Fanzart Fans - Designer Fans for Designer Homes

Fanzart Fans - Designer Fans for Designer Homes

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Indian lifestyle has been undergoing a major transformation, especially since the last few years. There has been a growing inclination towards luxurious high-end designer products. Homes are fast becoming smart homes and home appliances are becoming modern and stylish. With everything else, the ceiling fans are also getting upgraded to designer ceiling fans in Indian households. For many, ceiling fans are not merely an appliance for keeping the rooms cool, but is also something that enhances the home interiors.

To meet the growing demand for Designer Fans in India, Fanzart, a Bangalore based startup is offering premium designer fans to add that zing to your interiors.

Fanzart Fans - Company Highlights

Startup Name Fanzart fans
Headquarter Bangalore
Co-founders Anil Lala, Tarun Lala & Sangeeta Lala
Sector Luxury interior product brand
Founded 2012
Funding Bootstrapped
Parent Organization Golden Touch Exports

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Fanzart Fans - About and USPs
Fanzart Fans - Industry Details
Fanzart Fans - Founders and Team
Fanzart Fans - How it Started?
Fanzart Fans - Name, Tagline and Logo
Fanzart Fans - Business Model and Revenue Model
Fanzart Fans - User Acquisition
Fanzart Fans - Startup Challenges
Fanzart Fans - Awards
Fanzart Fans - Future Plans
Fanzart Fans - FAQs

Fanzart Fans - About and USPs

Fanzart is a Bengaluru based startup, which is the ideal destination for designer fans. They provide a great range of products for specific use cases - fans for dining tables, bathrooms, kitchens, living/drawing rooms, offices, and more.  

Fanzart's USPs include:

  1. Fan Designs - They have over 100 designs of fans to suit any interior or exterior.
  2. DC motor fans - fans are eco-friendly and absorb 70% lesser power.
  3. Human sensor - These fans have a human sensor that smartly adjusts its rotation based on where humans are seated.
  4. 3D oscillation - Fanzart offers the first 3D oscillating fans in India.
  5. 360-degree rotation - The first 360-degree rotating fans in India.
  6. Summer - Winter feature - Over 30 of Fanzarts' models rotate bi-directionally. Anticlockwise for a cool breeze and clockwise direction for a cozy warm air effect.
  7. Reversible blades - The blades can be flipped upside down for a different finish or look.
  8. Whisper Quiet - Fanzarts' fans are under 50 dB of sound.
  9. Specific use cases - Fanzart designs suit specific use cases - all kinds of rooms, dining, kitchens, walk-in wardrobes, offices, retail showrooms, outdoors, manufacturing units, Hotel back offices, lobbies, restaurants, gardens and more.
  10. Smart - Using sensors and automation, Fanzart aims to achieve a lot with fans.

Fanzart Designer Fans
It is the commitment, desire, and attention to detail that has seen Fanzart leapfrog its competitors and soar to the top in such a short period. Today, the company has risen to prominence as a pioneer and leader in the luxury designer fans segment, and we’re known to create products that not only look stylish, simple and artistic, but also efficiently robust.

Fanzart Fans - Industry Details

In recent years, India has gone through significant changes regarding lifestyle, employment, and migration from one place to another. Indians are now getting fast-paced and are developing a taste for a high-end lifestyle. A good lifestyle starts with a well- designed home, and Indians nowadays prefer their homes to be luxurious and comfortable. This is the reason for the rapidly growing interior design industry in India.

We believe that Designer Fans will have the same revolution as the LED did - says Tarun

Fanzart targets a market size of 3% of the Indian market - HNI & UHNI. Further, Fanzart is working to gain a share of about 20% of the Designer Fan Segment. However, this segment does grow YoY.  

Fanzart Fans - Founders and Team

Anil Lala, Tarun Lala & Sangeeta Lala are the Co-Founders/Owners of Fanzart Fans.

