Unforgettable Customer Experience for your Food Delivery Startup

The food delivery startups have seen a boom in popularity like Zomato, Swiggy by serving customers preferred foods from their chosen restaurants. But not all the apps excel with the same delightful customer experience. Any UI design service should give special attention to the relevance of delivery as per the user preferences to make the food delivery experience best for them. So here are some Startup Customer Experience Aspects that any food delivery startup should adopt.

First delivery is always a memorable experience for a food delivery startup. However, for customers, a startup is not the first. Probably they have already tried different websites before coming to yours. The only thing which will make them come back to your website again is the experience that you provide. If you plan to launch a food delivery startup you always wanted your first customer to be very delighted by your service.

Here are the few tips and techniques you can use to give your first customer a memorable experience to make the food delivery experience best for them:

Personal Delivery by Founders/Team

This might sound a little weird but delivery by promoters or founders can make the delivery experience memorable for customers. Sometimes, this might not be possible for founders but if possible delivering personally in the initial days and letting know customers that they are among the first customers of the business after delivery can make the customer feel special.

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Good Food Deliver

Maintaining a good quality of food is obviously the most important. In order to do so, the delivery guy must be instructed to maintain the food parcel with utmost care. Take feedback from customers & work on them to improve. You can also add sample packets of other food products so that customers can order next time if they want.

Timely Delivery

Tasty food on time is what the customer wants. Delivering food on time is another most important thing while delivering food. For this, customers must be given an estimated delivery time beforehand. At the same time, the location tracking feature can be provided so that customer gets the real-time estimation of delivery.

 Food Delivery Experience
Food Delivery Experience

Treat Every Customer As Unique

For enhancing the search experience, Swiggy has built a custom AI model Sumo Logic that ranks all the restaurants uniquely for every single customer. The list of restaurants is unique for each customer, matching his preference. Sumo Logic is a secure, cloud-native, machine data analytics service, delivering real-time, continuous intelligence from structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data across the entire application lifecycle and stack.
Thus, such an AI-model must be used to personalize the experience of customers which gives the feeling of being someone special. The startup must use intelligence into categorizing food on the basis of which it offers recommendations around dishes and restaurants that serve similar food.

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Personalized Food

Allowing menu-based browsing and restaurant listing based on user preferences, the listing should come with a clean listing of the food prices. In the initial days, after the customer placed the order, call them to confirm their taste preference. For example, whether they want it to be spicy or sugar-free. It will be an icing on the cake if you can personalize the food and if the chef could write a personal note as well.

A Personal Thanking Note

A nicely written personalized note from the founder thanking customers can delight their hearts. You can also give them free food for the next two orders/ Mouthfresherner/Chocolates/Sweets. It would signify that you want to share the happiness of starting your new business along with them. Also, it can be extended to all customers ordering from you on the first day, rather than just 1 customer.

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Surprise- Who Doesn’t Like It

One of the best tricks is to surprise customers with a discount amount on delivery. Giving a discount as a surprise would make the customer remember the online food portal forever.

Take a Pic- Save It Forever!

You could take a picture of the customer accepting the food delivery and frame it using a beautiful frame with your company logo and gift it to them with coupons/ discounts for further usage or if you want to do more you can make an entire video journey of how much love and care has gone into the process and have a full meal delivered with a full staff team and everything to pamper the client. Document it all, just to show that this is what your company does. It delivers customers great food at the comfort of dining at their home

If you know any other hack to delight the first customer please let us know in the comments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is customer support or experience?

They are not the same thing, but they are correlated. The difference between customer service and customer experience is that while customer service is one piece of the puzzlement— focused on human interaction and directly supporting customers.

How would you describe your customer experience?

The customer experience (CX) is the product of an interaction between an organization and a customer over the duration of their relationship. Customers respond diversely to direct and indirect contact with a company. Direct contact usually occurs when the purchase or use is initiated by the customer.

What makes a great food delivery experience?

A great key is to create a great online food startup's delivery experience for your customers is checking on their food quality. It's your way of saying thank you to your customers. Also, make sure that the food is sealed well and all the needed condiments are also included in the packaging. Don't compromise quality over speed.

Why is food delivery good?

The most important advantage of food delivery is by providing food whenever or wherever you want. Nowadays people are too busy at times, but food delivery service helps them to grab a bite in their busy schedule.

What is Ola food?

Ola Foods, the ride-hailing app's food business, plans to scale up private brands across online marketplaces and physical outlets, starting with Khichdi Experiment, months after scaling down investments in its food delivery marketplace Foodpanda, a top executive told ET.

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