Neeman's - Comfortable Eco-friendly Shoes for Every Occassion

Industrialization has changed human life drastically. It has brought with it increase in production, job opportunities and urbanization. But, industrialization has a set of drawbacks too.  It contaminated the air, water and soil. Dust, smoke, fumes, toxic gas emissions, use of plastic, etc has caused irreversible degradation to our environment. However, the good news is that now the people are becoming more aware of the importance to conserve the environment. In India, many startups are coming up with amazing Eco-friendly product ideas. Neeman’s,  is one such Hyderabad based startup that is revolutionizing the footwear industry with shoes that are made of natural, renewable and sustainable material.  

Neeman's Highlights

Startup Name Neeman's
Headquarter Hyderabad
Founders Taran Chhabra & Amarpreet Singh
Sector Footwear
Founded 2017
Parent Organization Neeman's Pvt. Ltd.

About Neeman's
Footwear Industry Details
Founders of Neeman's and Team
How was Neeman's Started
Neeman's - Name and Logo
What is Neeman's
Neeman's - Launching Startup
Neeman's - Business Model and How it works
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About Neeman's

Neeman’s is India’s first shoe brand to use a natural, renewable and sustainable fiber in its shoes--merino wool. This Hyderabad based startup founded in 2017 envisages manufacturing shoes which are stylish, comfortable and eco-friendly.

"Neeman's is focused on making truly comfortable footwear that looks good, feels good and is good for the planet--all day, every day" - quotes Neeman's founder duo Taran Chhabra and Amarpreet Singh.

Footwear Industry Details

India is the second largest footwear producer in the world, 9% of the global annual production is done in India. In terms of consumption, India’s is the third largest (around 2.1 Billion). India’s per capita consumption in terms of footwear is only 1.7 pairs per annum and is increasing rapidly and moving towards the Global Per capita of 3 pairs.

According  to Assocham study, the premium footwear market in India is close to 8 to 10% of the overall footwear market  of $7-8Billion

With increasing affluent population and interest for more comfortable and designer shoes, Neeman’s plans to carve a unique position by building a Culture of Comfort and Sustainability in India.  The target Market size for Neeman’s is around $600 - $650M.

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Founders of Neeman's and Team

Neeman’s  was founded by Mr. Taran Chhabra and Mr. Amarpreeet Singh in the year 2017.

Taran Chhabra is the CEO of Neeman’s. He handles complete operations of the company along with the finance department, sales department and the marketing strategy. He also manages Neeman’s collaboration with the world’s leading design companies, manufacturing units and spinning mills to bring the true nature-friendly shoes for Indian men.  

Taran is a Business Analytics Leader with great experience and leadership qualities based out of New Jersey, the USA. He has helped countable pharma and life sciences giants in America pivot their current operational strategy and move towards the path of growth. He also has quality experience in Technology, Operations, and Media that enables him to establish new ventures at the epitome of industry and acquire a greater market share. Taran has completed his Post-Graduation in computer science from the USA. Taran is an expert IT leader and an avid traveler.  

Amarpreet Singh is the Director of Operations at Neeman’s. He is a veteran in operations and leading companies with over 15 years of experience in running various start-ups. He is currently leading and overseeing a consulting firm in Hyderabad along with it.  

Currently, Neeman’s has a 17 member team with great expertise in Customer Service, Digital Marketing, Logistics and Branding.

How was Neeman's Started

It all started with a struggle and frustration. Taran was traveling to Spain and missed a train due to over-packing. He was traveling with five pairs of shoes a running shoe, a casual shoe, a lounging shoe and an extra pair just in case. And it was quite cumbersome to travel with so much luggage.  

This inconvenience made Taran think about a shoe which can be used for all purpose and for all day. However, he did not find anything suitable, which led to the birth of Neeman’s.  

With very little background in footwear and design, Taran traveled to different shoe manufacturing hubs around the world to learn how shoes were made. He saw that most of the shoes were made with synthetic and chemical-heavy fibers that are bad for the environment.  

“The question in my mind was, We look for better, nutritional and organic food, why don’t we look for similar qualities in our shoes?” says  Neeman's Shoes Owner Taran Chhabra  

Taran thought of using natural sources to make shoes. Merino wool from Australia was at the top of the list because of its amazing qualities. Merino wool is very soft compared to traditional wool and can be worn all year round. Besides, this fiber was natural and renewable as sheep produce a new fleece every year.  

