How to acquire your first 10 SaaS Customers?

Ayush Varshney Ayush Varshney
Sep 21, 2020 7 min read
How to acquire your first 10 SaaS Customers?

Are you occupied in the process of launching your new interesting SaaS product?

Being part of this dynamic world makes it more tricky to attract customers to your newborn SaaS tool or a Startup.

You can’t wait for your early birds to arrive on their own for your new creative SaaS Product.

Getting the attention of initial customers to your business is ultimately an Art. And anyone can become an artist with proper guidance.  

Don’t have to worry if you don’t know how to get your product in the eyes of your customers because, in this article, we are going to reveal some tricks, some steps, and ultimately you will learn how to acquire your first 10 SaaS customers?

Before we start, let’s take a quick look at What does this term SaaS means?

What is SaaS?

SaaS viz. Software as a Service is an online cloud-based service where users don’t have to bother downloading any software on their device to use that tool or product; instead of this, they can easily work with the software on the browser.

What is SaaS?
What is SaaS?

Plus, in this cloud-based service, Software developers have the secured access and hosting responsibility of the servers, information, database, and coding that conclusively created the software.

Another good thing is these Business tools cut off the painful worries of payment of monthly installments or any further updates.

SaaS tools make the job easy, flexible, and economical for everyone out there.

Now the question arises after getting and launching the output of your creation, invention, and hard-work, where and how to find initial customers that not only purchase your services but also recommend others to opt the same.

7 Helpful Strategies for you in acquiring your initial customers

Strategies are the most effective pillar for a successful business and if followed sincerely, then strategies can also provide foolproof consequences.

Do Research on Successful SaaS Owner’s Experiences

Before taking any further step for promotion of the product, do some research on Successful SaaS owners about how they launched their tool, how they promote it, how they gathered the concern of their potential customers, etc.

Here comes a plan, you can always find your customer by searching for online complaints people are facing, and your product is solving.

Twitter, Quora, Reddit, Facebook try to cover up every possible platform where people are continuously looking up for some work that can be fit into their needs.

Try to answer their queries and talk to them about your product and perks offered by the tool.

Attention-seeking Sales Copy

After knowing the problems of people, write a well descriptive and attention-grabbing Sales copy of your tool and share on the platform where you can find some customers.

Don’t forget to write some common questions, so as soon as somebody raises a query, your article will pop-up to grab their attention and make them communicate with your team regarding the product.

Once you get them to your team make sure that they remain interested in your tool and your SaaS and also ask them if they would like to be in touch so you can send them updates of upcoming tools.

By this, You are achieving two targets in a single arrow, means your research will not be hectic, and you are getting a list of prospective buyers.

Launch an email list using your research List

To make sure the guaranteed sales of your product, try to launch it via an email list.

You initially can send people whom you’ve listed previously and who can be your potential customer.

A successful launch sequence involves adding value to your potential buyers in the initial few emails; then convince them to buy your tool as soon as possible.

You also can use the following tricks to make your launch more effective and profitable:

  • Send the first two Emails with a brief informative description explaining the reason why they should consider you and your tool.

    Here you can mention your background, story of your startup, and many other things. Make it suspenseful and exciting, so Customers will wait for your next email.
  • Once successfully build an audience who is totally into your subject, start talking about your product. Don’t boast too much.
    Make it for a professional, impressive, and reliable tool that is solving their issues and must give a shot.
  • Here comes the Showtime. Time to launch the product. Keep it comprehensive by telling your audience that your product is available for purchase now.
  • The last email must consist of strong confidence in the tool and a compelling message at the end for making buyers urge to purchase the product.

    Show your subscribers that your product is the perfect solution to their problem and your services will never let them down in any situation.

Take help from closest Network

For promoting your SaaS tool, you can take the help of your closest network. Try to communicate with the people you know and the next chain with the people your fellas know.

More close network will help in gaining more valuable information with your prospective clients

Try to find out the problems they’re confronting.

Convey to them your idea about your product and its features (try to sound like an empathizer, not a salesperson).

Do your best to convince them why and how your tool fits into their equation problem and how profitable it could be for them.

Once they’re convinced, you get a new client.

Free Trial offer for early comers

People love acquiring things for free. It might sound a bit unfavorable to you but in the beginning, Bringing more and more customers is your prime concern rather than money.

When people come to know that they have an opportunity to acquire a product for free being an early comer, which is solving their issues, they’ll never take a step back.

Offer them a free trial in which they can explore the product and its features. This free trial will help you in creating a strong customer base, and also establish your product in the market.

A free trial is a scheme that attracts the traffic and attention of the tool seekers.

Special Perks to Initial Customers

Grabbing the attention of prospective customers is not an easy thing.

But who would not lose their grip when they know that being the initial customer they can enjoy some of the reserved perks of the SaaS product.

You can offer perks like lifetime access to the tool in minimal subscription fees, some bonus premiums in the tool, availability of less subscription in upcoming products to early birds, etc.

Offer them exciting deals that are utterly irresistible for them.

Affiliate Marketing of your Product

For getting more subscribers, Affiliate Marketing is a boon for your product. Here you have to pay only for real users, not for the audience gathered.

Lower the risk, Higher return. Great deal.

Outsourcing is one of the most frequently used options that will help you with effective affiliate marketing. People will bring audiences for your product, and you will only pay for those who buy your tool.

Plus, it’s a good thing in SEO, as affiliate marketing brings traffic to your site with content and backlinks.

With this, you can also drive influential bloggers and get them to write about you and your product. Real money making offers is the thing that they never refuse and will give you the best magnetic content to attract customers for your tool.

What is the other way in which Affiliate Marketing works?

Step 1: Personal URL is the primary step of affiliate marketing to bring more traffic to your site.

Step 2: Marketers can use paid traffic by using Podcasts, YouTube videos, cold emails, AdWords, blogs, etc.

Step 3: When interested one becomes your paying customers, affiliate marketers get their payment.

Now finally, you know all the foolproof strategies that you can use for acquiring your initial customers.

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So after hearing out all the foolproof strategies and experiences of some SaaS experts that successfully acquire their initial customers.

At first, it will take lots of efforts to send out information about your tools to a large group of audience but once you start analyzing and summarising the need and problem of the users it won’t take that long for you in the future to get more and more customers to your SaaS.

There are so many ways to bring customers at the primary stage of service, but a more comfortable choice can make it a more easy and economical way to acquire target audiences.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

What is SaaS?
SaaS is a cloud-based online product service where users can directly use a tool on their internet browser only, they don’t have to download any software for working with different tools.

Why choose SaaS?
Cloud-based SaaS solution helps in improvising the quality of service with browser extensions, better user experiences, great robust functionality, and cost-effective for your business.

Where can you find your prospective customers?
You can always find your potential clients on social media communities, Quora, Reddit, and many other websites.

How are SaaS tools useful for organizations?
SaaS solutions can help an organization perform their jobs more effectively and efficiently by using different creative software. SaaS software can also help with inventory management, finance management, infrastructure, and human resource management.

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