Fanzart Fans Owner, Founders, Team
(L-R) Anil Lala, Sangeeta, Lala, Tarun Lala

Mr. Anil Lala is the founder & director of Fanzart. A visionary, and first generation entrepreneur Anil, has over two decades of experience and worked as managing partner  of 'Cosmos Electronics' and 'Managing Director' at Theme Apparels India Pvt Ltd. He is known as one of the pioneer industry leaders to bring luxury fans to India.

Tarun Lala, Executive Director of Fanzart, is an electrical engineer from Northeastern University, USA. A technologist at heart, Tarun besides Fanzart, also founded Levo Labz, a technology development company. Passionate about designs, Tarun also started a podcast for Architects & Interior designers called ‘Interior Vibez’ to give the world a little sneak peek into the art and science of designing spaces. Having learnt the nitty- gritties of entrepreneurship form Stanford School of Business, Tarun returned to India in 2012 after a two-year stint in the US to collaborate with his father on the next big thing in the world of fans – Fanzart.

Sangeeta Lala is the President, Retail at Fanzart. She has a hospitality background and has worked with hospitality majors like TAJ and Oberoi groups. Sangeeta is a people's person and supervises Fanzart's Retail and Sales tasks with expertise

Fanzart currently has 30 core members and franchise partners.

Fanzart Fans - How it Started?

Having discovered fancy grandeur fans in the United States, the Fanzart owners wanted to install the same at their house in Bangalore. But they could not find the designer fans they were looking for, in India. It is out of this situation that the idea behind Fanzart has taken shape.

The Fanzart team initiated research to gain a better understanding of the designer fans market. In the process, they got in touch with Designer Fan product brands from other countries, spoke to them, visited them, and then started looking out for Design Firms and Factories.

Fanzart's validation process involved interior architects, designers, HNI / UHNIs, and understanding the buying process for fans. In the process, the Fanzart team understood the existing gaps in the fan industry mainly from architects and interior designers. Hence, when architects and interior designers were told about the concept of Fanzart, they received affirmative response and immediate support.

Fanzart Ceiling Fans
Fanzart Ceiling Fans

Fanzart adds the 'art' factor to the fans, as such the company's name is a combination of the words 'fans' & 'art'

Fanzart logo
Fanzart fans Logo
We were bringing art to fans and the only options were artisan and fansart, and we finally froze on Fanzart - explains Tarun.

Fanzart Fans - Business Model and Revenue Model

The Fanzart business model is flexible and includes: B2C, B2B2C and B2B. Their products range from INR 6990 to INR 1,27,990.

Fanzart Fans - User Acquisition

Fanzart, for its initial customers, relied on different mediums and platforms which include Showrooms, Online channels, and Via Architects & Interior Designers.
After gaining the first lot of customers, Fanzart has widened the scope of their marketing techniques. Currently, the company acquires customers though online marketing, offline marketing, architects & interior designers and through strategic partnership. The company has partnered with Hometown (a Future Group subsidiary).

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Fanzart Fans - Startup Challenges

Last Mile purchase has been the major challenge for Fanzart, which they overcome by fostering and strengthening collaborations with Architects & Interior Designers.

Fanzart Fans - Awards

Fanzart has been awarded several times by different platforms. The awards received by the company are -

  1. Power Brands - Rising Star
  2. Best Product Brand in Interiors
  3. Entrepreneur of the Year.
  4. Woman Entrepreneur of the Year.
  5. Best Designer Fan Brand in India.

Fanzart Fans - Future Plans

Currently, Fanzart has 60 showrooms across India. Fanzarts aim to become the go-to brand for luxury fans - for architects, interior designers, HNIs, and UHNIs.

Fanzart Fans - FAQs

What is Fanzart Fans?

Fanzart is a Bangalore based startup that offers premium designer fans to add that zing to your interiors.

Who are the Fanzart owners?

Anil Lala, Tarun Lala & Sangeeta Lala are the Co-Founders/Owners of Fanzart Fans.

What is the price range for Fanzart Fans?

The Fanzart Fans range from INR 6990 to INR 1,27,990.

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