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The capital of Odisha and the second earliest planned city of Independent India, Bhubaneswar is not just a beautiful city but a slowly growing startup city of India. Any place becomes “city’, “state” or “country” because of the people who live there. And the people of Bhubaneswar are trying to change the world with their innovative ideas and startups. Let’s throw some light on the successful entrepreneurs and startups in Bhubaneswar.

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Top Successful Startups in Bhubaneswar

Prantae Solutions
Slick Accounts
Etrix Technologies
Classy Street

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Founder: Deepak Kumar Sahoo

Sector: Industry Solutions

Arrelic Logo | Startups in Bhubaneswar

Arrelic is a firm based on IoT (Internet of Things). The main focus of the company is to help manufacturing companies improve the overall plant productivity, reliability and minimize the production cost. Besides IoT, they also provide analytics and consulting services.

Deepak Kumar Sahoo is the founder and CEO of Arrelic. He holds his MS degree in Reliability Engineering and did post graduation in Engineering Management. He has hands-on experience on Asset Performance Management, Reliability Engineering, Predictive Analytics and Operational excellence roles in fortune 100 companies across Middle East, Asia, Africa regions in various industries.

Prantae Solutions

Founder: Sumona Karjee

Sector: Healthtech

Prantae Solutions Logo | Startups in Bhubaneswar

Sometimes, you see people facing some problems and make a business model around it. But sometimes, the harsh reality of life punch you so hard that you can’t see anyone else in that pain, so you try to initiate something. Prantae Solutions which is a Bhubaneswar based startup started in 2015, has a similar story.

Weeks before the delivery, the doctors were claiming that the baby will born healthy. But the founder, Sumona Karjee had to undergo a surgery to see her daughter. Even though the doctors were successful in the delivery, the child born was so week that it weighed just 900 gm. After 45 days in NICU, the baby survived. Fortunately the mother of that girl was a researcher and after all this, she decided to help others who are going-to-be-mothers. Parantae Solution research about these type of problems and try to find the easiest solution.

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Founders: Raunak Singh and Sarvesh Pathak

Sector: Food Delivery

BringMyFood Logo | Startups in Bhubaneswar

With a vast variety of food and easy to order interface, this service can beat Swiggy and Zomato. However, BringMyFood is available in only Bhubaneswar, Lucknow, Varanasi, Prayagraj, Vizag, Puri and Kolkata for now. Moreover, it’s application is available for  both the platforms, Android and iOS. You can also order directly online.

BMF Technologies Private Limited is the parent company of BringMyFood. It was founded by Raunak Singh and Sarvesh Pathak in 2016. The headquarter is based in Bhubaneswar.


Founders: Dr. Lalit Manik, Shashank Singhal, Ajit Choudhary & Siba Prasad Panda

Sector: Healthtech

MedTel Logo | Startups in Bhubaneswar

MedTel is the medical aggregator which combines specialist tele-consultation, diagnostics, and drugs at one place. There are some products which MedTel deals in, for doctors. Also, there are many services which make it easy for doctors to save someone’s life. The team of the startup includes some really good doctors and managers who work hard to ease the process of medication fast. It is one of the best startups in Odisha.

MedTel was founded by Dr. Lalit Manik, Shashank Singhal, Ajit Choudhary and Siba Prasad Panda. Dr. Lalit is the President of MedTel whereas Shashank is CEO, Ajit is CTO and Siba is the Head of Telehealth Pod Operation. There are many doctors who serves as the advisors of MedTel.

Slick Accounts

Founders: Sanmaya Kumar and Bibhu Datta

Sector: Fintech Solutions

Slick Accounts Logo | Startups in Bhubaneswar

If you are a nerd and going to launch a tech-based startup then you need to consider the financial aspect of the company. Accounts are the blood of the company, it matters less if it is a little low or high, but it is important. Slick accounts help you with all the problems you face in the accounting of the company. With Slick Accounts, you can focus on more important problems of your startup.

Slick Accounts, a Bhubaneswar based startup was founded by Sanmaya Kumar and Bibhu Datta. Sanmaya serves as the CEO and CTO of the company whereas Bibhu is COO of Slick Accounts.

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Etrix Technologies

Founders: Harshwardhan Kumar, Nitin Kumar, Satish Kumar, Dhiraj Choudhary & Josef Suess

Sector: Web Development

Etrix Technologies | Startups in Bhubaneswar

With experts in the fields of cloud computing, artificial intelligence, mobile apps, etc., Etrix is the best web solution company in Bhubaneswar. They provide all the services from desktop application building to IoT. Etrix Technology has been recognised by platforms like Nasscom, Startup India, NSTDB, Startup Odisha, etc.

Etrix Technologies was founded by Harshwardhan Kumar, Nitin Kumar, Satish Kumar, Dhiraj Choudhary and Josef Suess. Harshwardhan is the CEO whereas Nitin works as CTO, Satish as COO and Dhiraj as CMO of the company.


Founder: Ananda Mishra

Sector: Grocery Delivery

Grozip Logo | Startups in Bhubaneswar

Grozip is an hyper local delivery company. It facilitates B2B and B2C delivery in 4 cities of India. The cities are Puri, Bhubaneswar, Cuttack and Rourkela. It operates as a marketplace model and onboard small and medium businesses to their technology platform to increase their client's sales and help them reach more customers. As a customer, You can get all the grocery products on your doorstep with this service.

Grozip, a Bhubaneswar based startup, was founded by Ananda Mishra. Ananda is a graduate of Orissa Engineering College where he did B.Tech in Computer Science.

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Founder: Debansh Das Sharma

Sector: Ecommerce

Classystreet | Startups in Bhubaneswar

Classystreet is a women centric clothing ecommerce startup. It sells only traditional women clothes. Classystreet's mission is to bring all the beautiful traditional fascinating piece of artistry from the master weavers, designers & craftsmen into its platform. They showcase their work to the lovers of this traditional form of Indian ethnic & handloom wear. The startup is helping the talented designers and weavers to earn a living and also letting the world know about their talent.

This Bhubaneswar based startup was founded by Debansh Das Sharma in 2015. Debansh completed his bachelors in Marketing in 2003.


Sector: Industrial Solutions

Vasitars Logo | Startups in Bhubaneswar

Vasitars was founded in 2017 by 3 IITians. It deals in the solutions of the problems related to the pipelines. The reason this startup made it to our list is that those 3 students invented “Nano Filler Reinforced Polymer Composite Wrap to Repair Corroded Pipelines” with the help of their academic excellence. Vasitars now deal with brands like JUSCO, Indian Oil, ONGC, etc.


Sector: Chemicals

Innocule Logo | Startups in Bhubaneswar

Innocule deals in the products and services related to the mineral industry. With the experienced professionals and good R&D team, Innocule was successful in acquiring deals from mineral giants like TATA Steel, Ultratech Cement, and Ambuja Cement.
The Company offers innovative products and services to mineral industries for enhancing their productivity and cost-effectiveness.

Do you know which startup we liked the most on this list? It is Vasitars. Not because of their product, or service but because of the fact that they showed that study gives us knowledge. Many people these days, drop out their college just because many entrepreneurs did it. They say knowledge is important and college never give us knowledge. But if you can factually see the reality, then anyone can say that the study gives us knowledge, in fact, it is the best source of knowledge. There are experts to guide in the university, other classmates and hostel-mates will also help you. Vasitars startup’s founders clearly mentioned it on their website that “under the guidance of academic and industry experts results into invention entitled "Nano Filler Reinforced Polymer Composite Wrap to Repair Corroded Pipelines".

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