How AR Remote Work Will Change The Industry?

Vibhavari Madki Vibhavari Madki
Dec 2, 2020 7 min read
How AR Remote Work Will Change The Industry?

What does Augmented Reality actually mean and what is it used for? It is a widespread technology, so does a question pop up? How does it work? confused about all this, here's an article which will clear all of your doubts about AR and AR remote work. So, without further ado let's dive right into Augmented Reality.

AR is the special technology where it instructs your device to be helpful throughout your day by letting you experience digital content in the similar way you experience the world. It lets you search things visually and virtually, simply by pointing your camera at them.

It comfortably puts your answers exactly where your questions are by overlaying visual, immersive content on top of your real world. Did you know that NASA made use of AR for the first time for flying the X-38 by utilizing the special AR dashboard for navigation in 1999? Well, that's the power of AR.

Well-Known Uses of Augmented Reality
Importance Of AR In Future
How Does Augmented Reality Work?
AR Remote Work Analysis
How AR Remote Work Is Assisting Companies?
Industries Adopting AR Remote Work

Well-Known Uses of Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is readily available and being used in innumerable ways including as Snapchat lenses.

  • In applications that help you search for your car in a crowded parking lot.
  • The biggest successful examples of AR are Google Maps, Google SkyMap and the game Pokemon Go.
  • The U.S. Army uses AR to train to train the candidates digitally.
  • Disney designed a technology in which it makes the characters in the coloring books as 3D characters.
  • Customers who have shop frequently online feel reassured that if a product is suitable or not, does it look better or not and they are satisfied with it before they even add it to their basket. It makes them less likely to return the item when it arrives. 43% of shoppers speculate that AR would help them make a better business deals.

Importance Of AR In Future

There is always a future of something that is important to the human kind. The success of the technology will never wear off.

AR Remote Work
Augmented Reality In Every Corner Of The World
  • Creation of new technology offers new opportunities for a huge amount of markets and commercial enterprises, among them Insurance, real estate, healthcare, retail, and manufacturing.
  • AR in Education brings unlimited possibilities for teaching and learning process.
  • Technology gives entirely real psychological and physical experiences and help us get authentically virtual feel that can be implemented.
  • You can always surprise your customers with something new and easier methods to shop.
  • GPS mobile apps with AR can rightly show tourist routes and directions to desirable destinations, translate the signs on the street, giving an additional advantage.
  • A chance to create something unique and thereby to express one's individuality is way more engaging than standard media content.
Future of AR

How Does Augmented Reality Work?

  • Computer vision or camera understands what is in the physical world around the user from the content of the camera feed which it continues to grasp.
  • This allows the application to show digital content relevant to what the user is looking at.
  • This digital content is then displayed in a practical way, so much so that it looks part of the real world - this is called rendering.

AR Remote Work Analysis

  • Considering the fact of the situation which we all are aware of, we have to consider AR Remote work. Even before the COVID-19 crisis, researchers were trying to bring this technology in our comfort zones.
  • Almost the entire world is bound by their houses, working from home and trying new things to keep the businesses keep going.
  • Remote work Augmented Reality is here to stay and will more than ever become an integral part of the way we work.
  • The numbers are increasing year by year for working remotely. 75% of current employees say they plan to work remotely or from home for the rest of their career.
  • The statistics shows how much significant it is to adapt technologies for every person as it is the only way now to rely on.

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How AR Remote Work Is Assisting Companies?

  • Providing remote assistance to a customer can be tedious over a chat, email or phone call. Sometimes, the helpers don’t understand the actual issue. But this could be solved by combining live video streaming with augmented reality.
  • Researchers can work with each other through AR on the analysis of the Business with all the fancy visual demonstration than the auditory communication.
  • The biggest use of AR which proves beneficial for the customers and the Organization too is the revised version of Customer Service, mostly Technical Support.
  • Guiding the customers step by step with the problem they are entangled with.
  • Trainers have also started using AR to explain the trainees, interns and the students. Learning can be done in the most efficient and demonstrative way.
  • AR remote work as it happens, helps technicians/engineers gain immediate access to remote experts when it is needed, solve the problems in the service processes, quickly execute repairs and even communicate with customers. For example, they can use AR to locate the address prior to a dispatch or follow up after a visit.
  • The technology allows employees to confirm, record and add data to CRM systems, gather proof of identity, validate coupons, or  see evidence of damaged goods prior to authorizing returns.

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Industries Adopting AR Remote Work

Communication and Internet Service Providers

These Service giants have adapted to remote work with AR. Vodafone is one the Organizations is harnessing remote assistance AR to better support their customers.

Delivery Organisations

AR identifies what one can see, while the GPS helps put in position on the map. Ultimately, Maps AR helps get around that problem of not knowing which way to walk because the AR can then point in the right direction so you're heading the right way.

Insurance and Financial Institutions

With AR remote work assistance, as customers can easily gain clarity on billing, invoice inquiries and personal pin inquiries, with the agent sharing their view and pointing where necessary. Agents can use it to validate customer identities, or gather specific visual evidence or proof for disputes.

Travel Companies

Some Travel companies have step their foot in AR technology. It helps them explore new places, venues and many more interesting and suitable facts about them.

Movie Companies

Movie Companies are innovatively implementing AR technology to improve theatre experiences and attract larger audiences.

The future of meetings, training sessions and daily work of the Organization could drastically and rapidly change with AR helping companies become more energy-efficient. Manufacturers, Researchers and more will find innovative ways to make people more productive in the face of an aging populace. All of these tools will help the expanding of acceptance and capabilities of AR a bit further.

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Can you interact with augmented reality?

Most virtual reality (VR) interaction takes place via a motion controller, but most headset-based augmented reality (AR) devices utilize a combination of gaze and hand tracking for interaction. When you set out to design your augmented reality app, you will need to consider how the user will interact with objects.

What is the difference between VR and AR?

Virtual reality (VR) implies a complete immersion experience that shuts out the physical world. Whereas Augmented reality (AR) adds digital elements to a live view often by using the camera on a smartphone.

Is AR and VR the future?

"Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality 2020-2030: Forecasts, Markets, and Technologies" covers one of the key markets of the future. VR, MR, and AR are products are used in many different settings, for example for day-to-day workflow management and on production lines. Hence, AR and VR is definitely the future of technology.

What is AR in simple words?

AR is the special technology where it instructs your device to be helpful throughout your day by letting you experience digital content in a similar way you experience the world. It lets you search for things visually and virtually, simply by pointing your camera at them.

How exactly does Augmented Reality work?

Computer vision or camera understands what is in the physical world around the user from the content of the camera feed which it continues to grasp. This allows the application to show digital content relevant to what the user is looking at.

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