6 Tips to Look Good in Business Headshots

Lakshya Singh Lakshya Singh
Jul 23, 2020 4 min read
6 Tips to Look Good in Business Headshots

As a business owner, one may need to have a professional business headshot that can be used to display on your website, in industry publications you contribute to, or to send to press outlets that interview you. Business headshots are important to portray a good image of your company. The message you want to convey and dress must match in business headshots. A good business headshot can help present your brand in a positive way. Here’s a guide for how to prepare professional business headshot by knowing what to wear, lighting effects and other elements.

Like marriage, it takes two to tango to get high-quality business headshots—you and the photographer. Your photographer won't tell you everything you need to know to improve the quality of your photo. Some things they need you to understand intuitively.

Below are tips that will help you get the perfect headshot for your business profile and IDs.

Tips to Look Exquisite in Business Headshots

Decide What to Wear

Since this is a business headshot, this is not the perfect time to wear fun colors, prints, and patterns. Plain-colored tops would be the best option. For colors, choose mid-tones such as wine, midnight blue, grey, and green. For women, if you want to spice your clothes up, you can wear blouses with simple necklines and understated jewelry.

Retouch according to Lighting Effects

Photographers will mostly use artificial lights. They do it to get consistent results. However, there's a setback to these artificial lights. They make your face look oily, glossy, or shiny. If its summer and you're already oily, then you need to apply a foundation or some concealer. For gentlemen, you can rush to the nearest washroom and wash your face. Also, wipe it gently to remove any excess oil.

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Do some Touches on Your Hair

A messed hair will produce a messed photo. Many times you may not know that your hair is in bad shape. Some photographers may not have the courage to tell you. But, business headshots phoenix will not shy off because they are interested in is your quality portrait.

For business headshots, you can put your hair up or down as long as the profile of your face is not covered by your tresses. What's important is that everything looks neat in the photo.

Remember that artificial lights will illuminate everything. The hair should appear bright, so apply a little product to your tresses. Also, comb and style it to give it your desired look.

Maintain Good Posture

A good posture is extremely important regardless of style of photo you end up going for. A good posture is essential because it exudes confidence and professionalism. To get better posture, sit with your back straight and your shoulders back while remaining relatively relaxed.

corporate headshots photography
A good Posture exhibits confidence in Business Headshots 

A Gentle Makeup

You should have a natural look when taking a professional business headshot. Avoid going overboard with makeup. Keep it simple. Use less makeup to achieve the natural look and ensure uniformity. Also, don't forget to apply setting powder after you're done.

For a gentleman, oil your lips so that they appear shiny. Dried lips will affect your overall appearance on the photos.


Your business headshot should appear as you usually are to your clients. So, if you typically wear glasses, put them on when taking the photo. This way you will avoid the red marks on the sides of your nose. These marks take some time to disappear entirely. Also, your eyes should get accustomed to the light by the time you take the photo.

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Final Words

Now you know how to make a business headshot a quality one. Let these tips play a part in giving you the professional headshot you desire.

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