Marketing Strategy of Fogg That Took The Industry by Storm

Marketing Strategy of Fogg That Took The Industry by Storm

The launch of the deodorant brand Fogg in 2010 has taken the market by storm with its USP being ‘No gas, only Spray’. Fogg is a subsidiary of the Vini Group of Companies. It was the brainchild of Darshan Patel, the founder of Vini Cosmetics.

The deodorant industry has over 500 brands in India itself. Any brand that has to come into the industry in such a scenario should have multiple qualities that will sell in the market. On top of that, the products should thus be designed based on the needs of the consumers.

Through Fogg’s unique marketing strategy and consistent commitment, today the company holds more than 12% of the market share. Breaking the market stereotypes with a particular product type, they lead the category consistently even 20 years since then. This article will look at the marketing strategy of Fogg that played a significant role in catapulting the company’s brand value to its zenith.

Identifying Untapped Niches
Providing a Unique Value Proposition
Efficient Campaigning
Marketing Through Distribution
Calculated Pricing

Identifying Untapped Niches

Considering the extent of competition and available options, it is all the more important to have their own unique signature when it comes to pitching in a new company. The master brains behind Fogg has done the meticulous market research to identify untapped market niches which have helped the company gain market share and category dominance.

As mentioned earlier, Fogg’s signature was its non-gaseous sprays that were groundbreaking as far as the Deo industry was concerned. The best part about its pitching is that they were able to identify one of the most inconspicuous and yet significant drawbacks in the industry that was existent since the rise of the category and was left unattended for a long while.

By working on such a gap, Fogg was not only able to explore untouched areas but also show the audience why they are different in a loud manner. They were able to carve a niche market out for themselves like no other brands in the industry could ever do before.

Providing a Unique Value Proposition

One of the best and the most traditional form of marketing is through word of mouth. It is the most authentic form of marketing that cannot be simulated. It can only be achieved by giving the best product to the users.

Fogg has never held themselves back in that regard as well. There was a general opinion that the deodorants by Fogg lasted longer than the rest of the deodorants in the same price range.

Moreover, the users could actually feel that the company was providing them with what they promised. Fogg guaranteed eight hundred sprays per bottle. They also assured that every deodorant has undergone dermatologically tested. Thus, by providing a holistic experience of a novel deodorant to the people, they were able to create a brand value in the most authentic form.

Efficient Campaigning

Familiarising the customers about the brand is the first thing that Fogg did through its marketing campaigns. They had launched products for young men and women along with a few products for the older generation as well. Since the target audience was the middle class, it was important to advertise through electronic and print media extensively.

Fogg, in fact, has done their campaigning so well that their advertisements in all mediums became a talk of the town when it was launched. Apart from television and newspapers, they also advertised on all social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook etc.

They had also advertised extensively on their websites as well. Their tagline ‘Kya Chai Raha Hai’ became a big trend during its launch. They also had other popular taglines like ‘Bina gas wala body spray’, ’Phir Khatam’, ‘Doesn’t Get Blown Away’ and so on.

Fog also set a standard by releasing specific products for both men and women at the same time. Additionally, they also launched combo packs as well.

Their ads successfully showed how the deodorants by their rival brands are in fact wasteful when compared to their own product.

The stereotypical trend of sexist advertisements that deodorants generally go after were broken by Fogg. Their advertisements were different by exploring unique themes and narratives.

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Marketing Through Distribution

One of the most important aspects when it comes to marketing the product is also its accessibility to the target audience for that and efficient distribution channel is inevitable. Fogg deodorant adopted a marketing strategy that would directly penetrate into the Indian mindset as well as the market.

The efficient distribution channel of its parent company has significantly helped Fogg in developing a very strong network and real presence in the markets across the country.

Today Fogg products are readily available at grocery stores, corner shops supermarkets to malls. It is also available via E-commerce and online stores. By maintaining a constant presence in the vicinity of the consumers they were able to ensure market dominance and consumer liking.

Calculated Pricing

The unique penetration pricing policy adopted by Fogg deodorant has helped in aligning its vision along with the practicality of its consumption. As mentioned earlier, the company targeted middle-class men and women and hence kept their product prices at a reasonable and affordable rate. It has helped them capture more markets. They also offer value for money to the consumers.

By carefully assimilating to the market situation Fogg have been able to maintain its top position in the market. On close observation, it can be understood that the price of fog deodorant was always at par with the prices of its rival brand.

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Through carefully crafted strategies and the identification of an untapped niche, Fogg has been able to develop its own brand value in the industry. There is no wonder that Fogg had taken the deodorant industry by storm within 2 years of its launch.

Their advertisements that have been unique and consistent over the years is in itself the biggest testament to the fact that marketing the product in the right manner is the most significant and game-changing element of any business model. The case of Fogg cosmetics can be taken up as an encouraging example of what new ideas can do.


What is the USP of Fogg perfume?

The USP of Fogg is its deodorants last much longer than its competitors.

Who manufactures Fogg Deo?

Vini Cosmetics Pvt. Ltd manufactures Fogg deodorant in India.

Why is Fogg so successful?

One of the reasons behind Fogg's success is its unique marketing strategy and its deodorants last much longer than other brands.

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