platform. Wishbook was founded by a local entrepreneur named Arvind Saraf in 2015.

The Surat startup has bagged the awards for “Most valuable fashion startup of the year” and “Best B2B e-Commerce of the year”. However, Wishbook is totally focused on the textile industry. The company started off as Triveni Labs, before taking this shape.

Chintaless Nagrik

Founder: Karnav Shah

Industry: Legaltech

Year Founded: 2012

Chintaless Nagrik Logo | Startups in Surat

Chintaless Nagrik was started with a great cause and the entrepreneurial spirit of the founder. It helps people with legal problems. You can even get some services for free. It is one of the best NGO in Surat, however, you will have to pay some bucks for other premium services. But you don’t have to worry a lot because they are available at a very affordable price.

Chintaless Nagrik was founded in 2012 by Karnav Shah. Karnav is a local entrepreneur, as he is also the founder of & Reg.NGO JivanamAsteya.


Founder: Devang Parekh

Industry: Foodtech

Year Founded: 2014

Foodsome was first started as an online portal to help users to know more about restaurants in their cities. Fodsome is top in the list of startup companies, because it helps people to save money on restaurants. People have to buy their subscription and the app provides a good discount on all the registered restaurants.

Devang Parekh started working on Foodsome in 2013. He finally launched it in 2014 but only for Surat City. Foodsome's service is now also available in Vadodra, Vapi-Daman and Navsari. Devang completed his engineering in 2008 and started working as a web developer for a company before founding Foodsome. The name of this Surat startup came into existence by combining "Food" and "Awesome".

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Aumgene Biosciences

Founder: Anand Daga

Industry: Biotech

Year Founded: 2004

Aumgene Logo | Startups in Surat

Aumgene Bioscience is a leading startup in surat that takes the bioresearch contracts from other companies. It is a research-driven biotech startup based in Surat. It is involved in the manufacturing, development and marketing of different types of enzymes, probiotics, and Agribiotech. This Surat based startup is also one of the few biotech companies in India with R&D, Pilot and Production scale fermentation infrastructure under the same roof.

Aumgene Bioscience was founded in the year 2004 by Anand Daga. Anand is now the Director of Aumgene Bioscience Pvt. Ltd and is known to be among the best Surat entrepreneurs. He did his MBA in Finance from the University of Washington. He holds his MS degree from the University of Maryland College Park.


Founder: Chintan Choksi & Jay Shenmare

Industry: Social Network

Year Founded: 2017

Krossways Logo | Startups in Surat

Krossways is a complete social networking platform that combines the power of social planning with social sharing. This startup in Surat makes it easier to plan and share your social hangouts with friends or families through its unique social networking platform. When you plan to hang out with your friends on Krossways, your friend can narrow down the list of places you guys can peacefully hang out on.

Although it is not a popular startup in the Surat startup list, it is still a good initiative. Chintan Choksi and Jay Shenmare are the founders of Krossways. Chintan Choksi is currently the CEO and Director of Product at Krossways.

Shilp Maitri Innovative Solution

Founder: Hardik Desai

Industry: Tech

SMIS Logo | Startups in Surat

SMIS is a one of the top startups in Surat, as it deals with VR solutions. It is a platform that makes creating 3D VR content as easy as three clicks. Although they also deal with other technology solutions their main focus is VR technology. This Surat startup aims to democratize virtual reality content creation. They are using cutting-edge technology with the use of drag and drop.

SMIS was founded by Hardik Desai. Desai is the CEO of Shilp Maitri Innovative Solution (SMIS) and is a well known Surat businessman as he managed to bag deals from companies like Mercedez-Benz, White Wind Group, etc.

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This was our list of Startups in Surat. Hope you liked it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best IT companies in Surat?

The best software company in surat are Tata Consultancy Services, Infostretch, Collabera, Cygnet Infotech, Allscripts, etc.

What are the best business ideas in Surat?

The best business ideas in Surat are accounting, Consulting, Social media management, Graphic design, Marketing copywriter, Clothing, Printing, Food manufacturng etc.

What are the top companies in Surat?

The top startups in Surat are Responscity, STAR, HKC Concepts, Cerebroz Edutree, iKoverk, Drone Study, Wishbook, Chintaless Nagrik, Foodsome, Aumgene Bioscience, Krossways, SMIS, etc.

Who are the best Surat entrepreneurs?

The top 10 entrepreneurs in Surat are Hardik Desai, Jay Shenmare, Anand Daga, Devang Parekh, Karnav Shah, Arvind Saraf, Neetin Agarwal, Rushabh Shah, Sunny Kabrawala and Keyur Kukadia

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