Greg Moran Success Story: Personal Life, Career, Vision

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Oct 19, 2021 4 min read
Greg Moran Success Story: Personal Life, Career, Vision

Every Middle-class person has a dream to buy a car. People in India think owning a car is a matter of prestige, while people don’t think that today it’s just an extra burden upon your expenses. Gone are those days when a car was considered a luxury.

Greg Moran and his partner David Back established Zoomcar, a self-drive car rental firm that allows users to hire vehicles on an hourly, daily, or weekly basis, to modify and cultivate this mindset.

Greg Moran: Biography
Greg Moran: Personal Life
Greg Moran: Career
Greg Moran: About Zoomcar
Greg Moran: Vision

Greg Moran: Biography

Born 25th October 1986, New York
Citizenship American
Education University of Pennsylvania, University of Southern California
Title CEO & Co-founder of Zoomcar

Greg Moran: Personal Life

Greg Moran was born in the New York City of America. His parents had a love marriage; his mother was an Italian lady who shifted to New York after her marriage.

Greg did his early schooling in New York and went to Philadelphia for his graduation at the University of Pennsylvania. He studied International relations. Greg is also fond of cooking and his specialties are pasta in fresh pesto or meatball, coconut curry with prawn or chicken, salads, and chocolate cheesecake. Not only he tells about his cooking but has a craze to visit a Dosa eating competition sometime.

Greg has a lot of hobbies that include playing piano and hitting the golf links. When he is not doing work and zooming around he goes to visit different golf fields.

He is also researching sustainable development to create a sustainable economic zone for the people around the globe.

Greg Moran: Career

After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania, he began his career at Cerberus Capital Management as Summer Associate from July 2006 to August 2006. In 2007 he joined Fieldstone Private Capital Group Ltd as a Financial Analyst. After doing the job for several years, in 2011 he opened up his firm Greg Moran Consulting.

With the failure of his consulting company, in 2013 he and David Back founded Zoomcar, a self-drive rental car-based company in India. David returned to the US in 2005 after his marriage and Greg continued with Zoomcar and services in India.

Greg has also worked in the worldwide energy and infrastructure industries in a variety of financial, operational, and strategic capacities. Greg was involved with projects worth over $12 billion on six continents at this time. Solar power, wind power, and energy storage were among his major focus areas within the industry. Zoomcar is also a model of sustainable development that also caters to the self mobility needs of people in India.

Greg Moran: About Zoomcar

The Self Drive Car rental company was initiated in Bangalore in 2013. It was first started with an initial investment of $215,000 and a pack of seven cars. Zoomcar was a new concept in 2013 as there was a rise in Ola and Uber that were providing a chauffeur-based service, whereas Zoomcar was one offering a 100% pure-play, self-drive car rental service in India.

In India, that was a big step forward. It was understood that there would be demand for this kind of service, it also had the potential to grow and blow up the Indian markets.

Zoomcar services allow customers to hire a car and drive it whenever they want, and they also provide a large selection of automobiles to meet an individual's demands at the touch of a button.

Zoomcar provides their customer a hassle-free experience by saving a lot of money without any long-term commitments. Greg came up with advancements for Zoomcar as technology progressed, such as the ability for customers to check availability and reserve a car of their liking with the touch of a button on their smartphones.

Greg Moran: Vision

Greg is always passionate about sustainability and has a dream to create a better sustainable economic development model for people all around the world. He also once said in an interview that ‘If not Zoomcar, I would likely have been an investor in technology companies within the sustainability domain.’

Although Zoomcar's business strategy is based on sustainability, it also responds to the market's demand for easy self-drive transportation. However, Zoomcar has always succeeded in carving a niche for the disruptive offering.

Several startups and taxi aggregators have followed Zoomcar's lead and entered the self-drive mobility market, which only serves as confirmation of our goals. One of the focus areas is by adding more and more vehicle models which will be offered to the customers on a subscription basis.

A survey has shown about 50-60% majority in the demand for premium hatchback in 2019 but as of now, it has gone up by 70-80% in the recent 3-4 months of post-Covid-19 lockdown. The company will now be attentive to the subscribed customers and will provide additional benefits to satisfy their needs.

Even nevertheless, the need for mobility service is as pressing as ever. Because individuals would avoid taking public transportation to stay safe from the virus, the demand for rental vehicles will only increase. This industry is looking at various car subscription models to serve the needs of the customers and increase the business in the car rental industry.


What is the education qualification of Greg Moran?

Greg Moran has completed his B.A in International Relations from University of Pennsylvania.

When did Greg Moran founded Zoomcar?

Greg Moran and David Back founded Zoomcar in 2012.

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