Top 11 Email Lookup Tools to Find Any Email in Seconds

Top 11 Email Lookup Tools to Find Any Email in Seconds
Top 11 Email Lookup Tools to Find Any Email in Seconds

In this era of various methods of communication, email addresses are still the best and most formal way to communicate. Playing with data and figures is like a daily task of any business to generate potential leads and find clients. Creating an accurate database of potential prospect email addresses takes a lot of precious time if done manually.

So, to find an email address to reach any particular prospect, there is no need to thoroughly examine the website manually. Email Lookup tools are here to help you in this regard and save plenty of your valuable time and energy. These Email Finders will search for accurate email addresses and other information by searching websites, social media pages and profiles and data aggregators as it is a crucial part of cold email outreach.

The Email Finder Tool can gather email addresses from given inputs like the company, title, location, website, or phone number of a prospect and find the Email Id in seconds. Now throw out the hectic job of finding email addresses manually and utilize the technology to work for you and bring the best results.

Why use Email Lookup Tools?

Top 11 Email Lookup Tools

Choose the right email lookup tool

What is an Email Lookup Tool?

Email Lookup Tools or an Email Id Finder is an automated tool that helps a business or an individual to find emails online from various platforms with the help of a domain name or company. Mostly the tools are quick and effective.

A reverse email lookup tool, on the other hand, gathers information about someone based on their email address alone. It searches a variety of databases and online sources to reveal where the email address has been used before and establishes links with its user.

Why use Email Lookup Tools?

Basically, there are three main reasons to use an email lookup tool:

  • Marketing purposes: For marketers or sales teams, it’s essential to check if the email address you’ve acquired is valid. Because you don’t want your email marketing newsletter to bounce, it’s wise to confirm you’re dealing with real people as soon as possible.
  • Background checks: Usually performed by professionals who need more info about a potential hire, a prospective client, or a business contact.
  • Risk analysis: Small and large businesses use reverse email searches to learn more about their users in the context of fraud prevention, risk assessment, and cybersecurity.

Top 11 Email Lookup Tools

To search email addresses on the web is a secondary thing, your primary focus should be to find the best email lookup tool when you are starting up. You are going to use the tool in the long run, so put some effort into selecting the best tool and then let the tool work for you.
For making the task of searching the tool easy for you, we have shortlisted some Email Lookup tools. So just select the tool which best suits your needs and start using it.


Pricing: Starts from $39/month


GrowMeOrganic is an all-in-one sales prospecting and cold outreach platform. Unlike other tools, GrowMeOrganic offers unlimited credits on all its features. With GrowMeOrganic, you can find emails of your potential customers from platforms like Linkedin, Google My Business, and a pre-built database of 575M+ verified professionals and over 30M+ Companies.

GrowMeOrganic offers a variety of features that can be extremely helpful for your email marketing services or campaigns. Also, it can be used to extract emails from LinkedIn and websites. The ideal application is best used for email automation, business growth, and marketing.

GrowMeOrganic's user-friendly interface makes it simple for beginners to use. It is already receiving praise for its outstanding performance and is now the most economical all-in-one B2B sales prospect marketing tool in the market.

GrowMeOrganic is a great option to extract the desired email addresses. Take advantage of the software to extract email data from the website you're browsing right now. Additionally, this program allows you to validate the list of email addresses that you’re extracting from the respective platforms.


  • Linkedin Prospects
    Extract unlimited emails from LinkedIn/Sales Navigator.
  • B2B Database Enrichment
    Unlimited access to 15M+ companies and 575M+ emails.
  • Email Finder
    Find verified emails with a list of names and companies.
  • Google My Business Scraper
    Scrape emails, phone numbers and websites from the map.
  • Website Scraper
    Scrape generic contact and social handles from websites.
  • Drip Email Automation
    Send hyper-personalized emails with automated follow-ups.


  • Unlimited LinkedIn contacts export
  • Unlimited LinkedIn visits & requests
  • Scrape Unlimited local businesses
  • Convert Unlimited company names to domains
  • Find Unlimited emails from name & company
  • Scrape Unlimited websites
  • Add Unlimited contacts to CRM
  • Unlimited Active campaigns
  • Connect Unlimited email senders
  • Unlimited Active chatbot
  • 15M+ Company search
  • 575M+ People search
  • One-click CSV, XLS export
  • Automated Email Sequence
  • CRM + Lead Scoring
  • Automatic Email Warmup
  • Webhooks + API Integration

Platforms Supported:

Windows and Mac

Available as:

  • Chrome Extension
  • Online


  • Starter pack $39 per month
  • Growth pack $79 per month (unlimited credits)
  • Pro pack $159 per month (unlimited credits)


Rating: 4.5/5

Pricing: Starts from Rs 2,869/month

Rocketreach is the first tool in our list that comes with some advanced search filters to narrow down the result and search only the information that you need. Trusted by more than 35 million users and having data from more than 700 million professionals from 35 million companies is a great achievement, which makes this tool trustworthy.