After two years of hard work in October 2016, Neeman’s is born-a classic yet stylish shoe made with natural Merino Wool.  

We believe you should feel good about what you wear. And at Neeman’s, we’re passionate about making sure your shoes make you feel good, look good and do good for our planet.  

The name Neeman’s is a combination of Taran’s mother’s name, Neelam and father’s name, Manjeet.  

Neeman's Logo
Neeman's Logo

What is Neeman's

Conceptualized in America, Neeman’s shoes is leading a culture of sustainability and comfort in the footwear space in India. Working in collaboration with the world’s leading manufacturing units and suppliers, Neeman’s brings a perfectly crafted, natural fiber shoe to India

Currently, Neeman’s has 3 types of shoes -

  • Wool Classic  Sneakers.
  • Wool Joggers
  • Wool Loafers  

Few USPs of Neeman’s are-

  • Neeman’s shoes are designed for Style and Comfort
  • Neeman’s shoes are manufactured using Natural and Renewable Merino Wool, Castor bean oil, Recycled rubber, and other earth-friendly materials.
  • The Merino Wool shoes made by Neeman’s can be worn in all months in India. They can be carried well in both extreme summers & extreme winters.  
  • Neeman’s shoes are flexible and lightweight, conforming to the foot for comfort that truly lasts all day.
  • Neeman’s timeless designs go from work to play, day to night, casual to dressy.
  • Neeman’s shoes are sock-free and odor resistant, but also machine-washable if the need arises.
  • The company works with the best design companies, manufacturing units and spinning mills to create its ultra-soft Merino Wool fabric used in its exclusive shoes.  

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Neeman's - Launching Startup

Neeman’s was beta launched in Oct 2018. At launch, it had few sizes and colors with a focus to promote the difference that the company has brought to the footwear space and educate consumers on why their products are better and revolutionary. Neeman’s used mediums like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Email Marketing during this phase.

The beta launch was successful and Neeman’s got a great response from the early backers and customers. Leveraging upon the initial traction,  Neeman’s started using other mediums to reach out customers and drive awareness of the benefits of its shoes, merino wool and how Neeman’s shoes blend in their daily life and so on. The company used targeted campaigns to different age groups to ensure the creatives and copy blend in with their location and age group.  

Neeman's - Business Model and How it works

Neeman’s launched directly to the consumer via its website to improve the buying process and make it super easy for the consumers across India to shop its shoes.  Neeman’s shoes are now also available in Amazon. The pricing for all its styles ranges within INR 5,500 - 5,850 . They have a 7 Day Risk-Free trial wherein the customers can experience the comfort at their doorstep and if they run into any issues Neeman’s delivers a new shoe within a few days.

Neeman's - Funding and Investors

Neeman's raised funding worth $1 Million in March 2020. Neeman's investors include Anicut Angel Fund, AngelList and a group of serial entrepreneurs.

Date Stage Amount Lead Investors
March, 2020 Pre-series A $1 Million Anicut Angel Fund & AngelList

Neeman's - Advisors and Mentors

Sramana Mitra from Silicon Valley is the mentor and advisor of Neeman's.

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Neeman's - Startup Challenges

According to Taran, the major challenge for Neeman’s was to design and develop the core set of merino wool fabrics which would create a shoe that is lightweight, durable, abrasion resistant and holds up well with the Indian weather conditions.  

During our research, our focus was to ensure our shoes hold up well with Indian Weather Conditions. As our country is so diverse and the weather is different in Bangalore and Mumbai, we have worked to choose the right composition to ensure it holds up well in all situations and conditions.

Neeman’s collaborated with Woolmark Company, a non-profit funded by Australian wool farmers for developing merino wool fabric.  

Neeman's - Awards

Neeman’s was awarded as a Gamechanger and Emerging Brand of 2018-19 in Consumer Space by Nexbrand in association with Times Now.  

Neeman's - Growth

Neeman’s has great reviews from thousands of early backers across the country. Neeman’s has a reorder rate of over 25% and growth of over 30% month over month.

The company is working on starting a few flagship offline locations for the customers to walk in and experience the comfort crafted at Neeman’s. Besides, Neeman’s is also working towards adding more color and variants to its shoes.    

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