Getting Working Capital Loan for Your Business is Easy with Lendingkart

Chayanika Goswami Chayanika Goswami
Jan 13, 2020 3 min read
Getting Working Capital Loan for Your Business is Easy with Lendingkart

We often hear stories of startup ventures that live a short life because of inadequate fund flow and working capital limitations. Arrangement of short term working capital has always been a challenge for new ventures. Hence in the year 2014, Harshvardhan Lunia and Mukul Sachan founded Lendingkart to bridge this financial gap in the industry. Let's have a look at how Lendingkart is helping businesses grow and how the company is functioning.

Lendingkart Highlights

Startup Name Lendingkart
Headquarter Ahmedabad
Founders Harshvardhan Lunia & Mukul Sachan
Sector Fintech
Founded 2014
Parent Organization Lendingkart Technologies Private Limited

About Lendingkart and How it Works
Founders of Lendingkart and team
How was Lendingkart Started
Lendingkart - Competitors
Lendingkart - Funding and Investors
Lendingkart - Growth

About Lendingkart and How it Works

Lendingkart is helping micro, small and medium-sized enterprises access working capital loans to facilitate easy functioning of the enterprise. The whole idea behind Lendingkart is that the entrepreneurs in the 35-45 years age bracket need short-term working capital loans for their SMEs. Lendingkart’s whole business module revolves around facilitating the availability of credit to small and micro businesses digitally and this process is effectively driven by data and analytics. So cutting a long story short, they lend short term capital loans to the companies who need it for carrying day-to-day activities. Lendingkart's tagline β€œthink cash, think of Lendingkart group.”, perfectly reflects the company's ideology.

Lendingkart aims to solve the huge gap in the developing markets where the firms have to wait for days before they get paid from their previous clients. And this possesses a huge hurdle for many who haven’t plowed back any profits. Therefore Lendingkart came into being to service these firms because their options are severely limited as traditional banks find them too risky to lend money.

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Founders of Lendingkart and team

Harshvardhan Lunia is the Co-Founder & CEO of Lendingkart. Before founding Lendingkart, Harshvardhan was a founder and director at Domestic Finance and Investment private limited. A chartered accountant by profession, Harshvardhan also worked as a Relationship Manager at ICICI Bank, City Manager (SME banking) at Standard Chartered Bank and Small Business Relationship Manager at HDFC bank, before starting his entrepreneurial journey.

Lendingkart co-founder Mukul Sachan, is an IIT and IIM alumnus, and has wide experience both in the field of engineering and finance. Mukul exited Lendingkart in May 2019, to start his own venture, Optimus Capital.

How was Lendingkart Started

Having worked in the financial sector for quiet a few years, Harshvardhan, could see the issues that the small and medium businesses were facing due to the lack of working capital. He noticed that the traditional banks and NBFCs were not willing to offer credit to small businesses. Harshvardhan wanted to make a difference to this scenario, which made him leave his high paying job in London, and startup Lendingkart. Harshvardhan's friend Mukul Sachan joined him in the venture.

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Lendingkart - Competitors

Lendingkart Technologies operates as a fintech company in the working capital space. Lendingkart's top competitors working in the same domain include ventures like Cash Suvidha, Scivantage, Reink Media Group and Advanced Credit Technologies.

Lendingkart - Funding and Investors

Lendingkart has raised 10 rounds of funding till date.

Funding Date Stage Amount Investors
August 16, 2019 Venture Round Rs 21 Crore Sistema Asia Capital
August 9, 2019 Series D Rs 212 Crore Fullerton Financial Holding, Bertelsmann India Investments and India Quotient.
June 17, 2019 Debt Finacing Rs 80 Crore Alteria Capital
February 12, 2018 Series C Rs 565 Crore Fullerton Financial Holdings
Dec 27, 2017 Debt Financing Rs 25 Crore State Bank of India
September 6, 2017 Series C Rs 70 Crore Sistema Asia Capital, Bertelsmann India Investment, Mayfield India, Saama Capital, India Quotient and Darrin Capital Management
Jun 12, 2017 Debt Financing Rs 50 Crore Yes Bank
April 13, 2017 Debt Finacing Rs 30 Crore Anicut Capital
Jun 28, 2016 Series B Rs 205 Crore Bertelsmann India Investments, Darrin Capital Management, Mayfield India, Saama Capital and India Quotient
Jul 8, 2015 Series A Rs 63 Crore Saama Capital and Mayfield Fund

Lendingkart - Growth

  • Reviewed more than a million applications
  • Disbursed 70,000+ loans
  • Extended credit to more than 55,000 MSMEs
  • Covered 1,300+ cities and union territories of the nation.

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