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Package or parcel forwarding is an international shipping service that online shoppers can use when trying to buy from outside of their home country. Essentially, it allows customers to shop internationally, but enjoy a cheaper shipping experience. is obsessed with providing reliable, affordable international shipping solutions and package forwarding service.

To delight their members, every time they open a box from, they get treated by each package as if it was their own, while displaying their passion for service and superior global shipping expertise. Company Highlights

Company Name Inc
Headquarter New York, USA
Founded 2018
Sector Transportation
Website About How It Works Logo Advantages Customers Cost-effective Shipping Solutions From the US About

Founded in 2018, is a parcel forwarding company that allows people to shop online at stores based in the United States and have their parcels delivered to wherever in the world the customer is.

A subsidiary of Global Access, the leading experts in international parcel distribution, has helped thousands of people to shop in the U.S. and enjoy delivery to wherever they may be in the world. offers some of the most cost-effective shipping solutions for customers who are looking to buy online - even from stores that may not necessarily offer international shipping.

With 5-start ratings on TrustPilot, boasts some of the most cost-effective international shipping rates, serving to make the world a smaller (and easier) place to shop! How It Works

Once the customer has signed up for an account on, they will be assigned their own Delaware-based shipping address. This is where the first savings can be made: Delaware offers 0% sales tax, which can save shoppers up to 25% (depending on your location).

Customer’s Delaware shipping address is their own for life, whether they decide to make a one-off purchase, or if they are a frequent shopper. Once the parcel has arrived at the warehouse in Delaware, customer can choose to have it sent on to them immediately - or wait and consolidate parcels before shipping them. Plus, unlike its competitors, doesn’t charge any processing fees for a received package. They may order as many packages as they want without worrying about package fees and consolidate them all even for more savings! | How it works | How it works offers a wide range of plans to suit any shopper’s budget, and then they can choose from multiple shipping options for most countries. As they handle thousands of packages daily, they offer discounted rates from some of the biggest names in shipping - such as DHL, FedEx, UPS, and USPS.

As arranges all of their shipping, consolidation, and packaging for their customers, they don’t have to worry about any hidden costs on top of their purchase.

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0% Sales Tax

The customer’s free permanent U.S. street address is based in Delaware, and is their own for life. Thanks to Delaware’s 0% sales tax, this also means that they will get the best price on any products - especially during extreme sales days throughout the year, such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

Concierge Service

As they serve over 200 countries, someone may find that they have some difficulties with their card being accepted via an online store. If they have any such difficulties, offers a personal shopping concierge who will arrange to buy and ship the goods for them. Their online account will show them the progress of their sale, from purchase through to delivery at their home.

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Courier of Choice

Being able to choose courier of choice is something that has found their customers particularly appreciated. As they deal with major players in the shipping market, it means that everybody can be guaranteed the kind of care and expert delivery that they would expect from these companies.

This also means that if they have to pay any import taxes or duty, they can calculate this for their customers before their parcel leaves their facility. Arranging deliveries this way means that they can be spared any lengthy delays once their parcel has arrived in their country, or the inconvenience of having to go to the mail center.

Typically, customers enjoy the delivery of their goods between 2-5 days from when it leaves their warehouse. This cuts down on the ambiguity of estimated shipping dates, and means that they can carefully follow customers’ purchases as they deliver to their doorstep!

This applies regardless of their location and is particularly important if you’re shipping birthday presents or gift items from the US to wherever you are in the world. | Advantages | Advantages

Package Consolidation

While their rates are already competitive, thanks to the ongoing relationship they have with international shippers, there are also three main ways that they can minimize their shipping rates.

  • Firstly, if someone would like them to resize their merchandise, can help them to save up to 80%. While they make sure that all of the goods are safely and securely packed, and they can do so while reducing the volume of their packages. As many international items are priced by the volume, this can dramatically decrease the amount of money that someone is spending.
  • Secondly, they can repack items that may seem overly bulky or aren’t efficiently packed. Their extensive experience means that they will ensure their goods arrive undamaged, but depending on the size of the goods they can reduce the size of the delivered items.
  • Finally, if the member is interested in buying more than one item, they can hold their goods for up to 180 days in their warehouse. Once the customer decides to ship their parcels, they can arrange to consolidate their parcels - thereby turning plural packages into the most cost-effective and safe delivery possible.

However, all of this is done at the discretion of their customers, and the factory or manufacturer packaging will never be opened without explicit permission. Typically, when they are consolidating the packaging, they will remove the outer parcel, but leave all manufacturer packing intact.

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Customers of have found that they can buy from many prominent U.S. retailers, across every price point, without having to worry about whether or not the company themselves offer international shipping. As they ship large quantities of parcels abroad, is able to offer impressive rates and discounts on international shipping - which are then passed on to the customer.

Saving Money is the #1 Reason Why Customers Use, also they have shipped millions of packages. | Customer Panel | Customer Panel Cost-effective Shipping Solutions From the US

As mentioned above, is proud to deliver to, virtually, anywhere in the world. Their service is available to over 200 countries, with their major delivery countries being India, Canada, Germany, UK, Saudi Arabia, Australia, UAE, Kuwait, France, Norway and Japan.

As more people choose to shop online and find themselves frustrated by the lack of options available for delivery, especially from within the U.S., presents an option to people who want to shop till they drop - and still make sure they receive their parcels.

They have shipped from a huge variety of U.S. brands - from the daily stores like Amazon, Target, and Walmart, to high-end and designer clothing stores and premium electronics.

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