Top 7 AR Startups in India to Watch Out For in 2020

AR(Augmented reality) a term that was first coined by researcher Tom Caudell in 1992. AR is a technology that allows users to interact with virtual content in the real world. A great example of AR is a game that went quite popular, Pokemon Go. This technology has been around for some time and because of its nature that allows users to interact with virtual content in the real world, AR has found a broad spectrum of applications.

India is still developing in AR compared to the work of Microsoft and its hologram-themed augmented reality glass or Google’s Tango projects. Many of the AR startups in India are trying to set a benchmark in the world of AR Startups. There are a total of 104 AR startups in India.

Top 10 AR Startups in India to look out for in 2020

1. Trezi

Trezi is an AR software company which is one of the top 10 AR startups in India. Trezi is based in Noida and was founded by Gautam Tewari in 2014. It is an immersive virtual reality product that allows experiencing the designs with the help of 3D modeling software & architecture software. Trezi lets architectures showcase their building plans using AR.

top 10 AR startups in India
Trezi AR Startup
Startup Name Trezi
Headquarter Noida, Uttar Pradesh
Founder Gautam Tewari
Founded 2014
Funding 2M (2020)
Products Design Presentations, Real-time Marketing Communications

2. SmartVizX

SmartVizX is one of the best solutions provider companies in the AEC(architecture, engineering, and construction) industry. SmartVizX creates an interactive virtual environment for experiencing arenas and spaces that haven't even been physically built. It currently focuses on building a virtual environment for the real-estate & design industry.

top AR startups India
SmartVizX Virtual Environment
Startup Name SmartVizX
Headquarter Noida, Uttar Pradesh
Founder Gautam Tewari and Tithi Tewari
Founded 2015
Funding 3M (2020)
Products ArchViz, ArchVizM, 360-VIZ, ViViz, ViVizM, ViVizVR

3. Simulanis

Simulanis is one of the top AR companies in India. It provides AR-based solutions for field force productivity. Simulanis is one of the top AR companies in India. It provides AR-based solutions for field force productivity. Simulanis is also a multi-award-winning Ed-tech company. It develops Augmented, Mixed, and Virtual Reality software applications for Education, Skilling, and Industrial Training

Startup Name Simulanis
Headquarter Delhi, India
Founder Raman Talwar
Founded 2013
Funding USD 1M
Products Remote Assist,Reflexis, Sanalexa,

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4. Kalpnik

Kalpnik has developed a platform for people to experience remote places and events. Its product VRDevotee lets users experience immersive religious and spiritual places. Its app which is available on both android and ios has over 1.27 lakh downloads.

Indian AR startup
Startup Name Kalpnik
Headquarter Noida, Uttar Pradesh
Founder Apul Nahata, Ashwani Garg, John Kuruvilla
Founded 2016
Funding USD 526K
Products VRDevotee

5. Jadooz

Jadooz is an Virtual reality cinema theater and solutions provider in India. Jadooz is a chain of multiplexes which Provides a 50-80 seater cinema, virtual reality center, gaming pods and a cafe which allows users to enjoy films, VR experiences, and VR gaming. It was founded in 2017 by Rahul Nehra and Shobana Chandrakumar.

Startup Name Jadooz
Headquarter Chennai
Founder Rahul Nehra and Shobana Chandrakumar
Founded 2017
Funding USD 319K
Products VR experiences and VR gaming

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6. GreyKernel

GreyKernel is one of leading and most-awarded Virtual Reality and advance visualization startup AR startup in India. It creates  immersive & gamified content for Training, Simulation & Education.

Startup Name GreyKernel
Headquarter Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India
Founder Abhishek Gupta, Pranshul Chandhok
Founded 2015
Products Education, Training & Simulation

7. PerspectAI

PerspectAI is an assessment tool that measures human potential by Loop Reality. It provides game based assessment tool that help organizations hire talent. It employs AI to help organizations make data-driven talent decisions.

Startup Name PerspectAI
Headquarter Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India
Founder Jignesh Talasila, Karthik KV, Ravi Teja Koneru, Ravi Theja Muthu, Sai Suraj Vanka
Founded 2016
Funding USD 275k
Products Game based Assesment

The three most prominent markets in AR/VR are entertainment, manufacturing, and healthcare. There's an immense demand for AR/VR since the coronavirus outbreak has forced the cancellation of events. there is also a growing demand for AR/VR in the education sector. Many companies in India are stepping up their production as the demand for AR/VR has increased. Many of the AR startups in India are upping their game to become the forefront runner in AR space.

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