How Facebook's VR headset will Revolutionize Ads?

How Facebook's VR headset will Revolutionize Ads?

Facebook which is one of the major social media platforms has recently announced about its plans to launch its fitness tracker and also tried to get into the smartphone industry in the past with the launch of HTC. The company now is testing VR ads on the Oculus platform. In this article let’s look at how the VR ads would revolutionize the advertisement industry.

Facebook VR – Latest News
How Facebook VR will Revolutionize the Advertisement Industry
Concern regarding The data
Future Products of Facebook

Facebook VR – Latest News

On 16 June 2021, the company has begun testing advertisements on the Oculus headset which is a Virtual reality headset. This testing was done with partnerships with several game developers which include Resolution games.

The small scale test of VR ads is expected to be the bridge between the company’s main revenue that is selling digital ads and the investments of the company that is growing in the field of Virtual Reality hardware which is expected to be the next big thing in the tech industry after smartphones.

Facebook has conveyed that the test is a way in order to help the developers to earn revenue from the Oculus platform. The Ads are expected to appear on the games that are used on the Oculus platform and an action game Blaston that is developed by Resolution games.

Facebook also added that the users of Oculus will have an option in order to choose not to see an ad from an individual brand or company or to even hide certain ads.

How Facebook VR will Revolutionize the Advertisement Industry

Many experts had already predicted this move from Facebook for the past few years. The company is planning to expand the system using user feedback but the big question is, how will Facebook utilize the ads with the data received from the VR headset.

Oculus headsets are estimated to be a Gold Mine in regards to the information about you. The headsets are said to capture information such as the motion of head and hand and even tracks the pictures of your surrounding through a camera and a microphone.

The future headsets are expected to have much more features such as monitoring the eye movement and noting down what catches the attention of your eye.

If Facebook collects the data that is obtained from the VR headsets or the devices in order to run targeted ads, it would be a very personalized ad and the company will have a track on the utmost private information about the person which sometimes even the individual will not be aware of.

Facebook VR Ad test on an VR action game - Blaston
Facebook VR Ad test on an action game - Blaston

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Concern regarding The data

Regarding the data concerns, Facebook has conveyed that as of now the data that is collected by the headsets remains in the headset and added that the ads are totally different from the headset and is a different segment. The company also said that they have no plans to come up with targeting ads as of now.

But however, as Facebook moves much more into Virtual reality and Augmented reality hardware, using the special hardware features for advertising is expected to become an increasingly attractive prospect.

Future Products of Facebook

Facebook is also planning to release a fitness tracker and has also discussed about AR glasses that will be used for interacting with the world. These products are expected to be built in a way that will collect information and insights about your surroundings and your body. This makes it hard to believe that Facebook doesn’t have a plan to monetize these products by running targeted ads with them.

However, even the head of Facebook Reality labs has conveyed that the company does not have any plans and is not really focused on the business model questions regarding the experimental hardware of the company. Facebook has also conveyed that they are working on exploring new ad forms that would be unique to the VR.

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Oculus is the first test that is done by Facebook and is one of the biggest tests for advertising on its platform. As the company expands the ads to new devices and other hardware, we will have to observe how it uses ads and the new data types.


Does Facebook own Oculus VR?

Yes, Facebook acquired VR company Oculus in 2014 for an estimated US$2.3 billion.

What data does Facebook get from Oculus?

Facebook stores information about what you do in VR, including basic account functionality (like knowing which games you've purchased), and advertising (like showing you an ad in your Facebook feed for Oculus games you recently searched for in your headset).

Who is the CEO of Oculus?

Brendan Trexler Iribe is the CEO and co-founder of Oculus VR, he is an American game programmer, entrepreneur.

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