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Happy Pengwyn - For Your Startups Design Needs

Happy Pengwyn - For Your Startups Design Needs

Design is thinking made visual,” says Saul Bass, American graphic designer and Academy award-winning filmmaker. Without excellent graphics, a brand cannot communicate about its ideas and products to its customers. While a customer tends to remember and recognize a brand through its logo, good graphics help a brand connect to its customers well. Again with businesses going digital, another important requirement for every business big or small is its own website. To cater to these essential creative requirements of businesses, HAPPY PENGWYN DESIGN STUDIO was started in 2015 by Jitender Jit Singh, a passionate web/graphic designer and photographer.

For Jitender, HAPPY PENGWYN is the way to redirect his passion for graphic designing and photography towards creating excellent creatives that help businesses grow. StartupTalky interviewed Jitender Jit Singh regarding the idea, the struggle and the story of the startup which was started and managed solely by him in the initial period.

Startup Name Happy Pengwyn Design Studio
Headquarter Khanna, District – Ludhiana, Punjab
Founder Jitender Jit Singh
Sector Web Designing/Web Development/Graphic Designing
Founded 2015
Parent Organization Happy Pengwyn
website happypengwyn.com/

About Happy Pengwyn
Happy Pengwyn Founders and Team
How was Happy Pengwyn Started
Happy Pengwyn - Name, Tagline and Logo
Happy Pengwyn - Funding and Investors
Happy Pengwyn - Startup Challenges
Happy Pengwyn - Growth
Happy Pengwyn - Certifications

About Happy Pengwyn

Happy Pengwyn based in Punjab is a graphic and web designing startup. Besides creating amazing websites and designs for its clients, the company also deals with social media marketing and develops corporate presentations. Guided by the core belief “When we grow others, we grow ourselves”, Happy Pengwyn strives to create designs that not only looks good but also helps its clients in growing their business.
It helps its clients in creating their brand from scratch to bringing them online - all of this under a single roof.

“We deliver what we promise. We are budget friendly. We are consistent. We listen. We argue” Jitender says explaining the companies USPs.

Happy Pengwyn Founder and Team

Happy Pengwyn founder Jitender Jit Singh holds a Master's Degree in Computer Applications and has worked with a renowned Educational Group in Punjab as a Web/Graphic designer handling the creative work of all the institutes under the group prior to starting his own venture.

The Happy Pengwyn team consists of experienced graphic and web designers and developers.

How was Happy Pengwyn Started

Jitender has always been passionate about graphic designing and photography, which made him plunge in this domain. Happy Pengwyn was launched with an idea to cater to the creative requirements of corporate and industries in Khanna, Mandi Gobindgarh, Sirhind and Fatehgarh Sahib in Punjab. Initially, everything was handled by Jitender alone. The company was able to gain a lot of publicity through word of mouth and started receiving projects even before it was launched.
“As soon as we launched, we started delivering creative work day and night” says Jitender, recalling the early days of the startup.

“We were looking for a brand name that could go well with local clients as well as overseas”

The name has an interesting part to it. ‘Happy’ is Jitender’s nickname, which is added to the brand name.

“We wanted a name that adds a spark to a design agency name. Penguins being a happy species we pinned the name “Happy Pengwyn”.  

The name Happy Penguin was already registered with some organization, so we decided to alter Penguin to Pengwyn (The word PENGWYN is a word from the Welsh language where PEN = head and GWYN (pronounced  as GWIN) = white.), hence the name “HAPPY PENGWYN” narrates Jitender.

The company's tagline is "We love to craft awesome designs"

Happy Pengwyn - Funding and Investors

Happy Pengwyn has not raised funding till now.

Happy Pengwyn - Startup Challenges

Meeting deadlines was an initial challenge that the startup was facing. In the beginning lack of manpower made timely delivery of projects quite demanding. However, with team expansion, Happy Pengwyn was able to overcome this phase.

Happy Pengwyn - Growth

The Happy Pengwyn team believes in competing with oneself rather than others and the company is striving to perform better with every passing day. The company has handled a variety of projects and has reputed printing press, healthcare industry, medical professionals, steel industry, schools, institutes and entrepreneurs from Punjab, Chandigarh, Gurgaon, Delhi as its clients. Besides it is also working for clients in Australia and England. Happy Pengwyn is planning to expand its team soon.

We’re your design, development, and marketing partner, committed to giving you the online tools you need to grow-Happy Pengwyn team

Happy Pengwyn - Certifications

Recently, the team has also got following certifications-

  1. Successfully completed the IAB accredited (Interactive Advertising Bureau) - Fundamentals of Digital Marketing certification from Google.
  2. Google Analytics Individual Qualification
  3. Google Ads Search Certification          

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