Take Advantage Of Content Writing Course - Read These 7 Courses

Take Advantage Of Content Writing Course - Read These 7 Courses

Bill gates published a quote “content is king” in 1996. The appearance of digital time has made content writing important in marketing. Whether you want to sell products, improve your brand, create your presence online, and many more.

You already know the internet is a huge platform of information. This will be obvious to get forgotten in the crowd. A piece of content with the best-suited keywords can increase your reach.

Great and engaging content is the backbone of any online marketing strategy. This will help to connect you with new users. And further, try to convert them into loyal customers.

Therefore, if you aim to become a content writer in 2020. You will require a set of skills. This will help you to make this a better career option for you.

Below, I have given a list of the best content writing certification and courses.

content writing certifications & courses

1. How to Write Great Web Content – Better Search Rankings [Udemy] [Paid]

Google updates itself regularly to fix the blind spots. This is done for unethical webmasters to rank poor content at the top. Hence this is important to develop the best content to avoid being banned by Google. The purpose of writing SEO friendly content is to rank high on the result page.

Review for the course

This is an introductory Udemy content writing course. This is for anyone whether you are new or a professional to content writing. And want to rank high on google.

This course has:

  • 4.5 hours of video on demand.
  • 2 articles.
  • 3 resources(downloadable).
  • Lifetime access.
  • Mobile and TV friendly.
  • Completion certificate.

Learning from this course:

  • Know the type of content that Google ranks in the top 10.
  • Analyze and how to make it better your content.
  • Where should you seek advice from google to know what Google wants? And also what they don’t know.
  • The endless idea for web content.
  • What is linkbait and why it’s important?
  • How to create optimized content for any website.
  • A basic checklist of SEO as you will create your content.
  • Quality checklist to make sure content is up to level.

This course is for:

  • Anyone interested in ranking their content on google.
  • Anyone who owns a website and want happy visitors.
  • Anyone who has lost their rankings.
  • This is not for anyone who wants to use loopholes, shortcut solutions to rank.
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2. Online Creative Writing Courses [Skillshare] [Free]

Skillshare is an online learning website. This has thousands of courses for users who want to learn using online videos.

Online creative writing classes

This is a free online creative writing course. This will help you to learn the very basics of content writing. This is beneficial for both beginners and professionals.

Key features of the course:

  • It has several courses that will help you learn the fundamentals of creative writing. And also how to write engaging openings and many more.
  • Some of the courses are focused on specific subjects. This will make your basics more strong.
  • This course offers a free trial for the first month. And the later fee is very low.
  • Various students already enrolled in the course.
  • The rating for the course is 4.7 out of 5.
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3. Ultimate Web Content Writing Masterclass + Power Words eBook [Udemy] [Paid]

Content writing requires a mix theory and practice at it. If you are a website owner, an entrepreneur, or a freelancer, want to learn content writing. Then this content writing masterclass is for you.

About Ultimate web content writing course

This course has:

  • 4.5 hours of video on demand.
  • 10 resources downloadable.
  • Mobile and TV friendly.
  • Assignments.
  • Completion certificate.

Learning from this course:

  • Difference between terms such as content writing, content marketing, and copy-writing.
  • Learn to write content for the home page of the website. Basics of the home page content will be covered.
  • Learn how to write content on the about us page.
  • You will get to learn how to write blog posts step by step.
  • Learn to write category pages for eCommerce and other types of business.
  • It will cover how to write attractive content that sells for business websites.

This course is for:

  • Website owners
  • Digital marketers
  • Online entrepreneurs
  • Marketing students
  • Freelance content writers
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4. Good With Words: Writing And Editing Specialization [Coursera] [paid]

The best advice for students and professionals is to become good with words. Try to improve your effectiveness and embrace it.

This course targets the writing side. It includes arranging a complex set of information in a reader-friendly way. Also about giving and receiving high-quality feedback.

About- Writing & Editing

This is a beginner level content writing course. This will take approx 4 months to complete after investing 4 hours per week.

Courses under this specialization:

Course 1 - Writing and editing: word choice and word order.

Course 2 - Writing and editing: structure.

Course 3 - Writing and editing: drafting.

Course 4 - Writing and editing: revising.

Financial aid?

Yes, Coursera provides financial aid to people who can’t afford to pay the fee. Apply for financial aid by clicking the aid link beneath the “Enroll” button. You will be then prompted to a page to complete your application. You will be then notified for the approval.

Learning from the course:

  • Ways to use syntax.
  • How to add nuance to sentences and slogans.
  • Techniques to punctuate and paragraph like professionals.
  • Habits to complete short and long term projects.
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5. Content marketing courses online [LinkedIn- Lynda] [Free]

Content marketing is a field that is expanding daily. This platform provides a series of 58 courses and training. This course various features such as social media, podcasting, newsletters, foundations, and more. There is a lot to learn about the levels of difficulties. At the end of the chosen program, you will work on relevant projects.

Content Marketing modules

Key features of the course:

  • All the topics are covered with well-designed content.
  • The instructor will let you work with fundamental features with help of examples.
  • Lots of opportunities to implement skills covered in lessons. Detailed instructions for work using the exercise files.
  • You will get to view lessons online and offline also.
  • This training is divided into assessment techniques and its tips.
  • The videos for exercise files and other materials can be accessed for free. This is for the first month of signing up on the site.
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6. Learn about content writing [Udemy] [Paid]

This is another option for a short content writing course. This course provides content writing certificates. This course is fit for people who wish to improve their writing skills to pursue a career. This is also suitable for start-up founders who wish to have an engaging website.

Learn content writing modules.

This course covers facts related to content writing. Tips and methods are there to improve your content. This course is present in a video format. This helps learners to grasp the content effectively.

This course has:

  • 40 minutes video on demand.
  • Lifetime access.
  • Mobile and TV friendly.
  • Assignments.
  • Certificate after completion.

Learning from the course:

  • Content writing for mobile.
  • Content adaption.
  • Content designing.
  • Content writing for a career.
  • Tips and techniques to improve content writing.
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7. Learning To Write For The Web [LinkedIn] [Paid]

The last course on this list is this LinkedIn course. This will assist you in writing effectively for any website. It is very essential to write content that is engaging, easy to understand, and delivers the details in lesser words.

About the author of this course

After completing this course, you will learn about the key differences in online and offline reading. And you should consider this while planning content for customers. There are 32 online videos to teach you.

Modules in this course:

  • Writing for fast reading.
  • Reading tone.
  • Creation of information-rich content.
  • Front-loading content.
  • Removing sales pitch(marketing jargon).
  • Detailed information and useful images.
  • Managing the information you publish(keeping updated).

Chris is a researcher and interaction design specialist. He is the founder of Chris Nodder Consulting LLC. It is a great user experience company. It helps organizations and startups to build products that customers love.

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The field of online content writing is evolving. The demand for good content writers will continue to grow. As all businesses are investing to expand their online presence. Having good content on the websites is crucial for improving search engine rankings. So, this is very important for entrepreneurs and content developers to undertake these courses online.

I hope with the given list of online content writing courses. I was able to provide all the information to select the best content writing course.

Keep learning and stay tuned to Startuptalky!!

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