DesignerPeople - Professional Design Agency

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Mar 8, 2021 7 min read
DesignerPeople - Professional Design Agency

Proper branding, packaging and marketing are very important for a brand to make it stand out among its competitors. These are something which helps a product draw customer attention and trust. As such, any business big or small cannot ignore the need for apt branding and marketing of its products and services.

DesignerPeople, a Delhi NCR based Design Agency is helping its clients make new brands or revive existing ones in a way that is creative and appealing to the customers. It specializes in branding, packaging, visual communication for print and digital marketing.

DesignerPeople - Company Highlights

Startup Name DesignerPeople
Headquarter Faridabad
Founder Megha Malik
Sector Marketing and Designing
Founded 2003
Parent Organization DPPL Works Pvt. Ltd

Discover more about the DesignerPeople:

About DesignerPeople
Founders of DesignerPeople and team
How was DesignerPeople Started
DesignerPeople - Services
DesignerPeople - User Acquisition
DesignerPeople - Funding and Investors
DesignerPeople - Growth
DesignerPeople - Startup Challenges
DesignerPeople - Competitors
DesignerPeople - Future Plans

About DesignerPeople

DesignerPeople is a professional creative branding agency in Delhi NCR, founded in the year 2003 by Megha Malik. It specializes in branding, packaging, visual communication for print and digital marketing. DesignerPeople helps its clients to achieve commercial success for their products or service through impressive logo design, web design, packaging design and branding. It strives to work with SMEs and make them emerge as a popular and successful brand among the target audience.

We would be looking to reach a place where we have brand names that associated with us when they were small start-ups and emerged as successful brands. The mantra is that our success lies in our client brand victory.

Founders of DesignerPeople and Team

Megha Malik is the founder of DesignerPeople.

Owner DesignerPeople
Megha Malik - Founder, DesignerPeople

Megha Malik holds an MBA in Marketing Strategies and a bachelor's in Fine Arts. As Creative Director @ DesignerPeople, Megha's responsibility is to provide proactive practical and contemporary brand advertising solutions, support a futuristic brand presentation in tune with global trends.

Currently, DesignerPeople has a team of 26 people which includes visualisers, sales experts, digital marketing professionals, programmers and management experts

DesignerPeople Team

How Was DesignerPeople Started

DesignerPeople was launched in 2003. The company initiated work with international clients only. DesignerPeople had clients from the US, Canada, UK and New Zealand. The company received good response abroad and was planning to expand. Meanwhile, the Indian SME market was gradually becoming mature enough to understand the value of branding and marketing. So eventually DesignerPeople set up its base in India in the year 2012.

We were lucky enough that when we launched in India, awareness regarding this sector started to grow. Knowledge and technical skills we gathered from international clients and New Zealand office helped us to stand out in the market. We even increased the number of services later as we predicted an immense requirement in India for branding, marketing and packaging .

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DesignerPeople - Services

DesignerPeople is a professional creative agency, which specializes in Branding, Packaging, Visual Communication for print and Digital Marketing. The services provide by DesignerPeople are-

  1. Package designing
  2. Web design and development
  3. Brand Development, which includes
  • Logo Design
  • Stationery Design
  • Corporate Identity Design
  • Catalogue Design
  • Business Card Design
  • Signage and Way Finding Design
  • Custom Printing
  • Other services like Vehicle Wrap Design, Exhibition stall design, social media page design etc.

4. Digital marketing, which includes-

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • PPC services

5. Consultation services, which includes-

  • Brand consultation
  • Packaging consultation
  • Product Design consultation

As said by Megha, branding and marketing is a service that brings in the maximum number of customers for any business. More than 70% of the decisions to purchase any product is made quickly in-store within 5-7 seconds. As such, a product’s looks plays an important role in the purchase decision.

