Top Media Startups in India in 2021

Simran Shahid Simran Shahid
May 1, 2021 4 min read
Top Media Startups in India in 2021

India has become the world's 3rd-largest start-up base, with 3,100 start-ups provisionally rising 2.2 times from here. This exponential rise in startups has allowed startup media to appear. These sites now cover all start-ups, whether it be startup stories or news about recent startups, their founders and so on. Some media startups in India that cover these segments are:

Pocket Aces
Play Simple


Online platform for Indian women everywhere

POPxo is the largest online community in India for women to read, watch and shop. It's a safe place for women to lead their best lives- "Take it a POP." POPxo is designed for the convergence of advertising and commerce from content to private label brand. POPxo posts content in  six languages—English, Hindi, Marathi, Bangladesh, Tamil and Telugu—that attracts more than 39 million visitors per month, spending over 3 million hours on all its platforms. Leading brands focus on this key audience with POPxo.  All this is enabled by data-driven insights into young women's lives and hearts in India.


Modern day platform blogging for everyone

Indeed, WittyFeed, the article and listicle website, is the largest Indian content company today and the second biggest traffic number company in the world. In the short time since the launch of WittyFeed in 2014, they have been a pioneer, excluding worldwide Buzzfeed.  The two founders, Singhal and Vaishnav, have had big success on Facebook as well with 4.2 million followers on the page. "We realized that it was time to monetize the public with this figure. We have also come to the conclusion, with our research and experience, that there is a boggling mind for the number of people in the virtual world, but there is an immense gap in the quality and volume of the content on the offer."

Pocket Aces

Original Material for the millennium

Pocket Aces from Mumbai produces and distributes original material to the audience of the millennium.  In July Netflix collaborated with the Content Studio of Pocket Aces, Dice Media, to produce worldwide scripted shows beginning with the new Little Things season. As more and more people get access to the internet via their phones, their taste is evolving. Right now, there are so many creators who are doing sexist, disability content…its old school, cheap humor. So all focus is on fresh content for the new generation.


It offers content in film, audio, text, and doodles, spanning diverse genres

Arre is open OTT, which was launched in October 2015, and provides original content both on its own website ( & Arre apps & social channels), as well as on 20 platforms. It offers content in film, audio, text and doodles, spanning diverse genres such as fiction, factual entertainment, documentary, social exploration and much more.


Where India shares knowledge

For Indian non-English Internet users, Vokal is a peer-to-peer information and opinion-sharing site. Currently, the Bengaluru-based company offers Hindi content and plans to start in several languages. Vokal also has a live video streaming feature and reports that its platform contains more than 300K questions. There are more than a thousand questions on specific subjects every day.


Sharechat is an Indian social media and social networking service, based in Bangalore, India.

Sharechat, a social channel of regional language, saw its valuation shoot seven times last year (2018) in the fundraising round of $100 million (InR 720 cr). Daily active users have increased from five minutes in April-May to eight minutes in September in the Bengaluru business. Sharechat would like to go deeper into micro-markets, including north-east India, before it starts focusing on the monetization of its service through ads, marketing and in-app purchases next year.

Play Simple

Gaming Platform for Indian mobile games market

A few years after raising $3.8 million from the most significant venture capital funds, SAIF partners and Chiratae Ventures, mobile game platform PlaySimple looks forward to making most of 2019. (formerly known as IDG Ventures India). Siddharth Jain and his Zynga, colleagues Suraj Nalin and Preeti Reddy and Siddhanth Jain software engineer, created the Bengaluru-based startup. Estimates indicate that the Indian mobile games market is expected to amount to $1.1 billion by 2020, and there will be 628 million users at that time.


These startup’s are paving the way for all the emerging startups entering in the Indian Market. Start-ups emerged as this country's growth engine, funded by risk entrepreneurs who spent resources on India in recent years and founders who spent money recruiting employees in crowds. In order to capitalize on the demographic gain, India needs to generate 10 million jobs per year. For the country's future growth, entrepreneurs are important. It will be a mission-critical endeavor, in order to deliver the promised troika for food, clothing and shelters, to foster the spirit of creativity and to build the skills that support entrepreneurship among our young population.


What is a media startup?

A startup that acts as a media for startups is known as a media startup. These sites cover all start-ups, whether it be startup stories or news about recent startups, their founders and so on.

What are some media startup platforms in India?

Some upcoming media platforms in India are:

  • POPxo
  • Wittyfeed
  • Pocket Aces
  • Arre
  • Vokal
  • ShareChat
  • Play Simple

Is StartupTalky a media startup?

StartupTalky is a News and media startup.

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