Want To Step Up Your Blogging Tools? You Need To Read This First

Sweta Sweta Nesar Dsouza Nesar Dsouza
Jul 9, 2020 14 min read
Want To Step Up Your Blogging Tools? You Need To Read This First

The best way to start building brand awareness is by blogging. You can offer relevant and useful content to your audience through blogging. It is an easy way for businesses to gain traffic to their particular site. If you are a blogger for a long time but are in frustration due to the things not working out. There are blogging tools for beginners designed to improve your content, SEO, and many more.

You can take things by using any social media site. These blogging tools and resources won’t do magic, you still have to write your content and set things up. But these blogging tools for free cut the time required to research about your content. Also your competitors, topics that are not covered, and review of the trends by 50%.

So here is the list of the blogging tools 2020 -

Best SEO tools -

1. Google analytics

Google analytics Dashboard

Google Analytics is a popular digital analytics software. It is the free web analytics that offers you to analyze in-depth detail about who visits your website. It helps insights about how to shape the success strategy for your business. In today’s world, almost all businesses have online websites. Hence, it becomes important to know the structure of the website of the business. Thus, you will need the details of people who are visiting your website. Also the time they are staying on your website and what kind of pages they visit on your website.
Reasons why Google Analytics give better insights of website and visitors -

The internal site tells you, after opening the website what customers are looking for. It also shows you the area for the growth where something is lacking on your website. Google analytics offers you to track the internal site search with customization. You can then make changes to your website navigation and product offers.

2. To know the reasons why visitors are bouncing off your website

The percentage of visitors who left your site very soon is referring as the bounce rate of the website. And, it is very important to reduce the bounce rate of your website. An increase in the number of bounce rates leads to a call for immediate action to decrease it. Google Analytics gives you a report for the pages experiencing a high bounce rate. Hence, with the detailed report, you will get ways to reduce the bounce rate.

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3. To know which social platforms to target

Social sites are a great idea to drive traffic and engage customers. You will get the view to catch the attention of users and place an ad. Using Google analytics you can check the performance of all the social media sites you are using. You can also know how much conversion value all the social media sites are bringing. Also how many customers are talking about your site.

4. To know which kind of content you should write

Content is the very best thing which helps you to get traffic and visitors. This is the only reason why many businesses create blogs and slide shares. Google Analytics helps you to keep track of all the content that receives views and shares. You can rework on the top performed blog content to generate more traffic.

2. Buzz Sumo

Buzz Sumo

This is a powerful software that helps users to find what topic is popular by topic. To provide people the right content you need to know what type of content people are liking. Besides this, it will take hours to find what people are talking about and what’s their needs are. With this blogging tool, you can search criteria, analyze content, and find out what is already working.

1. Content Insights

You will get to know what people are searching across many social platforms. This platform gathers info about the topics which are gaining more attention. Also, it analyzes were some of the discussed topics.

2. Influencer Information

Also, you will get to know who are the people who get more social site’s shares on their posts. Keeping track of who has the customer’s attention. You will get an idea about who needs to follow and get on your side.

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3. Alerts

You can set up keyword alerts. So you will get an update of your content when it gets updated. you will get to know your next step towards your marketing efforts.

3. Yoast SEO

The Yoast SEO offers you to get the highest technical SEO standards. It gives you the tools to bring your content to the highest readability.

Beginner's Guide

Here are some features -

1. Technical features of Yoast SEO

If you do not know much about technical SEO. there’s no need to worry about it. As the plugin settings are set by default. Also, the configuration wizard guides you to the steps that get your SEO settings right. This leads you to fix a lot of important technical things.

2. Yoast SEO improves content

After completing your keyword research, you should start optimizing posts on your sites. For that, you can set a key phrase for the article in Yoast SEO. Then the SEO analyzer determines how your content is performing on ranking factors. Using this you will know how you can optimize your post to rank with that keyphrase.

3. Improves readability

There’s one thing you need to know that if you write great content for search engines. Then your audience won’t enjoy it if they don’t understand what have you written. And then the chance of sharing your article with their friends becomes zero. That’s where the readability features come in.
Yoast SEO gives perfect feedback for optimizing your writing skills. This site checks your content on different factors that increase your readability.

