Gigrove - Making Business Technicalities Easier!

Technology is a complex terminology. Everything related to it comes as quite a complexity to a common man. But that should not be able to hinder the business performance. Hence to make it easier for the non-technical people, Marko Islamovic launched Gigrove in 2015.

Gigrove provides e-commerce tools for freelancers and small businesses. The vision at Gigrove is to globally help non-technical people to easily sell online through a dedicated online presence.

Gigrove Highlights

Startup Name Gigrove
Headquarter London
Sector E-commerce
Founders Marko Islamovic
Founded 2015
Parent Organization Gigrove Limited
Website Gigrove

Gigrove Details

Gigrove - About and How it works
Gigrove - Founders and Team
Gigrove - How did it start?
Gigrove - Name, Tagline, and Logo
Gigrove - Startup Launch
Gigrove - Startup Challenges
Gigrove - Growth

Gigrove - About and How it works

Gigrove provides ready-made online store and payment infrastructure to help freelancers and small businesses easily sell online. Through Gigrove you can sell digital products, shipping products as well as sell services through a booking calendar. The initial product for Gigrove was an online community and later on, the team decided to pivot to SaaS.

Gigrove - Founders and Team

The founder of Gigrove is Marko Islamovic. Currently, they are a team of 8 people.

Gigrove - How did it start?

Gigrove originally started as the online community for digital nomads and freelancers, but the founder, Marko, after a couple of years saw the opportunity to build an e-commerce SaaS. “The initial people we talked to were our original users.” Said the founder, Marko Islamovic.

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The founder and the team were originally a part of the gig economy and they love to travel and work remotely so that’s why they named the venture “GigRove.”

Gigrove - Startup Launch

“We have been featured on Product Hunt so that helped us get first 100 users.” Added Marko Islamovic. The Gigrove team has been doing a direct approach when it comes to sales, they don’t really spend on paid promotions and advertisements as such.

Gigrove Product

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Gigrove - Startup Challenges

The Gigrove team constantly tries to experiment with new features as this helps them in determining what is valuable for their users and what is not. They had a challenge implementing payment infrastructure behind online stores, as this required a lot of proof-of-concept testing since online stores are separate entities. And they succeed in this effortlessly.

Gigrove - Growth

Gigrove is currently operating in North America, Europe, Asia, Australia. The plan is to reach more markets and expand globally.

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