Upgrade Your Video Presence: Best Outfit Choices and Tips for Successful Virtual Meetings

Upgrade Your Video Presence: Best Outfit Choices and Tips for Successful Virtual Meetings
Best Outfit Choices and Tips for Successful Virtual Meetings

The born of a new work culture has led to the birth of a slightly modified way of working. Be it Remote Working, work from home, or online classes; video conferencing is the basic tool to operate all this. Although in-person communication can’t be replaced by anything video-conferencing is a substitute for it. It can be observed that visual impact remains the same. The main question is how to dress right for the video call and some video call tips can help you out!

Optimizing video chat setup: from what to wear for a video conference to the best lighting for the video call, to positioning the laptop for the video call, using the right mic for the video call, and just staying comfortable.

What you wear speaks VOLUMES about your personality!

How to dress up for a video conference?” This is the most frequently asked question received this month. To break down the video conference dressing rules which will provide you with specific tips on what to wear for video conference calls. For the most important rule always be in your safest attire because bold colors over stripes and patterns might be too distressed and too distracting.

What To Wear For Video Conferences?

What’s Important is Dressing Appropriately For Your Audience
Tips For Video Call

What To Wear For Video Conferences?

  • Choose an outfit that is for your work environment
  • Choose clothing that isn’t too tight, too oversized, or too revealing
  • Wear colors that flatter you
  • Patterns can be tricky and distracting wear bold colours
  • Consider accessories carefully which should be simple or medium-sized (if you are a woman)


If you want to create a professional yet simple impression, wearing light-colored shirts or blouses with modest necklines is advisable. Avoid wearing bold colors or patterns as it can detract from the overall sophistication and polished look. Instead, opt for solid colors or muted prints that work best in such settings. This approach not only creates an air of professionalism but also ensures that your attire is appropriate for any occasion.


A blazer is a classic and versatile fashion item that can make a bold statement. With its ability to complement various tops, a blazer can help bring an outfit together seamlessly. Additionally, it adds a layer of sophistication to your attire, making it suitable for formal occasions.


While it may not be a conventional choice, wearing a t-shirt appropriate for modern-day meetings is essential. Select a shirt with formal colors, and ensure that it is in good condition. To achieve a clean and sharp appearance, it is recommended to iron the shirt before wearing it. This will help you create a professional image, leaving an excellent impression on those you meet.

Sweaters and Hoodies

During the colder seasons, it is recommended to wear pullover knits, cardigans, or hoodies as they provide a balance between order and comfort. These garments are designed to maintain a structured appearance while also allowing freedom of movement.

Wide-leg Trousers

When it comes to creating a professional look, it's important to choose pants that coordinate well with your formal topwear. Instead of opting for the traditional slim-fit style, wide-legged or baggier fits provide greater flexibility in movement, allowing you to move around with ease while maintaining a polished appearance.

Dresses and Jumpsuits

For women who want to create a distinctive appearance, formal dresses or jumpsuits can be a great option. These one-piece garments are both stylish and functional, making them a practical choice for busy women who want to save time in their daily routines. Rather than wasting valuable time trying to match a top with the perfect bottom, women can simply slip on a dress or jumpsuit and focus their energy on more productive tasks. With a wide range of styles and designs available, women can easily find a formal dress or jumpsuit that suits their taste and complements their body type.

Complement Your Outfit

The full picture matters. Adding complementary accessories to your outfits can help tie in the overall look and send a non-verbal message. It makes an impression that you treated this as an important, professional engagement worth dedicating proper attention and effort to.


If you decide to wear jewelry or other accessories, remember that minimalism is key. Steer clear of big, distracting bits and keep it basic. These include micro pattern scarves, simple rings and earrings, and delicate necklaces or chains. Choose high-end materials like pearls, silver, gold, or semi-precious stones for a polished look. Costume jewelry should be avoided since it can look gaudy or cheap on camera.


In the virtual world, grooming is still as important as it is in the real world. Make sure your hair is presentable. Women can opt for hairstyles like a half-up, loose waves, or a tidy braid or ponytail. Stay clear of untidy buns and face-obscuring hairstyles. Control flyaway hair and add a touch of style with a solid-colored headband. Men should have regular haircuts to keep their hair from becoming unruly, as well as trim their facial hair regularly to give it a clean appearance.


When wearing makeup, choose the elements that enhance your natural features and make you feel confident. A thin eyeliner and mascara can make your eyes appear brighter and more awake. Consider your outfit before you make your choices. If your outfit is bold, keep the makeup neutral, and vice versa.


During virtual meetings, having good posture is essential to present confidence to your audience and feel confident in yourself. Additionally, it conveys your degree of interest in the conference. The most appropriate one is to sit upright with a small inclination towards the camera. To avoid slouching, you can also pick a chair that is comfortable and provides adequate back support. Good posture influences not only your physical appearance but also your emotions, energy levels, and overall well-being.

Screen Background

In an online meeting, the background you choose can convey a lot about your demeanor and level of professionalism. A plain, neutral-colored wall is a safe and professional option. Stay clear of bright colors or busy designs that clash with your face. A softly blurred background can conceal distracting elements without appearing exaggerated. If you don't have a designated workspace and work from home, this is a fantastic alternative. Choose a virtual background that is suitable for your job and presents a professional appearance.

How to look good on video call?

