6 Made in India Footwear Brands leading the Footwear Market

6 Made in India Footwear Brands leading the Footwear Market

Comfortable and stylish is the easiest way to describe the tremendous popularity of sneakers.

Sneakers took the internet by storm when top models and other Hollywood celebrities began wearing them. Puma, Adidas, and Nike were cult favorites. Airport looks were graced with eye-catching white sneakers which took the internet by storm.

In India also the footwear market was hugely dominated by these international brands only. Celebrities and models wore them all the time. But, as far as the common public is concerned, they seemed like a luxury they can't afford.

But now made in India footwear brands are attracting more and more customers. Also, since these are locally made, they are easier on the pockets.

If you are looking for some cool Made in India Footwear brands, here we have a complete list for the same.



CEO & Founder: Afsar Zaidi
Co-Owner: Hritik Roshan

Turnover: 200 crores

If you want to look super dashing like Hrithik Roshan, you might want to check out HRX. CEO and co-founder Afzar Zaidi along with brand ambassador and co-founder Hrithik Roshan have won hearts with their brand.

HRX deals in everything related to fitness and sports. Their great quality shoes are stylish and attractive. Whether it's your causal OOTD or an outing scenario, adding these cool sneakers instantly elevates the look..

What's striking about the brand is its price range. Their sneakers start from as low as 800 and can go up to 4000 so you can decide what you want.

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CEO & Founder: Avatar Singh
Turnover: 1250 crores

Known for their strength, Woodland shoes have been here forever. This one of those old and charming sneaker brands made in India that you can trust.

Woodland motto is making tough shoes that last long.

Correct marketing strategies, as well as excellent craftsmanship, have taken the brand to amazing heights. If you need shoes that fit just right and support your feet on stones and difficult roads, this is what you should choose.



Founder: Manoj Gyanchandani
Turnover: 324 crores

Red Chief is another sneaker brand made in India that's been in the market for a long time. With Vicky Kaushal as the brand ambassador, Red Chief has upped its advertising game. Founded by Manoj Gyanchandi, Red Chief has grown to become a trusted brand among men.

Initially, they made formal shoes but now they've expanded their range to casual sneakers which are being loved by Indians.


Founder: K.C. Lakhani
Turnover: 100-500 crores

Lakhani suffered a major setback due to the domination of international brands. But under Mayank Lakhani's supervision, the brand got back onto its feet.

Lakhani makes shoes for everyone. You can find anything from traditional 'chappals' to sports shoes and formal shoes.

They've captured the Indian market by providing them what they really want, stylish, low-cost footwear that lasts long.

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Founder: Govindan Panchkail
Turnover: 971 crores

Paragon is the sneaker brand made in India that we used to associate with sliders and flip-flops only but they've grown immensely with time.

Yes, they make cool sneakers now. These sneakers can up your styling game on many levels. Colorful prints or formal black, they've got it all.


Founder: Nishant Kanodia

SKO is another sneaker brand that delivers top-class quality. This brand is more on the costlier side with sneakers ranging between 4000-6000. But they do not compromise on quality.

They choose trendy but neutral colors to make shoes blend in with the outfit. These are one of those shoes that are set right with whatever you wear them with.


Is Adidas shoes made in India?

Major brand like Adidas, Reebok, Nike, Puma and Fila already manufacture their shoes in India.

Is Red Chief Indian brand?

Yes, Red chief is an Indian footwear brand that markets leather footwear.

Who is the owner of Red Chief?

Manoj Gyanchandani is the owner of Red Chief.


If you are someone who's very particular about shoes, this is one of the sneaker brands made in India that you should try.

These were the top sneaker brands made in India that you can try. All of them trendy and worth your money. Also, it’s time you go ‘Vocal for Local’.

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