Rocket Reach
Rocket Reach

It provides a browser extension to access the tool from any webpage and search for the data you want. Look for a single email address using the tool or upload a bulk list of search queries to speed up the email lookup process. It supports many database platforms and spreadsheet-like Google Sheets to fetch the search query in bulk. Message the right prospect on the right email address with Rocketreach. Fully utilize the benefit of this tool by integrating it with your existing marketing tool.


Essential: Rs 2,869/month
Pro: Rs 5,813/month
Ultimate: Rs 14,646/month

Rating: 4.3/5

Pricing: Starts from $5 is an extension and an email verification tool that tracks your email and sends follow-ups automatically. It also collects emails of your potential prospects like other tools in the list does, and in addition to this, it provides various other facilities. The advanced email tracking feature will let you know if your client has opened and viewed your mail.

The game-changer feature in this tool is if you send an email to the group, you will get exact information about who opened your email despite showing someone opened your email. Automatic follow-up will send a reminder to your client if they forgot to open your email, this will increase your chance to get a reply. Easily schedule your email at the time you want to send it from the last email sent.
It allows seamless CRM integration using a smart BBC address. Also, it supports Gmail and g suite for mailing and not other email service providers.


Basic: $5
Starter: $10
Professional: $20


Rating- 4.4/5

Pricing: Starts from $0

Hunter is an email outreach and lookup tool to find the email address of companies and professionals. It provides an Email Verifier to check the generosity of any email. The domain search feature of Hunter gives full insight into people working in the company along with their names and email addresses.


The Email finder can find the email address of the people you are looking for, very easily. It allows one search at a time and a bulk search also to save your time entering the information one by one. Hunter provides seamless integration with Gmail and Outlook to give its services like creating campaigns, automatic email follow-ups, Email tracking, and scheduling.

Your prospect will get an automatic personalized email after a specific time if the email is not opened by him. Different addons are available to extend the capabilities of the tool. Google sheet addon helps to do a bulk domain search, firefox addon to search email addresses on any website you are browsing, and similarly chrome addon.


Starter: $49
Growth: $99
Pro: $199
Business: $399

Rating- 4.5/5

Pricing: Starts from $0 is a complete package for outreach, it includes everything from finding, verifying, and tracking the email to creating a campaign. While other tools set some limits on the number of follow-ups and campaign creations, this tool offers unlimited follow-ups and campaigns. A free trial plan is offered by this tool to learn how this tool works and if you're fully satisfied then upgrade your plan according to your need.


The technology checker feature is unique compared to other tools, it finds leads for you based on the technology they use. Increase the deliverability of your email using the email warm-up feature of the tool, it helps to move your mail from spam and promotion to inbox. In addition to all these amazing features, it provides a sales CRM to create pipelines and deals, and manage everything in one place.


Trial: $0
Starter: $39
Pro: $99
Custom: $999

Black Friday deal: 50%OFF on any annual plan

Voila Norbert

Rating: 4.6/5
Pricing: Starts from $49/month

Voila Norbert is an email outreach tool that builds its database and updates it regularly to speed up the process of finding the email of your desired person. Stop searching for the contact information on the about us page and social media profiles, use this amazing tool to find emails for you just by entering the name and domain of your potential client.

Voila Norbert
Voila Norbert

Each email that is searched by Norbert automatically goes through email verification to find the accuracy of the result. Based on how accurate the result is, it gives a certainty score to every email.
In the test conducted by Ahref on email lookup tools, Voila Norbert stands out in the second position with 77% right results, 12% Wrong results, and 11% not found. This result is far better than other lookup tools, so we can trust the accuracy of Voila Norbert.


Valet: $49/month
Butler: $99/month
Advisor: $249/month
Counsellor: $499/month

Anymail Finder

Rating- 3.4/5
Pricing: Starts from $49 to $299

Anymail Finder is another add-on to our list that charges for only email that is verified. It allows different ways to search the email so that you can search even with less information. One can conduct a domain search to get the email of everyone in the company or choose to search using the name, designation, and social media profile.

Anymail Finder

Conduct a bulk search by uploading a CSV and wait for a while, this tool will give you results of only verified emails. This will not only save you from wasting time on any fake email but also your other resources. A list of email templates provided by Anymail Finder will speed up your email creation process.

Anymail finder makes a LinkedIn search very easy using the LinkedIn email finder chrome extension. This extension extends the capabilities of LinkedIn for extracting email from any LinkedIn page and profile.

