How to Recharge FASTag With a Quick Log In?

How to Recharge FASTag With a Quick Log In?

Even as FASTag has made toll tax payments very easy, users at times face issues related to FASTag login and checking their FASTag balance, mainly due to FASTag app glitches. This article details 5 points you must consider before opting for a FASTag app and helps you choose a FASTag app that does not pose any login-related issues on your travels. Read on.

Which features to look for in an app to access FASTag better?

Here are five points that can help you take a more informed decision while looking for a FASTag app to make your road travels hassle-free.

1. Your FASTag balance must always be accessible.

You might have to wait longer to access your FASTag balance in a remote area near a toll booth. An already-recharged FASTag will solve this issue for you. However, you must choose a FASTag app that does not face network issues.

2. Choose a technically sound app.

Your FASTag app should not glitch a lot or pose problems while logging in. FASTag apps, such as the FIRSTforward FASTag app by IDFC FIRST Bank, have a seamless user interface that helps customers interact with the app better.

3. Must have an uninterrupted customer service

You must be able to always reach the bank for assistance. In case of an unauthorized tax deduction or the malfunctioning of the FASTag, you should be able to contact your bank and address your issues flawlessly. Therefore, ensure that the bank has efficient customer service.

4. Multiple payment options

On logging in, you must be able to recharge your FASTag using multiple payment options such as net banking, UPI (Unified Payments Interface), credit card, debit card, NEFT (National Electronic Funds Transfer), or RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement). Multiple payment options help you pay for the top-up when one or the other payment method is down.

5. Your app notifies you to recharge your FASTag

A good FASTag app will notify you to recharge your FASTag when balances get low. For instance, IDFC FIRST Bank customers receive SMSs on their phones when running low on FASTag balance. In any case, you must maintain a minimum balance of ₹ 100 to keep any FASTag wallet active.

Which is the best app for a smooth FASTag login?

While toll tax payment apps have varying features, the best FASTag app offers added benefits such as parking payments, fuel surcharge benefits and more. IDFC FIRST Bank’s FASTag app – FIRSTForward – is a decent example of this as it offers customers fuel payment-related benefits and parking-related benefits. In addition, it provides a seamless user interface that connects you to the bank and its customer service team round-the-clock.

The FIRSTForward app also offers a smooth and effortless login experience that allows you to check your FASTag balance without hassles.

Recharging your IDFC FIRSTforward FASTag nowadays is even easier and possible through WhatsApp. IDFC FIRST Bank leverages the immense popularity of the chatting app to give you a recharge experience that is as effortless as chatting.

How to Use IDFC FIRST Bank WhatsApp Chatbot

To enjoy the simplest way of recharging your FASTag, the first thing you need to do is save the IDFC FIRST Bank WhatsApp number (+919555555555).

Next, this is what you need to do to recharge your FASTag, step by step,

  1. Type “Hi” and send it to the IDFC FIRST Bank WhatsApp number
  2. An auto-reply will appear with a menu option underneath
  3. Select the “Recharge FASTag” from the menu options
  4. Your FASTag details will appear in the chat thread; you will have to confirm the details to proceed further
  5. Alternately, you can also opt to recharge someone else’s FASTag by selecting the “Recharge other FASTag” option
  6. A link will appear on the screen, using which you can recharge your FASTag
  7. Customers not registered with WhatsApp payments can add bank details to WhatsApp UPI by going to WhatsApp Settings > Payments > Add New Payment Method
  8. After clicking on the payment link, enter your recharge amount and your UPI PIN
  9. That’s it; the recharge is done

Consider all the points made in this article while looking for a new FASTag app to pay toll tax on your travels and commutes. After all, an efficient FASTag app can make your highway rides smoother!

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