Foxtale: To Help You Narrate a Happy Tale of Your Healthy Skin

Preeti Karna Preeti Karna
May 3, 2022 5 min read
Foxtale: To Help You Narrate a Happy Tale of Your Healthy Skin

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The Beauty industry has changed a lot in the last decades. Fair, white, and dusky complexion do not matter much now as they used to be the focus of the beauty industry in past. Healthy skin has taken over it. Healthy Skin is Happy Skin. To keep the skin healthy and happy, skincare is the ultimate solution.

Foxtale is a skincare brand that provides skin care products to make your skin happy at an affordable rate. It is a woman-led startup started by knowing skin types of thousands of women and the challenges they face in their skincare routine. The startup is focused on making every women's skin healthy with products made with the safest and most efficacious ingredients.

Read to know more about Foxtale, its founder, the idea of starting up, and more.

Foxtale - Company Highlights

Startup Name Foxtale
Headquarters Mumbai
Industry Beauty & Skincare
Founder Romita Mazumdar
Founded 2020
Total Funding Raised 0.7 Million

Foxtale - About
Foxtale - Industry
Foxtale - Founder and Team
Foxtale - Startup Idea
Foxtale - Name, Tagline, and Logo
Foxtale - Startup Launch
Foxtale - Challenges Faced
Foxtale - Funding

Foxtale - About

They are Foxtale, a skincare brand. They offer skincare products that are specifically formulated for the Indian skin type and Indian climate. The company’s vision is simple – provide highly efficacious products that have the ability to bring each human 2 minutes of happiness, every day, without making a hole in your pocket or requiring you to have a 14-step skincare routine.

Foxtale - Industry

The industry is INR 14,000 crores in size. It was calculated in two ways - one is bottom-up and the other is top-down. For the first, they evaluated the revenue numbers of all existing players in the market and a sum total of that gave the amount of money that consumers are allocating to this market. For the second, they calculated the population that falls in the Foxtale target segment and multiplied it by the average wallet size they allocate to the category.

Foxtale - Founder and Team

Romita Mazumdar - Founder, Foxtale
Romita Mazumdar - Founder, Foxtale

Romita Mazumdar is the founder of FoxTale.

Their hiring funda is quite clear: a strong hustler and a great cultural fit! They believe that skills can be learnt as long as someone shares the same values as they do.

Foxtale - Startup Idea

When Romita grew up, she saw her mother feeling guilty about taking time for herself, be it when she wanted to get a spa treatment or just spend some time by herself. Later in life, she realized in India self-care is a word tied to luxury, with the exorbitant price points defining the market. Very honestly, self-care is a right that every human has and something that all of us should practice. For her, that has always been her skincare routine and she knows that to be true for million other people. They are just trying to make that experience filled with happiness, accessibility and fun. As a company, they believe that self-care is a right and not a privilege.

3 months later after Romita Mazumdar had made the decision of starting the skincare brand – she knew that the most critical part of it was to understand the consumers. So, she interviewed roughly 1000 women across India over a period of 3 months. Right after that, she was in Serai for New Year’s and was doing a coffee plantation tour. You couldn’t miss the coconut-like trees everywhere and when they asked about it, the guide had this to say - β€œThis is the most useless plant called foxtail”. Something about that incident stuck with her and post the tour, she went and googled this up. The Foxtail tree is considered relatively useless because its seeds are inedible. However, it is planted in huge quantities because its roots are very strong and hold the soil together for the coffee plantation to thrive. This reminded her of her mother – she has never received any societal accolades like her father, her brother, and herself but she has been the real anchor that allows them to thrive! This holds true for all housewives and homemakers who never get the limelight but always make sure to provide an environment that facilitates growth for the rest of the family.

Additionally, she always thought of the fox as a cunning and competitive animal, but at the same time, she got to know that the fox is the most nurturing mother in the animal kingdom. This reminded her of the women like myself – who have always been compartmentalized. If you are smart then not pretty, if you are pretty then not smart; if you are ambitious then not a good mother and the list can go on. The fox beautifully encapsulated the many layers women can have and proudly own up! Until then the name was foxtail. However, one of the days she had come back from her interviews with customers, she told her fiance that if you talk to women for 15 mins about their skin, then you know exactly how many kids they have, what kind of stress they go through in their day to day life, where they grew up etc. This made her say it seems like every skin has its own story. And that became the tagline of the brand and we changed tail to tale giving the startup name: FOXTALE!

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Foxtale - Startup Launch

They launched on their own website. What worked for them the most was the word of mouth referral. Their products speak for themselves and they relied on the positive word our customers spread to grow.

Foxtale - Challenges Faced

Building a business comes with a unique set of challenges every day. It would be difficult to talk about one in specific but she faced challenges as a woman. She have always been in male-dominated industries and never really thought that her journey was different being a woman. That changed dramatically as she took up entrepreneurship. As a woman CEO, she have often had to deal with skepticism - like is it just a hobby or is it a real business? What if you have kids, who will run the business then? Such patriarchial questions and people do cross paths but the only way she have dealt with it is to let her work speak. She, honestly, don’t believe that everything needs to be confronted with words. Actions do speak louder and she think FoxTale has proved that and continues to do so to the world.

Foxtale - Funding

Date Stage Amount Investors
October 2021 Seed $0.7 Million Kae Capital, Kunal Shah, Nitin Gupta


When was Foxtale founded?

Foxtale was founded in 2020 in Mumbai.

Who is the founder of Foxtale?

Romita Mazumdar is the founder of Foxtale.

Which are the top products of Foxtale?

Some of the top products of Foxtale are:

  • Foxtale vitamin C Serum
  • Foxtale Sunscreen
  • Foxtale Cleanser
  • Foxtale Hydrating Face wash

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