How Ethical Time Tracking Can Make Productive and Happy Remote Teams

How Ethical Time Tracking Can Make Productive and Happy Remote Teams

Everyone has a natural tendency to want to be respected by people around them, whether it’s their boss or subordinates, kids or parents, friends, colleagues, and other relationships. It is the same situation when it comes to work. A study conducted by The Energy Project and Harvard Business Review showed that 63% of employees who feel respected are happy and satisfied with their jobs. The study also said that such workers recorded a 58% increased focus rate and a 110% likelihood to stick to their jobs.

While time tracking may be necessary to keep remote teams on their toes as they work from home, employers should seek for methods of monitoring their employees without making them feel like they are being disrespected. Using a good time tracker with screenshots to monitor remote employee productivity is helpful. Such a tool will enable you to manage your team effectively even when they are scattered in different locations around the globe. It will also help to increase your staff’s happiness so that they’ll be motivated to give their best to your business always.

Traqq is a time management software that can help you monitor how your remote team uses their time, without toning down on respect and honor. Moreover, the tool is user-friendly, highly functional, and secure. It has all the features you need to boost workforce productivity.

Here are tips that show you how ethical time tracking with Traqq can help make productive and happy remote teams.

1. Providing Reliable Data Security

Employees value their privacy, and they feel insecure when using software that makes their personal data vulnerable. As a remote team manager, focus on using time tracking apps with high security, so that your workers can perform their responsibilities without fear of losing their confidential information. Traqq is an efficient time tracking app that ensures the security of its users by protecting their privacy. The software guarantees that people using the product have their passwords accessible only to them and other people they divulge the details to.

Users who don't want to share their activities with a third-party are free to adjust their profile settings. Moreover, Traqq does not request your details, such as your credit/debit card details or other payment information. Thus, it is hardly possible to lose important data.

2. Designed to Keep You Focused

When using a time tracker to take screenshots or live video recording of activities, it may disrupt what your employees are doing and cause them to be distracted from work. Your remote team will be happier if they can use software that captures pictures and videos without interrupting what they are doing. These features are well integrated into Traqq.

3. Ethical Monitoring

Do you want to monitor your employees’ activities without making them feel like you’re spying or exposing them to unseen eyes? Traqq helps you achieve that, with screenshots and live screen recordings of your remote team’s actions. On top of that, the quality of the captured pictures and videos are intentionally reduced to prevent sensitive and personal information from being visible. The reason for this feature is to protect users' privacy further.

4. Making Tracking Less Complicated

There are browsers, games, and other useful applications that tend to reduce the performance of your device when running them. However, Traqq is more computer-friendly. It helps you achieve all that you want without causing any harm to your computer.

5. Improving Transparency Within the Team

Do you wish to have an honest appraisal of the capabilities of each member of your remote team? Traqq helps to provide a detailed event log of your work-from-home employees. It also helps to display your remote workers' activity levels so you can know the ones to encourage to be better. Knowing the capabilities of each member of your remote team helps you gain insight into how to boost your workforce's happiness and productivity.

6. Comprehensive Time Tracking Features

Traqq comes in handy for monitoring and tracking your employees’ work. It offers several features which include the following:

  • Real-time logging of events that are accessible to you
  • Screenshots and live screen recordings of employee activities
  • App and website monitoring to know your remote team’s most frequently used software and the most visited webpages
  • Mouse and keyboard tracking to monitor clicking and typing activities, and more

With such features, your remote team will be more disciplined with time management, and they will become more responsible with the roles the company has entrusted in their care.

7. Simplifying Reports and Invoices

Instead of tasking your brain with collating reports from your remote teammates, allow Traqq to do it quickly. The software automates the generation of reports you need from your employees. This takes the burden off your team and creates a happy, convenient environment for them to work.

Creating invoices on Traqq is much easier than asking your remote workers to do it manually. The application records the total number of hours worked within a set period and generates an accurate value based on each employee's hourly rates.


While remote work is an ideal alternative for conventional office setups, time management is still as crucial. That’s why you need to monitor remote employee productivity using useful software. With Traqq, your goal of achieving an ethical time tracking to keep your remote team happy and productive can become a reality.

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