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In the COVID-19 pandemic, the doctors are playing an essential role in coping with the current situation. Due to coronavirus, consulting doctors is not as easy as earlier. But luckily Healthcare startups are reducing the gap between the doctor, patients, and hospital. The smart rise in technology has been a boon for health care. Also if you feel too sick to get out of bed, you can get an appointment. There are some of the best online doctor consultation apps to make consulting doctors convenient and easy.

These apps have made communication between the doctor and patient easy. These apps for online doctor consultation are very useful for small emergencies, first aid, etc. They provide various services like booking appointments, sell medicine online, and operate a commercialized unit of the venture. Healthcare startups are improving patients' treatment and doctor development.

List of Best Online Doctor Consultation Apps in India.

EUOR Health

1. Practo

Practo, a Bangalore based health tech startup launched in 2007 by Shashank and Abhinav Lal. It is one of the best app for online doctor consultation and it has expanded to over 36 cities now and in Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Brazil. It is an online health service platform which assists patients to fix appointments with doctors, and a software platform where digital health records of patients can be stored. It is one of the best healthcare startups in India.

Practo Logo: Best App For Online Doctor Consultation
Practo Logo | Best Online Doctor Consultation Apps in India

It also helps patients to contact any doctor in India to make wise health care decisions. Practo has over 1 lac doctor profiles from all around India and Singapore catering to 25 million patients every year. Practo also provides an online medicine delivery service, where one can upload a photo of a prescription and the app detects and delivers medicines.

It has evolved into a one-stop destination for appointments, consultations, health records, insurance, and ordering medicines online.

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2. Lybrate

The Delhi based startup helps patients find doctors near their location, and connect with instantly. It is another best app for online doctor consultation and Founded by Saurabh Arora and Rahul Narang in 2013, Lybrate helps patients to communicate with doctors on a video call, it also lets you take an appointment. there are more than 1,50,000 professionals which help you on Lybrate.

Lybrate Logo: Best App For Online Doctor Consultation
Lybrate Logo | Best Online Doctor Consultation Apps in India

It is one of the startups funded by Ratan tata who has a great experience in starting and expanding the small businesses to a greater extent. Lybrate lab+, an online lab testing service that allows a patient sample to be collected right from their home, with results later shared online.

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3. Portea

The Bengaluru based startup provides doctors, nurses, and physiotherapists for home visits, it also facilitates lab tests at home, and medical equipment rentals. Portea is available in 21 cities in India now. Doctors and medical professionals can monitor patients who can't travel to hospitals. The patient data is uploaded using smartphones to an EMR platform, which uses predictive analytics to understand health trends inpatient.

Best Online Medical Consultation
Portea Logo | Best Online Doctor Consultation Apps in India
Growth of Online Doctor Consultation Since 2010
Growth of Online Doctor Consultation Since 2010

4. Docttocare

Docttocare is the best online medical consultation service provider founded by Sugandha, it launched its services in 2018 at NASSCOM Bangalore. Docttocare enables users from non-metro cities access and books an appointment with doctors and hospitals located in major cities.

Docttocare Logo
Docttocare Logo | Best Online Doctor Consultation Apps in India

Docttocare app helps the users through the entire process of identifying the right doctors/hospitals and schedule appointments on the desired date. It provides services like instant online ambulance booking, it also lets users track the availability of bold groups with the hospital, it also lets the users search compare, evaluate, share health records with the doctor.

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5. Doctalk

Doctalk is a Mumbai- based healthcare software application founded by Akshat Goenka and Vamsee  Chamakura in 2016. Doctalk provides users a platform where they can get solutions by enabling them to communicate with their doctors over the app. It allows them to safely save all the medical reports and files on the cloud which they can carry anywhere digitally.

Doctalk is The Best App For Doctor Consultation
Doctalk Logo | Best Online Doctor Consultation Apps in India

Doctalk is the best app for doctor consultation. This application does not connect patients with new doctors, they just streamline the process post-consultation, a patient can subscribe to a doctor and then easily share files and past prescriptions to ensure that the doctor can quickly access the data. Doctors too can upload and share any reports that they might have. Doctalk has doctors across specialties in Mumbai and Hyderabad.

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6. EUOR Health

EUOR Health is a Kolkata based company founded by Sudip Mukherjee and Chandrima Mukherjee in 2013. EURO stands for 'Everything U Obviously Require'. EUOR Health is an online marketplace for all Healthcare services where people can search, identify, book, and buy their required health care services with just one click or even by giving one call.

 Best App For Doctor Consultation
Euor Health Logo | Best Online Doctor Consultation Apps in India

They provide various healthcare services like diagnostics, doctor's appointment, hospital admission, pathology, instant doctor's consultation, preventive health care, rehabilitation, and second opinions, EUOR Health gives a unique card, EUOR Health card which provides a unique Health Account no. to a consumer family under which they can have benefits of Health insurance, Accidental insurance, home health care support, and health services/ products.

Best Online Medical Consultation

7. MUrgency

Mumbai - based MUrgency is a healthcare mobile app that connects people who need emergency responses with qualified medical, safety, rescue, and assistance professionals. MUrgency is one of the best online doctor app from the list of best online doctor consultation apps. Users can call for emergency medical response and assistance with just one tap on the mobile app.

Murgency - Best Doctor Consultation App
Murgency Logo | Best Online Doctor Consultation Apps in India

So far the app has responded to over 3,00,000 emergencies, helping patients during the critical hour. It is a chain of 1298 ambulances that provide emergency healthcare services in Mumbai, Bihar, Punjab, Rajasthan, and Kerala.


How does online consultation work?

We do know the right way to do online consultations: asynchronously, where a patient fills out a structured online questionnaire that the doctor checks at a later date; and synchronously, where both parties talk to each other at the same time, using video technology such as Skype.

What is a consultation with a doctor?

A consultation is a rendering of advice or professional opinion, followed by a report of findings to the referring physician. A referral on the other hand is simply a request to assume care of a patient.

Are Practo doctors reliable?

In fact, only people using Practo ray have higher feedback and no negative reviews were allowed to be published in their profile. Then came the masterplan of Practo Prime. It gave a tag to the subscribed doctors of offering prime facility of instant appointment with no or minimal waiting time.

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