How to Use the 10 Year Challenge for Your Business?

Lakshya Singh Lakshya Singh
Jan 19, 2019 4 min read
How to Use the 10 Year Challenge for Your Business?

In 2019, one challenge that took the social media world by storm is the 10 Year Challenge. Fortunately till now, this challenge hasn't caused any kind of accidents, unlike the Kiki Challenge. Therefore, people loved this new challenge. However, it is not just fun to do this kind of challenge, but they can help in earning you some bucks as well. The trend is something that keeps the business running. If you are up-to-date with the latest technology and trends, you will never be out of your established business, but grow. So, we have come up with some ideas for you to take advantage of this trend and generate some leads.

What Is the 10 Year Challenge?
Origin of 10 Year Challenge
How Can This Challenge Help You in Business?
What Can You Do to Take Part in This Challenge?

What Is the 10 Year Challenge?

The 10-year challenge is a very simple challenge in which you have to post your 10-year-old photo along with your latest photo. Therefore, it is also known as the “2009 vs. 2019 Challenge”.

So, basically, it’s just another way to show off your wealth and glamour. These pictures show how you have evolved in the last few years and what has changed. Many celebrities are posting their old and new photos and their fans are going crazy for this. This trend got viral and people started sharing pictures in social media related to this trend.

Origin of 10 Year Challenge

All this started when the TV meteorologist, Damon Lane posted his photo on January 11th, 2019. He compared his photo with the 2009 version of himself. However, we cannot blindly say that he is the one behind all this, but he is the first known celebrity to do it in 2019. Hence, we can say that he is the father of 2019 challenges. However, it is not the first time 10 year challenge or How Did Age Hit You Challenge or #2009vs2019 or GlowUpChallenge (Phew!) is trending. Many such picture comparing challenges have already taken place on the internet in the past. However, this time, it is booming.

How Can This Challenge Help You in Business?

As already said, a business exists if it follows the trend. So, this is another trend. If you create a good post, there is a strong possibility that it will go viral. Everyone will be searching for posts related to this challenge. And if they are potential customers, you can even generate some leads. Moreover, if your post is interesting, then bloggers will also feature them on their websites.

What Can You Do to Take Part in This Challenge?

Many entrepreneurs must be sharing their personal and financial growth in this campaign. But if you want to market your company in this campaign then post something related to your product and services. You can:

Show your service- If you provide any service which solves any problem, then share the old look and the look after your service. Bimbra 4x4, which is a car modifying company, did it great.

Show your growth- Show how better your product has become in all these years. In this way, you will be targeting your old customers. Window Developer’s tweet did it in a simple but cool way.

The same old quality- If you think you are providing the same best quality over all these years then you can do something creative. Post 2 same photos and captions something like “always like new”, or others. This will be kind of funny for your followers. Moreover, you can use this idea to show the durability of your product.

Achievements: You can show some of your company’s achievements. This is another way you can show your growth. You can show what awards you got or how you became better, or how you have evolved. This way it will show them how your product and services have better themselves.

Solving problems- Take an old picture of your customers or your product and a new one showing how you solved their problem. This will give your customers insight, into why they should buy your product.

Meme- A meme is the best content to share with everyone it can actually attract attention to your product and can be a great way of marketing. Create a meme based on your product and share it on social media, it  is oneof the best ay to get viral

Customers love for your brand- Another thing you can do is share the love your customer has shown to your product as it is still in here and thriving in the industry.


A trend is the easiest and best way to go viral ofcourse it has to be interesting one. If you are reaching millions of people, then there are at least thousands of potential customers and hundreds of lead generations. #10yearchallenge is just one of the dozens of trends in 2019 that has gone viral. So, if you missed this chance, there is nothing to worry about. You just have to think creatively. Create something which everyone will like and relate to. This is one of the best marketing tools in the modern days, use it wisely.


What is the 10 year challenge?

The 10-year challenge is a trend where individuals have to post their picture of 10 years ago and a recent one in a collage.

Who was the first person to start 10 year challenge?

TV meteorologist, Damon Lane started was the the first person to take part in this challenge.

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