4. Ahrefs

When you start your digital marketing journey, you will get methods like SEO. This is the best method to help your business to gain leads. Ahrefs helps to run and optimize the SEO campaign. Before discussing Ahrefs, you need to know about the backlink. Because Ahrefs is referring to as a backlink checker.

Backlinks are links to the content from other authority sites. Getting these links will increase your post’s rank in search engines. when you write industry-related content, you can share that with other industry authorities. If they like your content, then they may reference it in their content. This is backlink. And if Google sees this, then it will trust that your site is valuable. It will rank your site higher.
Some of the features of Ahrefs .

1. Keyword explorer

Keywords are important for SEO. Ahrefs keyword explorer tools let you find relevant keywords for your article. This tool gives you an idea about how you search a particular keyword. It also has a difficulty score to let you understand if it will be hard to rank for a keyword.

2. Rank tracker

The rank tracker monitors your google ranking. It will send you daily reports(depends upon your plan). You will know about the average position in the search results and the traffic to your site.

3. Site audit

Using this tool, there’s no need to check your site that it’s running. It looks for common SEO problems. You will get notified when there will be any problem and you can fix that. This also generates reports that analyze the site’s health.

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5. SEO Press

This is a WordPress plugin that collects all the fundamentals of SEO. Also, organize them into a series of menus within a single plugin. There are two versions of this app, that is a free version and a SEOPress Pro. SEOPress Pro requires a subscription.

1. Titles & Metas

Titles and meta description tags are the central part of SEO. They are the two important factors for on-page SEO. This tool helps you to set your own title and meta description from within the plugin. You can do this for the entire site, page, and post. Variables can create a unique title that attracts users to click through.

2. Sitemaps

Sitemaps help direct visitors to pages they are looking for. You need to note that other plugins do not generate HTML sitemaps. Also, you will have to install another plugin to do this.

3. Content Analysis

Content analysis is about content structure, headlines, titles, and formation of your content.

4. Pricing

The core plugin is free to use and includes all the SEO tools. SEOPress Pro is only $39 per year. There are no extras.

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6. Semrush

Semrush keyword analyzer

Semrush is a complete marketing toolkit for SEO professionals. It provides powerful SEO features with an easy to use interface. It includes keyword research, tracking social media statistics, and to create scheduled posts. You will get automatic graphs generated. you can find content’s readability, brand’s voice, and content for originality.

The Semrush feature includes a PPC keyword tool and an Ad builder. This will help you in finding creative ideas to use templates. And also to build ads for google display network campaigns. This platform also offers webinars, ebooks, and a lively SEO marketing community.

1. Easier Monitoring and Management of Online Visibility

This platform helps you to gauge to visible your brand and content. You will see the traffic and keywords for your competitors. You will get tools such as domain comparisons, on-page SEO checker, and backlink audit tool.

2. Improved Content Marketing

This platform gives you optimized content marketing. It has a feature that measures SEO content and social media performance. This works on Google docs add-on, WordPress plug-in, and Semrush itself.

3. Integrated Social Media Marketing with SEO

It has social media tools that encourage digital marketers to SEO efforts by default. It helps you keep check on brand mentions, brand reputation, and interactions. You will be able to conduct competitive analysis and use it for a better strategy.

4. Better PPC Campaign Management

This platform makes you able to plan, prepare, and execute PPC campaigns. It collects all keywords using many channels and helps to cross negative keywords. This makes you exclude search terms. It provides recommendation tools for removing duplicates and unnecessary elements.

5. Enhanced PLA Performance

This platform allows you to find how many keywords you have common to your competitors with a few clicks. You can now finetune your tactics to eat up shares of your competitor.

6. find Creation of Easy-To-Understand Reports

You will be able to gather all data and export them to a professional grade. You can add branding images and also the commenting features. You can share and distribute your report using a link or email. This will ensure your team about the update. This platform is perfect for web-based and digital marketing companies.

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7. Agora pulse

This is a social community tool that lets you manage all the social network profiles. It helps to gather data like statistics, high-quality insights, and social media campaigns. Also, it gives you free trial only and not a free plan. Hence it will be good for you only if you have a budget. It has custom publishing options, advanced analytics, and workflow automation. All these help you to engage and maintain strong relations with followers. And connecting and building connections with users.

