Omg! The Best Supply Chain Network Design Case Study Ever!

Avinash kumar mahato Avinash kumar mahato
Jul 16, 2020 6 min read
Omg! The Best Supply Chain Network Design Case Study Ever!

Supply Chain Network is the network between the source of the product to the customer. Each company needs to distribute the product at a low cost and safe to the customer. So we are going to see supply chain case studies of products in the coming sections. Supply Chain Network is very important to understand the cost and time required to reach the market for the product. There is not any definite way to design a supply chain design it depends on the distance between the source of the product and market.

Case Study Of Supply Chain Network Of Household Goods

supply chain network of household goods

As we all know supply chain works in very basics i.e., the producer takes the raw material from the supplier then they produce the product then they sell to the customers. Every company has its supply chain network model. Let us took an example of a household manufacturer. The manufacturer of cookware, dinnerware, or household tools wants to change its supply chain management system.

  • The first step taken by the manufacturers is to create a team to design the best supply chain management system for the company and also looking at the major locations and gather all the data they needed to create the supply chain system.
  • In the second step, the data is gathered, analyze, and develop a suitable chain network for the company. Meetings are progressed to validate the plan for the management system.
  • Third, a trial has to be prepared to test the accuracy of the plan. Then, focusing on that a long term plan is developed.
  • Fourth, also looking at other alternatives to get the best plan for the supply system. All the alternatives are compared to each other to get the best model for the supply chain. Overall the best model is chosen in terms of cost and service performance, after that it is evaluated practically.

There is not any plan which can be used forever. After each interval of time, the company has to modify its plan according to the company’s performance and demand.

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Supply Chain Design for Footwear Company

supply chain of footwear company

The supply chain of footwear company mainly focuses on three major channels:-

  • First, they focus on retail outlets so that people can purchase physically from there. It can build trust and relationships with customers which is beneficial for the company. Choosing one of the best locations for retail outlets is one of the biggest challenges for the company also.
  • Second, B2C sales target directly potential customers or consumed by an individual. It is very beneficial for the company as it reduces the cost of transportation but not profitable all the time. Many companies also hire third-party companies to manage B2C sales.
  • Third, E-commerce websites are one of the favorite platforms for many footwear companies as they drive sales campaigns which boosts their sales and profit of the company. It does not require any transportation system by the company as all the distribution system is managed by the e-commerce company.
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Supply Chain Design for Pharma Company

supply chain design for pharma company

It is very difficult to design the distribution system for medical or pharma companies. It is strictly bounded by rules and regulations by the government and temperature control. It is shipped by the special package as well as a tight delivery schedule system.The supply chain of the pharma industry depends on the current demand and forecast information from the customers. The different modes of transportation are used to deliver the product to the customers.

The manufacturers can not create an optimal supply chain as there is a fluctuation of demand from the customers from different locations. They mainly focus on improving customer delivery performance and reduce transportation costs for a more optimal region.

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Supply Chain For Safety Equipment Company

supply chain of safety equipment companies

The supply chain of safety equipment depends on the demand from the market. Not everyone needs a safety kit so its model varies from time to time. For example, if we are looking corona virus pandemic situation as this time needs more amount of safety equipment to doctors to keep away from infectious viruses. The company needs to develop the best model for this situation.

On the other hand in normal days there is very less amount of demand so they have to develop the plan for that situation. Other safety kits like a fire extinguisher need to transport in a very safe manner so that no harm to the equipment. The company has to design the model of the supply chain according to the product and demand from the market.

Before making the model of the supply chain the company has to investigate the present situation and also looking for an alternative of the plan. The company has to do in-depth analysis and physical design and make detailed information about the situation. After that, the company has to implement the plan effectively and make an eye on the whole process.

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Supply Chain Network for an electronics company

supply chain of electronics company

The manufacturer of an electronics company needs to fresh its model of the supply chain network to compete within the industry. To give focus on an area and prioritize the supply chain.

  • In the initial phase, the team of supply chain gathers data from the targeted audience and market and also from their direct competitors. They compare all the data to get the best model of the supply chain.
  • The initial stage of the model is an opportunity to cut the unwanted transportation spend and identify the saving opportunity while improving the model of the supply chain.
  • The company can also reduce the number of carriers by improving the product packaging, labeling, and tendering process. By improving the product packaging can reduce the cost of shipment from different locations.

There is a lot of different supply chain design for each product. The company decides according to the demand of customers and the market. They implement the best possible plan in that condition. It can vary from company to company.

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