Optinly - The Best WordPress Pop-up Plugin To Get Now

Optinly - The Best WordPress Pop-up Plugin To Get Now

What is the easiest way to grab a viewer’s attention on a website?

If your answer was pop-ups, then you were right.

It’s sudden appearance with eye-catching visibility makes it a powerful option to attract viewers to your message. If you intend to announce new deals every time a visitor enters your website or if there are recent changes to the website, pop-ups are the most obvious choice.

Optinly enables you to create impressive pop-ups to boost conversion rate
Optinly enables you to create impressive pop-ups to boost conversion rate

But sometimes, these not-so-subtle messages are completely ignored if your design is unimpressive, or the message it carries is irrelevant to the user. A recent analysis has found that pop-ups increase conversion by 50%. Which means that everytime a viewer sees one, you have a 50-50 chance of getting your message across.

So it is very important that your pop-ups are designed to impress, and more importantly, to be relevant. As there are tons of plugins available, we have narrowed your options down to the one plugin that will solve all your problems, Optinly.

In this article, we will review the plugin, its features, usability, pricing and let you decide if this is for you.

What is Optinly?
Optinly - Features
Create eye-catching pop ups with Optinly
Optinly - Pricing Plans

What is Optinly?

A SaaS product specifically designed to capture leads, Optinly is not simply just a pop-up tool. Its impressive design combined with the ability to target goal-based leads will ensure viewer engagement. It will also help you increase your customer base and drive more traffic to your website.

You can optimize your online business in the following ways using Optinly

  • Endorse your brand with eye-catching pop-ups.
  • Customize  your pop-ups to align with your marketing goals.
  • Create multiple pop-up campaigns with triggers for time, device, exit intent and more.
  • Announce special offers and help reduce cart abandonment.
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Optinly - Features

Optinly boasts of a variety of pop-ups, each designed to be used for a specific purpose. Every pop-up is unique and will help you increase your conversion rate. Down below is a list of pop-ups that might prove beneficial to you.

  • Gamification Pop-ups

No one can resist a spinning wheel that draws lucky prizes. It is one of the best ways to engage with a viewer and ensure that they revisit to check on their prizes. Better engagement inevitably leads to more conversions.

  • Notification Pop-ups

You may use these customizable pop-ups to announce new deals, upcoming events or provide your users with valuable information. These pop-ups are ideal as they instantly grab the viewer’s attention.

  • Floating sidebars

Not all pop-ups are intrusive and require immediate attention. You may use these pop-ups when your visitors scroll through your page, reminding them of an offer or make an announcement.

  • Timed Pop-ups

These pop-ups are triggered with time. Once you realize that a viewer is here to stay, then you may need to inform them about a particular offer or send a message. It lets you convey your message at an optimal time and therefore, increase your email list.

  • Exit Intent pop-ups

These pop-ups are used as a last resort and are usually deployed once your viewer is about to leave your website. You may use it as a last-minute tool to offer them coupon codes or discounts and therefore have chance to boost up your conversion

Optinly simply takes out the guesswork on how to target different people by offering you a variety of professional templates. You can use these templates according to your goals whether it be collecting feedback or increasing your cart value.

Optinly even goes a step further by making these templates completely customizable from simply adjusting the layout or editing your logo. You can also add links, images and even animation so that there is no way that your viewer will ignore your message.

But never-ending pop-ups might drive your customers away instead of bringing them in. So the option to personalize your pop-ups to greet your subscribers by using simple short codes for their names will increase their engagement on your website.

Create eye-catching pop ups with Optinly

  • Multiple pop-up forms

It is not only important to have eye-catching pop-ups, but personalize them in such a way that it is different for every user. By taking user’s preferences into account, Optinly delivers more than 6 different pop-up forms to optimize a user’s experience based on their interests.

  • 30+ ready-to-use templates

You have at your disposal more than 30 pre-designed templates that let you create your popups efficiently. These pop-ups are designed by professionals in order to attract your viewers and attain your business goals as quickly as possible.

Optinly - Pricing Plans

Optinly Pricing Plans
Optinly Pricing Plans

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The long and short of it is, Optinly is a solution to boost conversion. It allows you to connect with your subscribers by greeting them by their names, making them feel valued. Such extent of personalization will help your website reach new heights by generating more leads and will definitely ensure their revisit.

It allows you to conduct surveys and feedback from your subscribers. You may track the individual performance of each pop-up, changing what needs to be changed for intended results. In addition, it works flawlessly on mobile websites which will no doubt increase your audience base and take your business to the next level.

With an easy-to-use user friendly interface, you can carry out multiple pop-up campaigns to rack up your conversion rate in a short span of time.

All these rich features with unlimited customizations and personalization is what makes Optinly an attractive option.

There are many WordPress plugins for pop-ups for very few of them have such powerful features and the ones that do are available for a hefty price. With Optinly, many of its features are available in both the free and paid versions of the plugin, so you need not worry about your budget. You can start with the Free plan and later upgrade to the Growth plan, whenever necessary.

So, what are you waiting for? All you need to do is install and activate it.

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