  • Agropulse allows you to put all your social media networks in an interface. And manage it from there whether its Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn. You will never miss an attempt to connect.
  • You will be able to see how many comments, messages, and tweets you are receiving. As you will get everything in a single dashboard. You don’t need to exit the application and open a new tab.
  • You can schedule, visualize, and queue all your posts with the calendar feature. This ensures publishing content without worrying about forgetting.
  • This platform discovers brand influencers and opportunities to move their business forward.
  • It gives you reporting tools and social media analytics. The reports are customizable and can go to PowerPoint with graphics.

Best Hosting service -

Hosting Services

8. Site ground

This is a web hosting company founded in 2004. It has flexible hosting plans, reliable, and customer support is great in the industry.

1. Customized Hosting Solutions

It selects hardware, crafting server architecture, and developing custom software solutions. It has named itself one of the best game-changing developers in the field of web hosting.

2. Do More With One-Click Apps

The control panel contains a one-click installer tool that is Softaculous. Using this tool, you get to access to over 400 applications. These can get added to your website to expand its functionality.

3. Performance And Up-Time

The server is the worst thing for a business site. When your website goes down you lose your important clients. Also, lose their faith on your website and this leads to a drop in your SEO ranking. So better go with a web host which offers you today’s average of 99.9% up-time.

4. Money-Back Guarantee

It allows a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you want to cancel within the 30 days of joining. Then you will get a 100% guarantee refund. Only things that are non-refundable that are domain names, admin fees, and add-ons. You will get a credit applied to your account or a refund to your credit card.

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9. Name cheap

How To Buy Domain

Most people know Namecheap as domain registration and management service. But the fact is they also offer web hosting services. This site sells SSL certificates, privacy protection services, and many more. It provides you with hosting plans reliable service with a 100% uptime guarantee. If you have an existing website, it will move it for free.

  • You can talk if you need any help. This platform gives 24/7 chat support.
  • It uses the latest server technology by brands like Dell, HP, and super micro.
  • The components have many redundancies whether it’s for a power source or the high speed of the servers.
  • There is the use of cPanel which is a very common control panel.
  • It will be easy to upgrade your hosting package compared to the current package. All the hosting plans have unmetered bandwidth.
  • Backup for all plans twice a week. Also stellar plus and stellar business auto-backup.
  • Free email accounts with all hosting plans.

Best media and creativity tools -

10.  Canva


Canva gives you a simple design platform. That helps you to create amazing and professional graphic designs. It allows features such as drag and drop design tools. And a collection of over 1 million photographs, graphics, and fonts. Using Canva you can create presentations, posters, visual charts, and many more.

Using Canva companies and organizations address common issues. It helps users to create appealing and relevant content. The drag and drop editor, with its vast images, fonts, and templates makes it easy to build designs. You can make templates that contain the brand and company elements.

These templates, documents, and designs help others to edit it and do changes. You can also comment on their work that enhances communication and collaboration.

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11. Grammarly


This is the world’s best online grammar checker which is free of charge. This is a robust grammar checker software with the best grammar checking features. This app fixes misspelled words and overlooked grammatical mistakes. It also identifies the wrong context to ensure not to overlook any aspect. It embeds your chrome or firefox browser.

The technology is both technical and contextual. It also helps you in improving vocabulary by pinpointing and fixing errors. It also suggests ideas for writing styles and makes your text more engaging.

1. Mistake corrections

It fixes repetitive words, misspelled words, comma usage, and a comma splice. It also fixes adjectives that are not suitable for strong suggestions.

2. Improvement of writing style

It also assists you in modifications and suggestions to improve your writing style. It takes charge of modifier placement, subject agreement, and change of context. You can use it in writing your email communication and social media interactions.

3. Easy-to-use platform

You can use this platform by copy-pasting your text into your personal text editor. It has free web extensions for Google Chrome, Safari, Edge, and Firefox.

Any blogger who wants to save time and get more work done to get more income. The reality is that you can never achieve results without using the blogging tools. How can you keep up with the demand for blog content is hard. This is why you need these blogging tools for the success of your website.

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