TISHARTH - From designing for herself to showcasing in Paris Fashion Week

Tisharth by Shivani is a prêt clothing label by Shivani Jain which brings you fluid feminine drapes in flattering international silhouettes. The brand provides all types of women clothing with fabulous designs.

TISHARTH – Vision and Mission

The main objective of TISHARTH is to provide high-end fashion which is comfortable and yet high on style at affordable prices worldwide. They aim to dress women of all ages and size in spectacular designs.

TISHARTH – Founder and Owner details and background

TISHARTH was founded by designer & the owner, SHIVANI JAIN.  She did her studies from NIFT and Polytechnic. Shivani started working at an early age of 19. She ran her own label initially and then worked for 10 years as a designer and a fashion merchandiser before going into a few years of sabbatical to bring up her children. Her love and passion for designing and the fashion industry could not keep her away from working for a very long time.  She soon opened her own prêt label, TISHARTH BY SHIVANI.

TISHARTH - The idea and starting up

It all started when one day, the creative head, Shivani Jain, was looking for an ideal dress for herself but could not find it locally or online which would befit her style of international cut and fit. It was that very moment she decided to look no further and design herself. That is how she decided to launch a label, which would cater to international designs, fit and quality.
The first thing we associate with a garment is the Hanger on which it’s hanging. That was the moment she thought this logo would be apt for her label.  

The idea behind the brand name TISHARTH came into existence from Shivani Jain Children’s names.  She took the first 4 letters of her Son and Daughter's first names.  It was always her dream to start her very own label but she took a sabbatical to raise her children. Hence it was apt that she named her label after them.

TISHARTH – Major challenges faced

The early days of the startup were a challenge as getting quality garments at affordable prices was tough to attain. But slowly with determination, they started in-house production in order to achieve the standards that they were looking for. When Shivani began with her brand, western wear had two markets, the big designers and the flea markets. Her challenge was to establish a brand that was high on fashion, yet affordable and easily available, in spite of the competition.


Currently, TISHARTH has an excellent team of 15 people consisting of pattern maker, tailors, embroiders and assistant designers. Together, everyone works to deliver excellent quality garments. They will keep expanding as they grow.

TISHARTH – Industry details

TISHARTH is not just into textile industry, but it is, more specifically, into fashion industry. And, we know that fashion industry is growing rapidly in the modern generation. People are now more careful for what they are wearing. So, TISHARTH team see themselves making a fashionable future for others.

TISHARTH – The Product/Services

When asked about their product, Shivani said "We are a prêt fashion label for women. We specialize in western and fusion wear. Each garment is created with a story and a different silhouette. At TISHARTH, we experiment with embroideries and fabrics to deliver a high-quality fashion garment. We do not compromise on quality."

TISHARTH – Business model

TISHARTH works on a very simple retail model.  They launch 2 well thought collections every year. Every collection is inspired and has a story that speaks out for itself.  The collections are often seen on ramps and events. The customers either buy or place orders directly to the label.  Their sales are through direct sales as well as online retail.

TISHARTH – Revenue Model

The company sells their products through various sales channels such as at fashion exhibitions, direct stores, Online, Social media handles and through their flagship store in Gurgaon.

TISHARTH – Awards and Recognition

TISHARTH has a domestic as well as an international presence. Celebrities and bloggers often endorse the label. They have showcased their brand at various Fashion Weeks. The company started with India Runway Week 2017, India Fashion Week London 2017, New York Fashion Week 2018 and then Times Fashion Week 2018.  Their collections have been appreciated and been in the talks by industry biggies as well as domestic and international media.

TISHARTH – Technology /tools /software

TISHARTH make each and every garment with love and excellent craftsmanship. They use state of the art with imported sewing machinery to achieve flawless stitching and detailing. Their in-house craftsmen sweat it on daily basis to design and execute impeccable designs all done by hand.

TISHARTH – Funding

The company does not take any funding from financial sources and is currently well liquidated to take of their production and operational expenses.

TISHARTH – Competitors

There is no direct competition for the label. However, they feel their brand is on par with Michael Kors, Armani or Calvin Klein in terms of price bracket.

TISHARTH – Acquisitions and Mergers

TISHARTH is 100% sole proprietorship company, and they started the company from scratch. Hence they have not acquired, merged or partnered with anyone.

TISHARTH – Advisors and Mentors

This a brainchild label of Shivani Jain herself, and there is no advisor or Mentor for her label. However bigger and older fashion brands, always help her as inspiration to design new things.

TISHARTH – Marketing campaign and offers

To market themselves, they take part in various events, exhibitions and fashion weeks. They are highly active on social media handles like Instagram and Facebook.


TISHARTH is currently based out of Gurgaon, India.  The label is sold in various stores of Delhi, Mumbai, and Jaipur. They have a global presence, and their customers come from all around the world in search of their unique designs. They have been a part of fashion weeks like New York fashion week and London Fashion week and next, they will be seen at Paris Fashion Week. Their team is always ready to take on orders both customized as well as bigger quantities. They target women of all ages and sizes.

TISHARTH – Future Plans

Shivani and her team want to take up the fashion industry by storm and make their brand available worldwide and keep making beautiful dresses.

Founder’s Learning Advice

Shivani believes that it's never too late to start living your dream. You have to believe in yourself and work really hard to achieve your goals. Always be truthful and keep your eyes open at all times, as you never know when the inspiration strikes.

TISHARTH – Recent Update

The company will participate at the Paris Fashion Week 2019, showcasing their A/W collection.  Later next year their plan is to showcase at the Lakme and Amazon Fashion Week.  The team aims at dressing more international celebrities in the coming time.


TISHARTH offers glamorous garments which are high in fashion and excellent silhouette.  They want to create their niche which no other label can. Their embroideries techniques are unique to the brand and can be only offered by haute couture labels, hence its a win-win situation for the customers. The designs have been much appreciated and so they are confident that their quality and designing will take them to a long way.

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