Tattvan - World-Class E-Clinics in India

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Apr 03, 2021 7 min read
Tattvan - World-Class E-Clinics in India

Today a tiny fraction of Indians in large urban cities and smaller towns, cities, and villages have access to the kind of healthcare they deserve. Mr. Ayush Atul Mishra launched Tattvan in 2016 with the passion and idea to bring quality healthcare to the masses.

At Tattvan, the team strives to bridge the gap by bringing the best healthcare on earth to everyone, especially to residents of small towns and cities. They believe that for India to outgrow and develop, all its citizens must have access to the most exceptional healthcare in the world. Tattvan was founded to realize this belief into a fruitful reality.

Read this article to know all about the Tattvan E-Clinic success story.

Tattvan - Company Highlights

Startup Name Tattvan E Clinic
Headquarter Gurugram, India
Sector Health-Tech
Founder Mr. Ayush Atul Mishra
Founded 2016
Website tattvan.com
Contact Email feedback@tattvan.com

About Tattvan and How it Works
Tattvan - Target Market Size
Founders of Tattvan and team
How was Tattvan Started?
Tattvan - Name, Tagline, and Logo
Tattvan - Startup Launch
Tattvan - Startup Challenges
Tattvan - Growth
Tattvan - Future Plans

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About Tattvan and How it Works

Tattvan delivers world-class healthcare to residents of cities and towns where it is lacking. At Tattvan’s e-clinics, visitors receive medical care that is as good as the best in the world. Also, their e-clinics cost less than they do in regular hospitals and clinics.

Tattvan has innovatively used existing technologies to bring the highest quality healthcare to the masses. It has succeeded in bringing together engineers and physicians to deliver unbeatable healthcare services to those lacking it.

At Tattvan e-clinics, patients are examined by leading specialists at a fraction of the cost of regular OPDs. They opened the first telemedicine clinic in Bareilly and since then, opened many more in cities across North India. Tattvan E Clinics India was included in "SiliconIndia's Top 10 Telemedicine Companies in India 2019".

Tattvan - Target Market Size

Globally the size of the healthcare industry is well over four trillion dollars. Developed countries own the bulk of this industry, but India has a well-established healthcare sector as well. The total size of the healthcare sector in India is well over $100 billion and expected to reach a little more than $370 billion within two years. The industry is growing rapidly. Capturing the exact size of India's healthcare sector is hard because so much of the industry is unorganized.

At roughly $100 billion, the Indian healthcare industry is among the most significant healthcare industries in the world. Telemedicine's share of this industry is small today, yet it is growing. In 2020, the telemedicine industry will grow to be approximately $32 million.

While it is an almost insignificant fraction of the entire domestic healthcare industry, telemedicine is still in its infancy. As public awareness about telemedicine grows, the industry will multiply, perhaps even exponentially. In five years, Mr. Ayush estimates the telemedicine industry will generate revenues of several hundred million dollars annually.

The Tattvan team is targeting a market whose size exceeds $100 billion. They know there is a high demand for good quality healthcare across India because except for the largest metro cities, the quality of healthcare is substandard. Concerning market share, among leading telemedicine companies, they have the most significant market share.

Founder of Tattvan and team

Mr. Ayush Atul Mishra is the Founder and CEO of Tattvan.

Mr. Ayush Atul Mishra is the Founder and CEO of Tattvan.
Team of Tattvan

Mr. Ayush Atul Mishra is a healthcare market researcher and a MedTech market enthusiast with a decade long experience of healthcare research and analytics. Currently, he is the Managing Partner at Growman Research Group (GRG), one of the fastest-growing global healthcare market research firms based out of India.

How was Tattvan Started?

This journey began when the founder, Ayush Mishra suffered from an accident and couldn't be treated in his hometown because it lacked proper healthcare facilities. The accident and events following his injury were a wake-up call. He realized there were countless others like him suffering needlessly because they didn't have access to sound healthcare. That’s how the idea to open e-clinics in locations where existing healthcare facilities were inadequate took root.

The team consulted with a few leading players in the healthcare sector, including doctors in leading hospitals. After interacting with them, they knew that they were on to something big. These industry professionals encouraged and guided the Tattvan team, which gave them the confidence to put the plans into action. And that’s how Tattvan was born.

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Tattvan comes from Sanskrit word Tattva which means qualities in the body and in all matter which are Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ether.

Tattvan - Startup Launch

At Tattvan, the priority was to educate people about telemedicine. As mentioned, Tattvan opened the first telemedicine clinic in Bareilly. Since Bareilly is a tier 2 city people were unfamiliar with the concept. Hence the team marketed Tattvan using radio promotions, newspaper advertisements, and pamphlets.

The patients who could only be treated at big hospitals in Delhi needed to know that Tattvan could make their life hassle-free. Without leaving their towns, such patients could be treated by doctors practicing in renowned hospitals in Delhi. The most significant advantage was that a positive word of mouth about Tattvan quickly spread. Every patient who visited Tattvan had an excellent experience and shared the same with others.

"Tattvan's success is highlighted by the superb treatment outcomes of those we treat. For example, in Bareilly, distraught parents brought their three-year-old child who had been prescribed anti-seizure medication. Because of the drugs, the child was suffering immensely. He could not engage in playful activities like other children his age. A doctor at our e-clinic requested the boy’s parents to have him undergo a few tests and scans. Once completed, the doctor realized the boy had been incorrectly diagnosed and should not take the anti-seizure medication. The doctor tapered off the boy’s medication and transformed him into a happy and active three-year-old again.", says Ayush recalling a success story.

Numerous such success stories have helped spread a positive word of mouth about Tattvan. People come to Tattvan because it has earned their community’s trust.

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Tattvan - Startup Challenges

The most challenging part of this business was shaping the perception that e-clinics are no different from traditional clinics. In many small towns and cities in India, patients expect that every visit to a doctor entails a shot. Many don't feel they have been treated unless they are injected. Patients also expect a doctor to use a stethoscope to examine them. At Tattvan e-clinics, doctors examine patients over a screen which means they don't give a shot or use a stethoscope.

Thankfully the team has successfully molded the perception of e-clinics. Today patients are being treated at its e-clinics and they know that these e-clinics are as good as or better than the best hospitals anywhere. This perceptual shift was brought about by effectively treating patients. As word of mouth about Tattvan’s successes spread rapidly, people began to trust the brand. Today Tattvan enjoys incredible goodwill wherever it has clinics.

Tattvan - Growth

Tattvan has been going from strength to strength. Tattvan is currently operating 5 telemedicine clinics in UP and Uttrakhand, 9 mobile centers in rural UP and 1 in Kabul. With over half a dozen successful e-clinics in India and abroad, Tattvan is treating patients in Afghanistan and parts of Africa. It is also making a foray into China.

Tattvan - Future Plans

β€œIn the future, we expect to open several dozen e-clinics across India and overseas. We believe we have the expertise and business model to bring quality healthcare to millions.” said Mr.Ayush Atul Mishra.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

What is Tattvan?

Tattvan delivers world-class healthcare to residents of cities and towns or wherever it is lacking.

What is an e clinic?

eClinic is a web-based clinic management system designed to help users manage and monitor their clinic over the day using any available device.

Who is the owner of Tattvan?

Ayush Atul Mishra is the owner of Tattvan.

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