Black Friday deal - Buy one month get one month free, Buy one year get one year free


Rating- 4.3/5
Pricing: Starts from $3/month

Build your email list with potential prospects and only verified one with SellHack. Give your maximum time attending meetings with clients, not in search of the client's contact information. SellHack is loaded with all the basic and essential services that an email lookup tool provides, plus it uses sales intelligence to find your next customer.

Sellhack -Email Lookup Tool

With SellHack you can build a customizable list of your prospect using the prospect list builder. Search for an email and add it to your list. Easily upgrade, downgrade and cancel your monthly plan according to your future requirements.
Different plugins are provided on different plans, a basic plugin with a lite and basic plan, an enhanced plugin with the starter plan, and an elite plugin with a pro plan. Each plugin comes with different features and capabilities.


Lite: $3/month
Basic: $15/month
Starter: $30/month
Pro: $60/month


Rating- 3.8/5
Pricing: Starts from $0

FindThat is an email finder and verifier tool to build a pipeline of prospects and send their details to your favourite sales and marketing tool. Mail server validation validates the email server of the email address and removes the email if it is not working. Sometimes we make some mistakes while searching for the email, typo eliminator fixes those mistakes and gives the best result.

Findthat - Email LookUp Tool

While selecting any lookup tools the most important thing we keep in our mind is the accuracy of the result. FindThat conducts multiple checks before it marks any email address as valid. Like all other email lookup tools, it also provides a chrome extension to look for emails on the webpage of different social media networks.


Starter: $29
Team: $79
Pro: $149


Rating- 4.6/5
Pricing: Starts from $397/month

Find your lead with LeadFuze which has a huge database of 300 million professionals and 14 million companies. Extracting the right lead verifying it and creating the list, all is set to autopilot for you to speed up the process. All your potential leads will get automatically sent to your favourite CRM tool.


The most fascinating feature of LeadFuze is that you can narrow down and broader your search to a much higher extent. To avoid duplicate emails, it ignores the data which already present in your list. The AI of this tool works for you when you sleep, it fetches information based on your criteria and automatically syncs to your CRM.
Know all about your lead and their background with the insights like qualifications, experience, and skills. Use zapier to connect with 1000+ tools and extend its functionality.


Unlimited: $397/month
Scaling: $497/month


Rating: 4.3/5
Pricing: Starts from $0

Lusha is a lead-generation tool that finds the details of the prospect from their website, social media, and other platforms. While other tools provide browser extensions, this tool provides a Lusha extension. This extension works on all websites, social media platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter, and also on CRM.


So aggregating the data from anywhere is become very easy because of this extension. Enrich your CRM with the details of the lead in one single click.
The information shared is updated and always cross-checked using AI before it gets delivered to you. You can utilize this data to generate sales, and marketing, and to recruit people in your organization.


Pro: $348/user
Premium: $612/user

Choose the right email lookup tool

As you’ve noticed, there are dozens of email lookup services that will tempt you to try their product. Still, before making your choice, think about the following factors:

Define your goals and while doing so consider your company size and objectives. Shortlist lookup tools keeping what you want to achieve in mind. These goals will give you direction.

As soon as you decide your direction, decide the type of email lookup service you want to opt for. Email research alone can be enough sometimes but in some cases, you might need a company profile or need an extension of in-browser tools.

If you are new, you should have a free trial to see how the tools and services work. Many companies offer a one-month free trial, they use a freemium business model. They offer you these free trials for certain periods after that they will charge money to provide services. Find out a perfect fit for your needs and choose your plan accordingly. Carefully compare your plan with other options for the services offered.

If you have any doubts about the services and are worried about the results you can read reviews of companies using it. You can find many user experience feedback on sites like G2 and Capterra.


There you have it, a selection of the some of best email lookup tools online today. Finding someone’s email is a crucial part and once you have those emails, you want to send the perfect message, at the perfect time, and the perfect follow-up, and always know whether they opened it and whether they clicked on your links.

Now you have the tools to find email addresses and send out that perfect pitch. The perfect tool for you will depend on a range of factors including pricing, whether or not you need to find contacts from LinkedIn profiles, and if you want to find email addresses at scale.


How can I look up an Email?

One of the easiest ways to find an email address is to use an email lookup service. All you need to do is enter a person's name and/or a website, and the tool will search for the relevant address for you.

How can I find someone's email address?

There are a variety of available tools for finding someone's email address. Start with a free option, like Twitter or LinkedIn, or even their website, and if you still can't find their email address, then try one of these paid options.

What is the best Email Finder?

The list of the best email finders is as follows:

  • Rocketreach
  • Hunter
  • Voila Norbert
  • Anymail Finder
  • SellHack
  • FindThat
  • LeadFuze
  • Lusha

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