Vanity Wagon - Filling the Vanity Kit with Natural Beauty Products

The love for organic beauty and personal care products is increasing in India. With people becoming aware of the long term damage that chemical containing beauty products can cause, the demand for organic and natural products is increasing like never before. This has instigated the emergence of many organic and natural care brands that claim to be chemical-free. In the presence of too many choices, it has become tough for consumers to choose genuine products. To solve this confusion and to ensure that the consumers choose only genuine organic beauty and personal care products, Vanity Wagon was started. Vanity Wagon picks and collects just the best organic beauty wagon and personal care products for you.

Vanity Wagon Startup Success Story

Startup Name Vanity Wagon
Headquarter Gurgaon, Haryana
Founder Naina Ruhail, Prateek Ruhail & Sahil Shrestha
Sector Natural Beauty & Personal Care
Founded 2018

About Vanity Wagon
Organic / Online Beauty Industry in India
Founders of Vanity Wagon and Team
Vanity Wagon - Name and Logo
How was Vanity Wagon Started
What is Vanity Wagon
Vanity Wagon - Business Model
Vanity Wagon - User Acquisition
Vanity Wagon - Growth
Vanity Wagon - Funding and Investors
Vanity Wagon - Startup Challenges
Vanity Wagon - Competitors
Vanity Wagon - Advisors and Mentors
Vanity Wagon - Future Plans

About Vanity Wagon

Vanity Wagon is a Gurgaon based startup founded in the year 2018. It is a one-stop platform to buy genuine organic products for beauty and personal care. Vanity Wagon ensures that the products included in the platform are toxin-free, harmful chemical-free, cruelty-free, and completely safe.

Our belief is to create a shopping experience that is not only par satisfaction but also through an informed choice. We impart a large amount of information on our products and also on the general adoption of organic products in one’s life. We want to grow as a platform that is informative, trustworthy, and fun.  

Organic / Online Beauty Industry Details

According to Red Seer Consulting, the Indian online beauty market is currently pegged at $150 million. The market size is growing 10 times per year and is expected to reach $1.6 billion by 2025.

The market size of organic beauty wagon products is currently $42 million. It is growing at 52% annually and will reach $143 million by 2020.

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Founders of Vanity Wagon and Team

Vanity Wagon's founders are Naina Ruhail, Prateek Ruhail, and Sahil Shrestha.

Naina Ruhail is an established media influencer and professional make-up artist in India. She completed her MBA in 2012 and then went on to specialize in beauty & skincare with her education at London School of Styling and the London School of Makeup. She has 7 years of professional experience in marketing and brand building.

Natural Beauty Products
Naina Ruhail

Prateek Ruhail is an MBA from the University of Oxford with a Dean's Commendation Award. He has 3 years of Project Finance (Legal) and 4 years of Business Management experience. His area of expertise is business strategy and core management. He also has led mega infrastructure project financings, thereby understanding the nuances of financial management in India.

Natural Beauty Products
Prateek Ruhail

Sahil Shrestha has an educational qualification in management and technology. Post completion of his MBA in 2012 he went on to work in different facts of operations. At Vanity Wagon, he leads the operational vertical, bringing the best of his experiences onboard.

Natural Beauty Products
Sahil Shrestha

The idea was thought of by Naina post her stint in London, UK. The market research and study showed tremendous industry growth and also a promise for a brand like Vanity Wagon to create a niche space for itself. That being said Prateek and Naina went on to initiate the set-up of Vanity Wagon when Sahil Shrestha (the operational team leader) jumped in and went on to complete the founding team.  

The team wanted the startup name to focus on two strong points - ‘An Indian woman’s beauty box’ and ‘pan India coverage’. The initial names were around beauty and organic and natural. There were several names that came up, however, nothing was strong enough to focus on our two strong points – ‘An Indian woman’s beauty box’ and ‘pan India coverage’. The beauty box is what holds a Woman’s personal care needs and we want to build the whole personal care space of a Woman’s life with organic – natural products. Hence came the idea of Vanity.

Most often women in India would refer to their beauty arsenal by the term Vanity Kit. Further, the Wagon symbolizes the team traveling from household to household, city to city and reaching every nook and corner of India, while servicing the personal care needs of an individual.
Vanity Wagon Logo
Vanity Wagon Logo

How was Vanity Wagon Started

The idea was taking form while Naina was learning beauty & skincare at the London School of styling and London School of Makeup. She noticed that in the UK shopping for organic and natural beauty care products was easy, as there were dedicated platforms offering just organic and natural beauty and personal care products. However, in India the beauty and personal care market are fragmented.

Besides, the market research and study showed tremendous industry growth and also a promise for a brand like Vanity Wagon to create a niche space for itself. The idea was validated when the first stage of research was conducted about the beauty market in India. The organic beauty market with the fast growth of over 52% proved that the consumers of India were making the switch and a marketplace like Vanity Wagon would just make it easier.

With the idea in place, the question in mind was how to go about launching the market, which brands to keep initially, which products and categories to target, what consumer base to work on. With several social surveys, A&B testing, and market research the team went on to finalize all these and a point to start from. Assembling the tech team, the base work for the portal – tech, design, graphics, were put in place and the idea was executed with a turnaround time of 4 months.

The launch of Vanity Wagon was led across all metro cities in India simultaneously with all the buzz that could be created. With a launch event for the media, blogger collaborations, social media launch strategy in place, Vanity Wagon went live for India in 1 go and started servicing over 10000 pin codes on Day 1.  