A well-researched fact says that people judge you within milliseconds of seeing you, so it’s a lie if someone says that I don’t judge someone based on looks or what they wear. As if, they are going to offer a street-side rag picker the job of product manager, obviously no. DRESS TO IMPRESS.

A nice outfit can help you boost your confidence, help you make an amazing first impression, get the respect you deserve, show your employer that you pay attention to small details, and therefore give you a billion-dollar look.

How to Dress Up For a Video Conference?
How to Dress Up For a Video Conference?

What’s Important is Dressing Appropriately For Your Audience

  • Big business? You’ll probably want to dress to impress. Wear a collared shirt (nothing says “I mean business” more than a crisp collar!) and consider wearing a jacket and tie as well.
  • IT company? Consider wearing a simple button-down shirt and a pair of trousers.
  • You’re part of a creative team? You might consider dressing up more fashionably to connect with the artistic crowd.
  • How about a small startup? A plain, solid-colored T-shirt and long pants might be more suitable. (you don’t have to look Richy-rich!)

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Tips For Video Call

Some tips on how to look good on video calls:-

1. Get The Correct Lights

Overhead lighting is the worst quiet lighting for video conferences, as a result, it makes shadows underneath your eyes. Sadly, that’s what most of the people have by default. You'll not care about the lighting if you’re doing a fast snow-day arrival with the team you’ve worked with for four years, except for high-stakes things (like job interviews), once you have to be compelled to look your best. We recommend you 3 natural, soft lightweight sources: 2 behind your digital camera (one on the left, one on the right) and one right behind you.

2. Watch Out Your Angle

Watch out Your Angle
Watch out Your Angle

If you are employing a digital camera clipped to the highest of your monitor then the likelihood is that it’s not capturing you from the best perspective. If it’s angular down an excessive amount of, you’ll place your fellow meeting-goers within the position of soaring over you. you would like the lens to be right at eye level. A stand will get you there and hold the camera steady. If you’re exploiting the constitutional camera on your portable computer, it's going to be too low–and trying up your nose. Whereas it’s not ideal, you'll place hardcover books underneath your portable computer till the angle’s right. you would like the camera to capture a constellation of your forehead to your left shoulder and right jostle the frame.

3. Look Respectable

Look Respectable on a Video Call
Look Respectable on a Video Call

Even if solely your face and shoulders area unit is within the frame, you ne'er grasp if you’ll have to be compelled to rise for a few reasons. Therefore look good from head to toe; Place some ingratiating, solid colors close to your face, similar to what newscast anchors do. Check your teeth for remnants of lunch. Check that the temperature is specified so you won’t be sweating, and won’t have to be compelled to begin popping out layers, that are displeasing for all looks.

4. Look Behind You

The individuals you’re interacting with are treated to the reading no matter what is behind you throughout the whole meeting. Junk and muddle area units are dangerous enough to distress everyone. Your bed with dirty linen thereon is amateurish. Or worse, you'll have one thing sitting there that’s a part of the scenery to you however jarring to everybody else. We recommend you use “seamless paper” or a clear blank wall, you’ll be doing a great deal of digital interaction.

5. Minimize Distractions

First impressions count once it involves video conferencing. If you’re acting at home and therefore the individuals you’re involved with or concerning people, should know that there should be a minimum of noise. Even Pets can make a great deal out of it because a barking dog or cat running on your table can be a lot of fun with embarrassing moments.

6. Focus On Substance, Than Appearance

What you can bring to the table is more important than your appearance. People might be insecure about how their makeup look or their double chin but do not forget that the outline and goals of the meeting are written well down. A desk organizer can help you out with a great deal. Always know what this conference is going to achieve so, Review, and review, and review… And do it again!

7. Be Ready

Video is nearer to a face-to-face meeting than it is to a phone call, however, most people treat it as a sort of a phone call. Therefore they’re attempting to look at their notes, or area units closed on their laptop screens. this can be very like holding a chunk of paper before your face in a very lively meeting. You bump into not listening so, grasp your details and appearance up, therefore you'll move commonly and score the advantages of seeing individuals and being seen.

These simple video call tips with the essence of dressing up as a whole individual can boost your charisma.

Many of us might cringe as soon as we hear of video conferencing, or we might fall victim to anxiety, awkwardness, or apathy. But, there’s no need to worry as soon as you’re backed up with our million-dollar tips.

We promise that these tips are worth giving your time to learn exactly how to ace your video conferencing. Video calls are much easier than you think!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of dress is appropriate when attending a video conference?

Dress your best- Choose solid, light colours. Simple jewelry is best. Ladies, avoid earrings that dangle or any accessory that makes noise when you move. For most conference calls, you can wear whatever you want from the waist down - unless you think you might need to stand up for some reason.

What is the best color to wear for video conference?

Wear colours that flatter you. This should probably go without saying, but avoid colours that tend to wash you out or don't flatter your skin tone. Also, avoid colours that are pale or close to your natural skin tone, as they can wash you out on camera, and you run the risk of looking nekkid.

When attending a video conference what kind of dressing is appropriate?

While it's not necessary to dress quite as well as you usually do, try not to take it down more than one level from your normal office attire. “If you're a person who just wears a button-up shirt, you can wear a casual T-shirt kind of thing.” If you're wearing a tank top, you've gone too far and need to dress up a bit.

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