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Medicine is considered to be one of the most important necessity to all of us. It is concerned with maintaining and restoring human health, and the role of a pharmacist is vital for the benefit of the patients. With the rapid growth of the pharmaceutical industry, it is important for the market players to provide these lifesaving drugs at fair financial value that are of best quality as well.

A humanitarian belief is that everyone should be able to get the opportunity and access to necessities that includes medicine and health-care as well. To provide these life-saving high-quality medicines, drugs and prescription remedies at an affordable price is what StayHappi invision. StayHappi practices this right and serves these legitimate medicines at the right costs by providing them the authority to make this right choice. They offer High Quality Generic medicines at 30- 90% lower MRP than the branded medicines and progressing towards making Healthcare more affordable.

Startup Success Story – StayHappi

Startup Name StayHappi
Headquarter Delhi, India
Sector Pharmacy
Founders Ms. Arushi Jain
Founded October 2017
Parent Organization SarvaGunAushdhi Private Limited
Website StayHappi

Pharmacy Industry
About StayHappi and How it Works
Founders of StayHappi and team
StayHappi - Name, Tagline, and Logo
StayHappi - Business Model and Revenue Model
StayHappi - User Acquisition and Growth
StayHappi - Startup Challenges
StayHappi - Future Plans

Pharmacy Industry

The pharmacy market in India is primarily governed by the branded drugs in terms of the methodology of how Indians buy their Medicines. But, now the trend is changing into a generic base but it is going to take a long time before it gets into the culture of the Indian population from the generic perspective.

About StayHappi and How it Works

StayHappi Pharmacy was incepted with a firm belief to serve humanity by providing High-Quality Generic Medicines at ‘Real and Affordable’ price. It provides medicines with their molecule name and not by the brand name, where patients will have the power to choose the right medicine and make a smart choice.

StayHappi partners with retail outlets/sub-franchisee, manufacturers and development partners for increased access to medicines for everyone. Their partners manufacture about 15% of the country’s total medicinal consumption and maintain the highest standards of quality. Their facilities are regularly audited and approved for manufacturing by regulating authorities like the US FDA, WHO GMP, USNSF, NABL, PICS, ISO 9001-2008, and ISO 14001-2015.

The company has a central warehouse and a robust supply chain with a distribution network across all states in the country. Thus it creates employment opportunities for thousands of pharmacists, doctors, and business opportunities for entrepreneurs.

StayHappi is progressing towards expansion of Retail Pharmacy Stores along with
Online Presence across India to make Healthcare more affordable.

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Founders of StayHappi and Team

StayHappi was founded by Arushi Jain who leads the company as an executive director.

Dr. Sujit Paul is Managing Director of StayHappi. He is a proven leader and part of Top Management with board level experience, Dr. Sujit Paul, aged 42, has an extensive exposure to multi-national as well as large and medium-sized organizations in various corporate culture and carries over 20 years of experience. He also received an award as a World’s Greatest Leader 2018-2019 Asia & GCC in Dubai.

Other than a thriving professional life, Sujit enjoys reading and travelling across the globe and works for stray animals. He is a believer of ground-level realities and possesses a strong team building attitude.

StayHappi team has over 30 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry from manufacturing, supply chain, distribution and marketing. Since its inception, StayHappi has hired experienced and erudite executives from pharmaceutical and retail industries who work towards ensuring that the company achieves what it aims to towards the end consumers and patients.

The mission of StayHappi Pharmacy is to ensure that everyone stays more healthy and happy, so ‘StayHappi’ and the logo depict the ‘happy human’. And hence, it has a connotation with the word StayHappi and a logo as what it is.

StayHappi Logo

StayHappi - Business Model and Revenue Model

StayHappi Pharmacy is broadening its horizon to reach the customers via all the platforms. The brand started with an offline model and in the coming days, it plans to roll out its online platform segment. Thus, StayHappi Pharmacy will be a combination of an offline and online segment, covering the wide market. Being available at all the platforms helps the brand to understand the pattern and how to mold its strategies to cater to the patients/ customers.

The brand’s revenue model is definitely there, in terms of getting more and more retail stores and thereby when the medicines are handed over to the end consumers definitely revenue rotates on its own perspective. The similar revenue model also rotates when from the online platform a medicine reaches the household.

StayHappi - User Acquisitions and Growth

At every business level the flexibility is scaled up through mantra and one who is flexible and reliable along with a thorough understanding of the market can lead to success. StayHappi Pharmacy is doing lots of marketing campaigns all across offline, online, ATL and BTL to make consumers more aware about buying high-quality medicines at affordable prices and that’s how it happens.

Getting StayHappi Pharmacy’s first customer was a little painful because Indian primarily believes in buying branded drugs or drugs what the clinicians have written in the prescription. So, it was a fight and the brand slowly started winning from 1 to 2 and 2 to 4 and 4 to thousands of users.

People started believing that yes, StayHappi actually offers good high-quality medicines. So, it is the brand’s continuous endeavor to plant-in the ideals to the end consumers by saying that you have an option to actually and effectively save money in your bills which you can do by buying a good quality branded generic.This methodology is still working.

In July 2019, StayHappi has more than 268 pharmacy stores across 60+ cities including tier 2 and tier 3. Some of the cities include Delhi, Chennai, Haridwar, Jind, Coimbatore, Kanpur, Sultanpur, Lucknow, Kaithal, Bilona, Rohtak, Bangalore, Noida, Tiruchirappalli, Mumbai, Bhakal, Kolkata, Puducherry, Erode & Chennai.

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StayHappi - Startup Challenges

The challenge that StayHappi faced initially was clinicians writing branded drugs in the prescription. From many years, consumers and patients are under the impression that they will consume only what the clinicians’ write. So, to overcome that StayHappi started to educate the common mass and once they understand the true value of it, then they are sticking to it. Few of the methods were advertisement in newspapers, radio along with organising health camps.

The company also faces tough challenge especially in partnering with the retailers. right from pitching, to convincing, to getting up the Signage and eventually ensuring the product availability is really a tough challenge but company has been successful in overcoming it.

StayHappi - Future Plans

StayHappi plans to scale up and reach every nook and corner in the country and to make “Health for all” a reality. A combination of an offline and online platform at affordable medicine segment with high quality will definitely be a beneficial combination to move ahead. So, the future plan of the brand is to build a robust mechanism of an online platform clubbed with an offline.

It plans to touch down the number 300 operationalized franchisee stores across the country by September 2019, thereby clocking a Phenomenal pan India number in one year. Also it plans to add 1,000 retail pharmacy stores by 2020 and will launch 1,000 products in a phased manner.

Subsequently, the company will increase the product mix that would offer a comprehensive range of products covering all types of therapeutic form, dosage forms, consumables and healthcare products.

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