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What is Vanity Wagon

Vanity Wagon is India’s First Natural Beauty Market. It offers all categories of products like Bath and body, skin-care, hair-care, makeup, men’s personal care, mom n baby care, wellness products, and gifting options. The best part is that all the products available in Vanity Wagon are organic and natural.

Vanity Wagon has also established itself as an informative platform, where they share detailed information about various beauty products, beauty advice from experts, and the various benefits of switching to organic products.

One of the experiments that we did was with our own forum wherein we interact with individuals on a daily basis and not only reply to the queries raised by them but also post some legitimate – core information on organics and the natural personal care industry. The forum started as a pilot project but with the response, we realized how much information gaps existed in the market and decided to take it on as a long-term project.

Vanity Wagon - Business Model

Vanity Wagon’s business model works on an upfront discount – inventory driven model.  

Vanity Wagon - User Acquisition

The first 10 customers came in very early for Vanity Wagon. With a pre-launch plan in place, the company gathered tremendous traction before it went live and the first 10 customers were acquired fairly quickly (in 2 days). Vanity Wagon heavily relies on customer-centric promotions. It uses social media platforms and also paid and owned media to reach out to the target audience. As said by Prateek, owned media is working remarkably well for Vanity Wagon.

One of the first campaigns we did worked really well for us, owing to the team's approach to it and the concept – ‘What Organic Means to You’.  We did this campaign with bloggers, a few household women, and the real users out there. The idea was to understand what we need to do to make organics popular and the whole campaign was really helpful. With over 100 ideas on what organics can mean we knew which notes to hit and doing so earned great success in the short term post the campaign.

Vanity Wagon - Growth

Vanity Wagon operates out of Gurgaon (Corporate Office) and warehouses at present in Delhi With revenue growth of 100% month on month, the company is destined towards great success in the long term. Starting off with a limited brand base, it now boasts over 25 brands including some top players in Natural Beauty such as My Glamm, Ruby’s Organics, Indulge Essentials, Raw Nature, and Biotique.  

The User-base continues to grow steadily at 50-70% month on month and is driven from multiple sources online and offline Vanity Wagon works closely with every customer and runs with an aim to create a communal feeling wherein every user freely converses with our experts and benefits in every possible way even if there is no transaction involved.

Vanity Wagon - Funding and Investors

Vanity Wagon is bootstrapped and is working towards raising early-stage investment in FY 19-20. The shareholders at present are the founding members.

The cash flow for Vanity Wagon's funding has been fairly consistent with great support from our family and friends too. We have managed to create the right buzz in the market and are getting rewarded for that each day with our growing user-base and repeat customers – Prateek

Vanity Wagon - Startup Challenges

According to Prateek, the biggest challenge for Vanity Wagon is to make the users switch. With so many nice smelling, beautifully packed chemical products in the market, the majority of user-base is content with buying products that a celebrity endorses. Natural products are comparatively newer to the space of mainstream beauty and are slowly making their place in the market.  

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Vanity Wagon - Competitors

There are many platforms offering beauty and platforms online. Some of the competitors of Vanity Wagon are Nykaa, Purplle, and Dermstore.

While all other platforms offer all sorts of beauty and personal care products that may or may not be natural, Vanity Wagon's USP is a dedicated platform for just natural and organic products.

Vanity Wagon creates a space where an individual only has natural options be it in makeup, skincare, bathing essentials, or wellness. Everything on the portal is non-harmful chemical driven and makes it easy for a consumer to get hooked onto clean beauty. All our competitors motivate us with primarily being Nykaa, having done so well in the last few years. They have gone on to create a community for beauty and we look to do that for natural beauty.

Vanity Wagon - Advisors and Mentors

Vanity Wagon has advisors from different fields and tangents including – tech, marketing, and business strategy.

Col. A S Ruhail (Retd.) with a distinguished career in the Indian Army he went on to successfully establish an educational venture. His core being strategy and business implementation, Vanity Wagon closely associates with him on major strategy standpoints and benefits in every way possible.

Mr. Mayank Kumar (IIM Lucknow) has a successful enterprise and advises Vanity Wagon on the technical growth plans and strategies.

Mr. Vaibhav Jain is a successful entrepreneur – marketer and angel investor. He offers his support in marketing and brand building initiatives for Vanity Wagon.

Vanity Wagon - Future Plans

Vanity Wagon has great plans for growth in the future-

  • The company wants to serve customers through an omnichannel strategy, thereby aiming to open 15 stores by the end of 2022.
  • The company’s vision for the next 2 years is to bring together 150 brands that are all-natural and bring out a variety for the consumers across all categories and enables them to become a consistent part of the Vanity Wagon community.
  • Vanity Wagon is looking forward to increasing its team size to 20 members by 2020.
  • The company is planning to ship Indian Organic beauty products to 5 offshore territories.    
Vanity Wagon Website


What is a natural beauty product?

Natural products generally contain ingredients found in nature, rather than lab-made chemicals. The ingredients can be either natural or lab-made, but the key is that they're all either shown to be safe to use or there's no evidence that they're not safe to use.

Are fresh products natural?

It's clear that Fresh Skin Care formulates their skincare products to contain mostly naturally-derived ingredients to treat a variety of skin concerns. That's why they formulate advanced skincare treatments that combine both natural and synthetic ingredients that are proven to be safe and effective.

What are clean beauty products?

Clean Beauty is defined by-products that are mindfully created and produced without any proven or suspected toxic ingredients. Clean Beauty products include ingredients ethically sourced and are made with the health of our bodies and the environment in mind.

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