Top Companies that made lending easy in 2021

Top Companies that made lending easy in 2021
Top Lending companies
This article is contributed by Sanjay Sharma, MD, Aye Finance.

Getting a loan is something that bothers everyone with all the formalities and paperwork. But 2021 being the FY that has seen a financial crisis for various sectors, has been some or the other way boosted by various fintech companies that have helped them to manage and survive their businesses. Amongst various fintech companies, there are a few companies that made lending easy and hassle-free.

Top Lending Companies in India -

  1. LendingKart
  2. Aye Finance
  3. Zip Loans
  4. Satya MicroCapital
  5. NeoGrowth Credit
  6. Save Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
  7. InCred


Lending Companies in India
LendingKart - Lending Company

With $1 billion of loans disbursed to around 1.3 lakh MSMEs across India since its inception, Lendingkart has been growing rapidly in MSME financing and one of the major reasons for this is its credit intelligence platform. Lendingkart’s proprietary underwriting model has been instrumental in providing credit sanctioned loans to 250k loans over the past 6 years but it is important to understand how it is being utilized by the firm itself.

Aye Finance

Lending Companies in India
Aye Finance - Lending Institution

Aye Finance founded by Sanjay Sharma MD is a commercial institution built around the mission to solve these challenges of funding MSMEs and enabling their inclusion into the mainstream of the economy. Aye Finance is equity-funded by three reputed Venture Capital Funds – Accion International, SAIF Partners, and LGT Impact ventures. It also has over a dozen providers who extend their debt funds for its MSME finance business. Aye offers Rs 1-3 lakhs line of credit for working capital to microenterprise owners who typically have sales of INR25-50 lakhs annually.

Aye has successfully enabled the inclusion of 3 lakh micro enterprises having disbursed over Rs 4,000 crore to them.

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Lending Companies in India
Ziploan - Lending Company

Ziploan is a tech-enabled RBI registered NBFC that provides loans to small businesses. The platform addresses the need of the SME sector, which has been ignored by financial institutions. The platform generates a unique ZipScore for each loan applicant by developing an automated underwriting algorithm.

Satya MicroCapital

Lending Companies in India
Satya MicroCapital - Lending Company

Satya MicroCapital Limited is an NBFC-MFI that serves low-income entrepreneurs in rural and urban areas. The company provides prompt, convenient, and affordable collateral-free credit to unbanked and underserved people through a strong credit assessment and centralized approval system. Satya MicroCapital’s firm belief in modern technology and its potential to increase efficiency, reduce risks, and enhance the overall customer experience is apparent in its adoption of cutting-edge innovations to power its operations.

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NeoGrowth Credit

Lending Companies in India
NeoGrowth - SME Lending Platform

NeoGrowth is an SME lending platform, registered with the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). The NBFC’s approach includes innovative technology and a digital payment ecosystem along with flexible repayment options. NeoGrowth aims to bridge the credit gap for MSMEs by offering customized products to address customers' multiple business needs.

Save Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Lending Companies in India
Save Solutions - Lending Company

Save Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is one of the country’s largest Business Correspondent Networks. The Bihar-based company is focusing on giving access to Financial Products via kiosk banking and customer service points (CSPs) to rural and semi-urban unbanked citizens. Expanding rapidly, the SSPL group has roots across India in 488 districts, with over 12,000 kiosks in rural areas. The company employs over 25,000 people across these locations at its Customer Service Points (CSPs) and Kiosks. All the employees are provided training in computer and cash management systems to improve client enrolment and service delivery, thereby helping improve Save Solutions’ overall service performance.

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Lending Companies in India
InCred - Lending Company

InCred is a new-age financial services group founded with the vision of providing credit to Incredible India and thus, furthering financial inclusion in the country. The company endeavors to disrupt the status quo in traditional lending that seems to exclude those most in need of credit, due to outdated, rigid, and often inefficient processes. The company has designed its products with a razor-sharp focus on serving the unique needs of these under-served segments of customers and leverages technology and data science to make lending quick, simple, and hassle-free. It aspires to be the key partner for all financial requirements of an Indian family.

Founded in the year 2016 by Bhupinder Singh, former head of Investment Banking Deutsche Bank Asia-Pacific, the company launched market operations in January 2017. InCred offers a broad portfolio of products that cut across key categories such as Personal Loans, SME Loans & Education Loans.

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