With our creative abilities, we create engaging campaigns and inciting packaging to build top of mind recall and acquire customers for the brands. We believe that the looks of any product are the most significant factor for a customer to even pick it up from the shelves and the rest depends upon the quality of the product. If a product looks unique and catchy for the potential customers to pick it up and try it once, we consider it as our achievement. This is what we aim for, and that is what will help our clients to get the maximum benefit.
Designer People 

DesignerPeople - User Acquisition

DesignerPeople started operation in India in 2012 through their website. The company was able to attract clients on the basis of their work and through word of mouth publicity. The company targeted brands solely through the online medium. Besides, DesignerPeople also upgraded itself for different digital platforms like Facebook and Google Adwords.

To complete its online and offline presence, DesignerPeople joined some business network groups in Delhi NCR where it introduced itself as a complete design and marketing agency. The company claims to get 40% of its business through word-of-mouth.

We believe that customer relations are the most important. If one customer is taken care of well that indeed is better than any kind of advertisement. Our focus is to get 1 to get 10, meaning that if we take care of 1 client well, we will be definitely be recommended by him to 10 more brands.

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DesignerPeople - Funding and Investors

DesignerPeople is a bootstrapped company.

We never had the requirement to seek help from external sources to raise money. So far we do not have any plans to raise money.

DesignerPeople - Growth

Some growth milestones achieved by DesignerPeople are-

  • The company has worked with 7000+ clients
  • It has been in the industry for 15+ years
  • Has worked with leading brands like Cornitos, Creambell Ice Cream, Cremica, Haldiram, LaOpala and MDH.  

DesignerPeople - Startup Challenges

According to Megha, the most challenging task was to pitch the multinational brands to collaborate with them. The team had to do extensive research work before pitching for each one of them to get the business. Meeting client expectations in all aspects was another challenge. Besides, constraints from the clients regarding various aspects such as budget, timelines, etc poses new challenges to the team constantly.

DesignerPeople - Competitors

Some top competitors of DesignerPeople, which operate in the same domain are-

  • Seagull Advertising
  • Crayons Advertising
  • Bruckner Design
  • Fortune communications
  • JWT India
  • Jelitta Publicity
  • Lowe Lintas
  • Aquarius Promotions
  • Grey India
  • Triverse Advertising
  • Carat

Amidst all competition, DesignerPeople has been able to make a place for itself through its customer centricity. It gives each client a personalized touch and comes up with outstanding creative by blending client requirements with their innovative ways.

Being an agency in the creative field we have to continually make sure that we are coming up with new and different inventive concepts. For instance, when a client gives us a brief, we make sure that we offer multiple ideas wherein one concept as per the client brief, and one is made as per our creativity. - Megha  

DesignerPeople - Future Plans

DesignerPeople wants to serve more SMEs and MSMEs in the future, along with big clients.

Many entrepreneurs want to accomplish tasks through DIY mode rather than going for paid professional services. The challenge with this mode of operation is the many different creative elements, such as writing, graphic design, computer programming that are needed to carry out a modern marketing strategy successfully. The learning curve for a busy entrepreneur with little experience is staggering, leaving the business owner with either a vastly incomplete marketing strategy - Megha Malik

This product packaging company is also planning to venture into TV media and become a company that caters to all branding and marketing services that are required by a firm to become a global company.

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Which software is best for packaging design?

  • Artios CAD
  • Kasemake
  • Impact
  • Packmage, etc

What are the 3 types of packaging?

  • Primary Packaging
  • Secondary Packaging  
  • Tertiary Packaging

What Is A Package Design Company?

A package design company is a creative agency that designs visual identities for products with the aim to protect and preserve them.

What are the 3 P's of packaging?

The 3 P's are – Protection, Preservation and Presentation!

What are the top packaging companies in India?

Some of top Packaging Company in India are Uflex Ltd, Essel Propack Limited, Huhtamaki PPL Ltd, Mold-Tek Packaging Limited (MTPL), Kanpur Plastipack Ltd.

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