Top Consultancy Business Ideas to get started with

Consultancy Business is a kind of business which doesn’t require a lot of finance, to begin with, the expertise in the field is enough to take the lead. According to a study published in the year 2012, the consultancy industry practically takes in over $300 billion annually.

The fee charged to these businesses totally depends upon the size of the industry and its expertise, and individual skill level.

About Consultancy Business

Consultancy Business services provide expert advice in areas of interest of the client's organization. Several Consultancy service providers are available across the country starting from management, change and re-orientation of a particular business, product planning, career guidance and advice, any area in which one needs services will be provided by the consultancy agency.

Why Consulting is necessary for Businesses
Why Consulting is necessary for Businesses

In earlier days, one used to get an expert opinion from the elders and teachers but now the area of requirement is large and the intensity of each given situation is high and hence the relevance of consultancy. The primary aim of a consultancy business is to help the companies achieve their goals through learning.

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Consultancy Business Ideas

There are several consultancy service providers in the market to help establish and regain entrepreneurs their place. There are some of the consultancies which are necessary for every business.

Some Profitable Consultancy Ideas for Businesses
Some Profitable Consultancy Ideas for Businesses

HR Consultancy

HR Consultancy covers almost everything related to Human resources in the company which includes National as well as International, cross-industry Recruitment, HR Audit, Job Evaluation, Performance Appraisal, Policies and Procedures, Recruitment Services.

They also offer solutions to the clients regarding the efficient use of manpower and cost-cutting measures they can employ.

IT Consultancy

Major high-class companies operating in India come under the category of IT Consultancy, like Infosys, Wipro, Tata Consultancy Services and many more.

This has a wide profile which also includes like Management and Operation of IT systems, IT Strategy, Development and review, Infrastructure Strategy, Development and review, Business Continuity Planning, Contractual and Legal guidance can go on.

Management Consultancy

Management Consultancy covers consultancies like Strategic and Operational Planning, Financial Management for the client Organization, Profit Planning, Management and Operations, Project Administration, Management Contracts and Proposals, Office Administration. Employee Training and leadership management.

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Marketing Consultancy

Marketing consultancy is expected to perform Research and Analytics, Brand Development, Strategic Planning, Product Development, Audience Management, online and offline Marketing, diagnose and analyze the Processes, and also handle International Business.

They are expected to help their client to identify the market segment, perform proper positioning and targeting, form a pricing strategy and set up an evaluation process.

Retail Consultancy

Retail consultants generally provide their services in determining a retail strategy for their client's stores or other types of retail businesses(online or offline). The ultimate goal is to increase sales by driving more people to the store and attracting them to products once there.

The retail consultant may deal with promotions, merchandising, store design, location, and even some personnel decisions for the client.

Legal Consultant is responsible to handle company’s all of the legal aspects like registrations, intellectual property, licences, contracts, deals, agreements, insurance, sales, acquisitions and taxes.

The job of Accounting Consultant is to evaluate the Assets and risks of the business and also check the investment of the company, Book-keeping, accounting, balance sheets, profit and loss, internal and general audits.

These services cover a top-level classification of consultancy firms as it is the most important thing to withstand the client's business.

Efficiency Consultancy

Time being money for every existing business, the owners have to be as efficient and organised as possible. With the help of Efficiency Consultancy Service, the business gets help in optimising the systems and processes.

Advertising Consultancy

If someone is great at formulating that what could be the next viral advertising campaign. Then they should consider becoming an advertising consultant. Advertising is important to any business, irrespective of big or small, this is why different brands need to successfully promote their business to the masses.

PR Consultancy

A PR consultant’s job is to help extend the reach of a company’s presence and improve the public’s view of the company. They are tasked with writing and pitching press releases, building campaigns, working with media and influencer partners, conducting or setting up interviews, etc.

Career Consultancy

Career consultancy service provider does many things for clients like assessing the clients' needs, preparing resumes, cover, other related documents, coach interviewing skills, assists in job search, recommends training and many more.

It is a self-employed job and anyone can earn a good amount provided they build a good client base. To look after all of this, one must look for a good consultancy marketplace technology.


Consultancy is a great business to start and to guide the clients to flourish in their market. It is also comparatively easier as it requires little to no investment or infrastructure. However, there are certain types of consultancies that are perfect to run from the comfort of the home.

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