Buy Medical Supplies Online With Top Medical Equipment Store In India

Disha Disha
Sep 26, 2021 7 min read
Buy Medical Supplies Online With Top Medical Equipment Store In India

Medical equipment is used to treat, diagnose, and monitor patients, and as medical research advances, better technology is becoming available to assist patients to recover quickly. Medical devices play an important role in helping health care providers diagnose ,treat patients and helping patients improve their quality of life. The ongoing global pandemic has made the importance of the Health care infrastructure of a country very clear.

Hospitals, medical devices, clinical trials, telemedicine, medical tourism, health insurance, and medical equipment are all part of India's healthcare sector. It's not good that the healthcare business is growing Instead, it's good that the technology is getting advanced. The healthcare sector is increasingly bombarded with new medical equipment. It is important to maintain equipment efficiency for providing quality care at economical costs.  

Benefits of Buying Medical Equipment Online
The Online Medical Equipment Stores Available In India.
Frequently Asked Questions

Benefits of Buying Medical Equipment Online

1. Lower Price

Buying medical types of equipment online is cheaper than buying from conventional vendors. There are numerous vendors offering products online which helps the buyer to compare the prices of medical equipment/supplies and buy them at a competitive price. To increase the count of its customers, online suppliers keep coming up with discounts and offers.

2. A vast variety of products

In the case of a traditional vendor, only a limited stock is available to choose from and quantity to order. Whereas, buying medical supplies online allows one to view numerous products in a single go and choose the product of their choice. One can educate themselves about different medical equipment and features offered by different companies for the same product.

3. Latest Technology

Online medical supplies shopping helps one to know what news has come into the market. Online one can view, buy, and try any new medical equipment in the market and offer better service and treatment to your patients.

4. Convenience

Buying medical supplies online offers the convenience of purchasing products without having to step out. Online shopping allows one to check various websites anytime and make a purchase with convenience. With online shopping of medical supplies, one can make the full and final payment after receiving the order instead of paying some advance as in the case of most local medical stores.

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5. Replace and Refund

Another great feature of online shopping is the refund and replacement policy. If the buyer is not satisfied with the medical supplies or have any issue with the quantity, quality, expiry details, etc. they can anytime place a request for the refund or replacement of the product.

The Online Medical Equipment Stores Available In India.

Medika Bazaar

Medika Bazaar

Medikabazaar is a B2B online platform for medical supplies and equipment. Medikabazaar started from a one-room office in Mumbai with a simple vision which was to help improve Indian healthcare by making it accessible and affordable. Since their inception, they have been connected with more than 30,000 medical establishments.


Kogland is a team of medical professionals and technology experts who came together to solve the issues of medical equipment procurement. It has a variety of products available under one roof. It has a tedious vendor incorporation mechanism ensuring the best quality products and economical rates.

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Smart Medical Buyer (run by Allumer Medical Pvt. Ltd.) is an online B2B platform that enables the distribution of medical consumables and hospital supplies across India. It has more than 8000 products listed on its site and various different brands.


Hospitals Store- A Division of Medsun Healthcare Solutions is one of the leading medical device treading and distribution companies. It has an all India service network with products Services available round the clock 24x7 and has a top medical equipment company with all equipment and services under one roof.

Meddeal, founded in the year 2011, is India's fastest growing online portal for selling non-notified medical devices, hospital equipment, personal and non-patient care & clinical products. It has a wide range of Hospital Equipment, Surgical Instruments, Laboratory Equipment, Diagnostics Equipments, Rehabilitation Aids, and much more.


Collateral Medical is a leading medical device marketing and distribution company in India and was founded in the year 2010. It delivers products in India as well as overseas which makes it one of the leading online medical equipment stores.


Surgical Shop is a one-stop online store for personal health care products, medical equipment, and surgical instruments for home and hospitals and delivers to the customer’s doorsteps.

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DrStore is India's first & only Group Purchase Organisation (GPO) for clinics, small to medium size nursing homes & hospitals, and is the one-stop shop for all hospital supplies and surgical instruments with a wide range of products available.


Founded in the year 2011, is a leading Business e-commerce platform, selling a wide range of business and industrial products to SMEs as well as large businesses. The company has over 5,000 registered sellers and more than 85,000 registered businesses.

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Moglix is an Asia-based Ratan Tata backed E-commerce company, headquartered in Singapore, which is inclined towards B2B procurement of industrial supplies. The company has 10,000 suppliers across 25 states and in several countries. It was founded in the year 2015 and has headquarters in Noida.

Some other Online Medical Equipment stores in India are:

  • Narang
  • Quickmedical
  • Healthklin
  • Indiamart
  • Indianmedicalmart
  • Coinfycare
  • Microchip
  • Gpcmedical
  • Microsidd
  • Indosurgicals
  • Medicalsupplydepot
  • Jaypeescientfic
  • Cashkaro
  • medicalequipmentIndia


The growing awareness has made it necessary for everyone to move with technology. And the above-mentioned benefit of buying medical supplies online and the list of Online medical equipment stores available in India is an example of the advancement in the medical sector. I hope that you find this article informative and helpful.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy medical equipment?

Medical supplies are available online and you can find them in the local market as well. But if you want to import and have a large quantity prefer the online mode. To buy medical equipment online you can visit the official websites of the companies mentioned above.

Which is the best online site to buy medical equipment?

MedikaBazar is the best B2B online website to buy medical equipment. Along with medical types of equipment they supply consumables, lab diagnostics and instruments, surgical instruments etc.

What are the top medical device companies in India?

Medtronic, Johnson and Johnson, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Abbott and GE healthcare are some of the best companies for medical devices.

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