Schemes Introduced By Government To Empower Women

India has mostly been a male-dominated society and women in India have always been fighting for equality. There are a lot of issues persisting in India like female infanticide and child marriage. Women don’t actually feel safe in India. This is not just in India and is common in different countries and on the whole, the world is moving towards building a society that respects and treats women equal to men.

With these issues, the Government of India is working on empowering women using various schemes. Now, we can find a lot of women trying to come out into the world in spite of having a conservative background. Most girls have access to a good education. Government of India has brought a lot of schemes into existence to make this possible and has been a huge contribution to this. Here are a few schemes introduced by Government for women empowerment.

A Few Schemes Introduced By The Government Of India

Beti Bachao Beti Padhao

This is a social campaign that was launched in 2015 and is run by the Ministry of Women and Child Development, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and the Ministry of Human Resource Development. The initial funding was about 100 crores.

The main reason for the government to come up with this scheme was that the child gender ratio kept declining majorly because of female foeticide and selective abortion. The main objective here was to save the girl child and also educate the girl child. This has proved to make girls financially independent and self-sustaining. With this scheme, girl child or birth of a girl child is celebrated and girls are encouraged to study and follow their dreams.

Ratio of male to female in India
Ratio of male to female in India

One-Stop Center

This is a 24-hour helpline dedicated to women. This was implemented with the help of the Nirbhaya fund. These are established in multiple locations in the country and has various services. This includes a shelter for women, legal or medical help, counselling and so on. The toll-free number is 181. They also provide video call facility to people who need to record a statement for police complain registration. This can be used even in case of domestic violence and sexual assaults. This has hence proved to be useful and is a place where women can open up and come up with their problems and try to get a reasonable solution for the same.

Working Women’s Hostel

Not all women in India have a safe place to stay. With crime against women rising in the country, it is a requirement for women to have a safe place to stay and travel to work. Under this scheme, the government provides a safe place for working women with the family. It also provides facility for daycare for kids. This can be availed only if the gross income of the woman is less than Rs. 50,000 per month in metropolitan and less than Rs. 35,000 per month in other cities. This is a very successful scheme as statistics prove that nearly 66,000 women have benefitted from this and more than 890 hostels have been sanctioned. A minimal rent is charged from them depending on whether it is a single bedroom, double bedroom or dormitories.

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Rajiv Gandhi National Creche Scheme For The Children Of Working Mothers

Services under Rajiv Gandhi National Creche
Services under Rajiv Gandhi National Creche

It is always difficult for working women to manage family and especially kids who are too young to take care of themselves. This scheme is for helping such women to take care of their children. This scheme provides daycare for the kids of working mothers. This is when the kid is 6 months old to 6 years old. The scheme also helps kids get better nutrition and hence improve the health of underprivileged kids. It has also proved to help kids develop emotionally and socially and also get some education.

Many working women find this very useful and try their best to utilize this as they don’t just take care of kids but also make sure that they are healthy and educated in the meantime.


This is to help women who are going through difficult times. This is more of psychological support. For example, there are women who are released from jail, survived through disasters, trafficked and rescued, run away due to issues, widows left out of the family and so on. This scheme is to help those women survive and get back to normal. This scheme also supports women who are affected by HIV and mentally challenged. Women in these situations are given proper psychological treatment and support.

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STEP Scheme

STEP here is short for Support to Training and Employment Program. This is to help women get themselves a decent paying job to support themselves and their family. They provide specific training to get a job or even become an entrepreneur.

Mahila E-Haat

Mahila E-Haat is to support women entrepreneurs. We know that there are a lot of women entrepreneurs in India now. This is an online marketing platform wherein entrepreneurs and Self-help groups can put up their products and let others know about it.

Mahila Shakthi Kendra

This is majorly for women in rural areas. This scheme was launched in the year 2017 to develop the lives of rural women. There are a lot of women, especially in rural areas who do not have the access to proper education and skill development. Under this scheme, women get access to digital education, nutrition, health and even skill development. They also get a chance for employment.

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There are a lot of other schemes too. Government has been doing a lot towards developing women and ensuring the safety for women. There is not much awareness of most of the schemes yet. Promoting awareness of these can help women a lot in developing themselves and their family. Employment opportunities for women and mental support have now become essential for most of the women in the country and the Government of India is doing a good job with it. Better awareness and proper usage of these schemes can be a huge advantage.

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