How to Interview a Freelance Content Writer? | Tips for Hiring Freelance Writers

How to Interview a Freelance Content Writer? | Tips for Hiring Freelance Writers

Writing content for more than 1000 words doesn’t provide the relevant information, what the people are seeking from the content. Content marketing has been popular in the field of marketing a product, becoming a source of income for many companies.

As it is stated, Information is wealth, for instance, you are looking for a nice ambience restaurant to have dinner and the primary thing you do is search ‘A good restaurant nearby me’ on Google right? out of incalculable content, the web search manifests you the highly reliable content on the information you are seeking for.

Moreover, the content must be descriptive without false information. Therefore professional writing (Freelance writer) is as right as rain to any content that can reach a high ranking on Google as well as gets a point in achieving the attention of people.

Notable content writers or freelance writers are the creators of a powerful link between brands and targeted people as freelance writers are the pillar in building brand awareness with their impactive content.  

Well, how do you choose the right freelance writer for your company? There are different types of freelance writers such as Blog writers, Brand journalists, Copywriters, Technical writers, Scriptwriters and Ghostwriters, who are mastered in their own field of writing styles.

But, how do you know if the chosen candidate will bring profit to the brand with the help of his/her content? Will he/she compete to write and be efficient in capturing targeted audiences with the writing? Will the selected candidate match all the qualities you have been looking for? Well, all these questions will be answered when you are interviewing a freelancer.

How to Interview a Freelance Writer
Questions to Ask to a Freelance Writer
Tips for Interviewer Before Hiring a Freelance Writer
Tips for Freelance Writers before going for an Interview
Qualifications Needed for a Freelance Writer

How to Interview a Freelance Writer

Interviewing any candidate as well as a freelance writer follows a similar pattern, whereby prepping questions that the interviewer gonna ask and review the background to have a further conversation.

As in the case of interviewing freelance writers, start the interview with an appreciation note, like lauding their talents for making the content more ingenious and instructive ways in order to connect the targeted customers.

As I said before, reviewing the writer’s past experiences with their clients, command of the language, background and tone of writing the given topic highly depends on the person’s portfolio, and that should be critique ere the interview so that the interviewer get some ideas while having a conversation with the freelance writer.

After greeting each other, proceed with small pep talk like ‘What are your hobbies apart from writing?’, ‘What do you find interesting about writing?’ and ‘How do you enthral and cogent people with your writing skills, is there any particular talent to do so?’ Note: Always conduct the interview in a convenient ambience to make the freelance writer comfortable as well as communicate in a friendly manner.

Secondly, identify the freelance writer’s behaviour during the interview, as this would aid you to check the person’s mentality in taking the task. Most importantly, check the freelance writer's grammar, give them a topic to write at the spur-of-the-moment, analyze whether they are articulate in expressing the given information into high-quality content.

Last, but not least, see to their tone of language, where you find that person is either glib or eloquent.

Questions to Ask to a Freelance Writer

After having a general talk, move on to the questions you have planned to ask the freelance writer, notably, the questions should be professional and not personal.

These questions might help you in interviewing a freelance writer:

  1. What do you think are the integral parts of good content as a freelancer?
  2. How do you make sure your content is SEO Friendly?
  3. What do you need to know before you start writing content?
  4. How do you proofread?
  5. As, the content really helps a lot in the marketing, so how do you say that your writing will lead a hand in increasing sales?
  6. How do you conduct research on the target audiences and write content according to their preferences?
  7. How many times do you revise your content?
  8. From which source do you get the information regarding the content?
  9. How will you differentiate between good & bad content?

Once you are done with the questions, then end the interview with a soft and hopeful note.

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Tips for Interviewer Before Hiring a Freelance Writer

Freelancer writers play a vital role in the improvement of a firm. So the company must appoint a promising Freelance writer. So fetching a skilled hireling depends on the qualities and excellence of the interviewer.

A good interviewer must be a good listener and should be heedful. Good listening quality will help to compute the person in the opposite. They must let the other person talk and explain things.

He must be patient enough to listen to the other person's conversation. The question they ask must be slightly tricky and observe how the person responds to it.

The interviewer must be qualified to discern the capability of the interviewee. Every freelance writer has distinct virtues, the interviewer must be skilled to filter out the adequate one the company requires.

Tips for Freelance Writers before going for an Interview

In an interview, everything counts, like your way of communicating, your small gestures or how you handle things when they ask you a tricky question. An Interviewer notices everything you say or do. There are few things that you should do and not do during an interview. Here we are listing out the important ones.

  • Before you attend an interview do a small interview beforehand about the company and your client. Make sure that you meet all his prospects. Go through the description of the project you are attending.
  • Go prepared for all the likely questions the interviewer may ask. They may ask simple questions or tricky questions, it depends on the interviewer but don't answer before giving a thought to it. Preparation is the basic factor for getting chosen in a consultation.
  • Be professional, try to develop an impression that you are apt for employment. Dress suitably, be sharp and don't be tardy.
  • Be confident in what you are saying. The interviewer must also have performed a small research about you. So if they have called you for an interview then it means they must have seen something in you. Remember your goal and be confident that you can achieve it.
  • Be honest to them about what you can and can't. Don't over-praise yourself. And in case they inquire about your prior client or projects, don't imply that you had an unpleasant association, instead, indicate that you respected them.

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Qualification Needed for a Freelance Writer

For becoming a freelance writer you don't need a formal degree, some prospects may expect a bachelor's degree. If you are interested in completing a degree then you can take English, journalism, or communications.

Having a degree helps you to produce nice integrity work. If you don't possess a grade then you can do an online writing program.

The significant mastery the canvasser may aspire is writing, ideation, typing skills, endurance, basic computer understanding, and dealing capacities. You don't have to be a well-experienced person and it nearly depends on the case's demand. You can serve some online content writing courses to get a vital idea.


If a company wants to peddle their content then first should understand what the people seek and how they prefer it. People always crave something new, even in content, they filter out and choose a company that captures their interest.

People don't pay too much time going over an entire clause, so the phrases used must be short, detailed, unique and delightful. So a firm must decide on a freelance writer who can forge content that meets the company and also the people's requests.

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Can you become a freelance writer with no experience?

Yes, anyone can become a freelance writer if you have the right skills for the job.

What is SEO in content writing?

SEO is the process of optimizing website content for search engines like Google.

What does a freelance writer do?

A freelance writer is an independent creator whose job is to write content for various publications and channels, such as websites, press releases.

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