Tsara Jewellery - Building of leading Destination Jewellery brand

Launched in 2012, Tsara is a quite popular name among women as a destination jewellery brand with a very luxury look at the same time inexpensive. They provide all type of designer jewellery and have extraordinary collections. With the influence of social media, brides and groom are looking to do something unique with their special days which include finding new locations for bachelors and bachelorette parties to the actual wedding itself. That’s where the destination jewellery comes into play. With more and more venues around the world, one doesn't want to deal with the stress of carrying gold and diamond jewelry, especially the brides’ maids. Tsara was founded by Tarun and Natasha Jagwani.

Tsara - Vision and Mission

The idea of the company is to become India's leading Destination Jewellery Brand. They plan to get there by focusing on bringing value to the customers by keeping their convenience in mind.

Tsara - Founders

The company was first started by Natasha. She started working on it all alone, from her home. Natasha belongs to a family with jewellery business. Her background helped her to start and survive in this business. Talking about the 2nd co-founder, Tarun is the third generation of gold and diamond jewellery expertsand has experienced the B2B space of manufacturing. He joined the family business after graduation from Gemological Institute of America, Carlsbad. Tarun is a Graduate Jeweller by profession and has been creating jewellery since 2004 when he set up the factory for the business.

Tsara - Industry details

The Indian wedding industry worth about 33,000 crores.

Tsara - The Idea and starting up

In 2010, after Natasha and Tarun got married, the couple attended a close friend’s wedding in Udaipur. While reaching their hotel room after dancing all night, Natasha realized one of the gold badges which she was wearing, was missing. They looked everywhere for it, including going back to the venues and trying to trace all their steps, but it was lost. She didn’t enjoy the remaining part of the wedding as this was always at the back of her mind. When she informed Tarun’s mother about it, they had a discussion and the idea of coming up with a line of jewellery which is premium and yet affordable came into being. Natasha started doing this on her own from home and Tarun joined her to help her expand the business inlate 2016.

Tsara - Major challenges faced

Coming from a background of gold and diamond jewelry, understanding price points was something the founders struggled with initially. They kept designing products thinking about buying the jewellery from a gold and diamonds perspective. It took them a few collections to find their designing style best suited for the world of destination jewelry.

Tsara - The Team

Currently, Tara has a small team of 4 people. However, they keep collaborating with some other people in order to grow the business.

Tsara - The product

Tsara is a destination jewellery designer and manufacturer. They provide premium destination jewellery in which they bring the expertise of manufacturing gold and diamond jewellery to the world of destination jewellery. Manufacturing and aesthetics are what they focus a lot of their energy on.

Tsara - Growth

Head office of the company is situated in Mumbai. However, they are currently selling their products through partners in Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Ahmedabad, Surat, and some more cities. Moreover, they are stocking on over 15 online portals which serve the clients all around the world.

Tsara - Revenue Model

The main focus of the company is B2C model. They create content for the customers to engage with, through social media. Moreover, having multiple retail partners in different places, who can reach the customers across the country and the globe, helps the company a lot. However, B2B is their new aim, wherein the last 2 months they have added 4 clients who regularly buy products from them because of their creative designing and manufacturing. They will be focusing on growing this base through 2019 along with establishing the brand before the customers.

Tsara - Technology

The big thing they are working towards is ensuring they are on the cloud and using cloud-based products and services. This gives them the flexibility to hire people from around the country and then eventually the globe. The main idea behind the technology is the convenience for the team members and to build a company that can be operated from anywhere.

Tsara - Advisors and Mentors

Tarun’s father has been a great guide at a timewhen he faced certain issues. However, he doesadmire his digital mentors include Gary Vaynerchuck and Simon Sinek.

Tsara - Marketing campaigns and offers

The company does campaigns whenever their new collections launch. And now they are working on giving special deals to their clients who have subscribed to their email and WhatsApp lists.

Tsara - Future Plans

Company’s future plan for this financial year is to grow the number of partners who sell their products, both online and offline. Furthermore, their plan for the next financial year is to ensure that their website starts generating as manysales as the stores do to grow the business.

Tsara- Founder’s advice

When asked about their advice to other people, he said “Be clear on the end goal, and keep innovating and testing new ideas that align with that end result. You will be genuinely surprised what will get you closer to your goal."

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